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Mosaic Art On Your Wrist

In this season full of romantic imagination,
Swatch uses pure geometric shapes and bold and vibrant colors.
Created a series of abstract wrist art works,
Named ‘Mosaic Dream’ …

Fun in the black and white POP world!

   Whether it is similar to the artistic wave point of Yayoi Kusama’s ‘Strange Mother-in-law’, or the small raised wave that was flourished in MISSONI in the 1970s, it seems that it is simply copied layer by layer on the Swatch POP strap. . ‘Perhaps in the intersecting world of reinforced concrete, the straight-forward personality will miss the color on the way, but it is also a happiness to keep the innocent self.’

If you also love mosaic art …

   Waves of colorful dots resemble colorful hazy mosaic art. Whether you go to an art exhibition or an art gallery, wearing them can keep your artistic imagination up to date with the masters.

Geometric Fantasia: Go straight, stand alone

   Perhaps it is the rational thinking that fashion designers often flicker at the moment, and the geometric lines can be described as evergreens in the fashion industry. They can occupy the top three fashion elements in three to five. Sometimes abstract and unrestrained, sometimes returning to rationality, pure lines are full of maverick artistic atmosphere.
Swatch2017 spring and summer [Mosaic Strange Dream] series,
Energize with stripes, dots, patches and textures,
Turn your wrist into a gallery displaying geometric art instantly!

Innovation 2016 Basel Watch & Jewellery Show Hublot New Products Summary

Basel Watch & Jewellery Show 2016 is being held. This watch event attracts watch lovers from all over the world to attend. At the exhibition, various brands introduced their new products to the world one after another to show the charm of timepieces. Switzerland’s top watchmaking brand HUBLOT launched a number of innovative watches this year. The combination of highly textured shapes and creative designs has become an innovative work.
Hublot Big Bang ‘Independent Italy’ camouflage watch



   Swiss top watch brand HUBLOT and Italian trend accessory brand Italia Independent (Independent Italy) create a masterpiece again, launched the second cooperation watch Big Bang ‘Independent Italy’ watch. The two major brands, known for their unique materials and innovative styles, have joined forces to make this timepiece truly a ‘rebellious’ piece, making it a wristwatch choice for trendy people.
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Bang Fruit Linen Watch

   The Big Bang Fruit Linen watch’s case and dial are hand-woven by craftsmen using linen fibers. The unique weaving technique creates a unidirectional weft of pure natural fiber, which is then dyed and matched with a light-transmitting composite material. This process provides an innovative material that replaces carbon fiber. The material has the same mechanical strength, but is lighter and can be infinitely graded. Regarding the strap, Hublot chose to sew pure natural linen fiber into the rubber. It is made of collected linen and woven into threads, then hand-woven with the best fibers.
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  At 12 o’clock, a three-dimensional shape of the crescent moon is painted, which represents Sun Wukong’s master and apprentice Xitian to obtain positive results. The remaining five digital time scales appear in an irregular form: the time scales at 4 o’clock represent ‘four masters and apprentices’, and the Arabic numerals at 7 and 2 o’clock symbolize ‘Seven Wukong 72 Changes The 10 o’clock position and the 8 o’clock position more imaginatively represent ‘the eighteen thousand miles that the four students of Sun Wukong learned from the scriptures.’
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Bang Unico Retrograde Chronograph

HUBLOT Hublot Big Bang Unico Retrograde Chronograph (European Cup)
   As the official partner of the 2016 European Cup, Hublot has launched a series of promotional activities. When football superstars described their journey to the European Cup, Hublot also witnessed their own glorious moments.
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Bang Unico Sapphire Watch

   Sapphire is a material that is extremely difficult to machine and is precious and limited to a few private collections. Following the bold advent of the MP-05 “LaFerrari” sapphire watch, Hublot made full use of this challenge to consolidate the expertise and skills of sapphire cutting, presenting the Big Bang Unico sapphire watch in a limited edition of 500.
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Bang Unico Sapphire All Black Watch

   This timepiece is cut from a single piece of sapphire, and has been researched and developed with millions of investments over months. In just a few weeks, Hublot boldly launched a breakthrough new timepiece, challenging almost everyone’s conventional perception. This new watch combines the opposite concepts of ‘visible’ and ‘invisible’, and finally presents the essence of the ‘full black’ concept.
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All black watch

Classic fusion Berluti Scritto watch
   In pursuit of uniqueness and continuous innovation, the Swiss top watch brand HUBLOT, together with the century-old Berluti, a Paris footwear family, merges its classic Venezia leather with the world-famous Patina craftsmanship and collaborates to create a classic fusion Berluti watch . The perfect fusion of two fine traditions makes this collaborative watch unique and distinguished.
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  The above is the latest information of the 2016 Basel Watch & Jewellery Show brought by the staff of the Watch House. Next, the Watch House will provide more exciting content reports for everyone, so stay tuned.
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A Brief History Of Tiffany’s Time 1837-2015

Tiffany’s history as an outstanding watchmaker can be traced back to the beginning of the company. From New York in 1837, it has experienced a glorious innovation process, and today the new Tiffany CT60 watch series is launched-this new series Named after the brand’s founder, ‘New York Minuteman’ Charles Tiffany (CT is the initials of Charles Tiffany). In 1853, Mr. Tiffany erected a 9-foot (2.74-meter) Atlas Hercules giant clock above Broadway 550, defining the essence of time in New York. For more than a century, generations of founders in New York have used this public clock to calibrate their personal time and regard it as a symbol of New York’s energy and creativity. Today, the clock stands above the entrance of the world-famous Tiffany Fifth Avenue flagship store, and its content and essence have never changed.

Process and innovation
 Tiffany has been selling timepieces since 1847. Seven years later, Mr. Tiffany signed a partnership agreement with Patek Philippe, the two founders of Patek Philippe, and became Patek Philippe’s first retail agent in the United States. This glorious tradition continues to this day. In 1874, Tiffany built an industry-leading four-story watch factory in Cornavin Square in Geneva. Here, Tiffany successively manufactures a large number of different styles of timepieces to meet the growing customer demand, including gold pocket watches, the advanced movement of the device can realize the hour and the hour, the delicate brooch watch with diamonds; other timepiece works Or decorated with country scenery paintings made of enamel, or with gold carved crowns with mythical figures and flower patterns, and finely crafted.
 Tiffany also introduced many important achievements in watchmaking innovation. ‘Tiffany Timer’ was introduced in 1868. It is the first chronograph stopwatch in the United States, used for engineering and technology purposes and for timing sports events. With pioneering innovations in the field of movements and hand-sets, Tiffany has also obtained a number of technical patents. Tiffany’s renowned gemologist George Kunz also applied for a patent on the green luminous coating on the hour markers and hands.
 In the 1880s, Mr. Tiffany has become a world-renowned jeweller and watchmaker, enjoying a high reputation for extraordinary craftsmanship and meticulous customer service. One of the customer services is the routine adjustment of the time for more than 400 home clocks owned by its customers each week after standard time was introduced in 1883.
Leading the World
 The Tiffany Antiques Collection showcases a large number of Tiffany classic timepieces that have won gold awards at world expositions over the past two centuries. Tiffany’s jewellery watch won the grand prize at the Philadelphia World’s Fair in 1876. At the Paris World Expo in 1889, many works of Tiffany were awarded. Among them, a brooch watch designed by the then chief designer Paulding Farnham, depicting the American wild rose pattern with diamonds and enamel. Tiffany’s watch box and astronomical clock also shined at the Chicago Expo in 1893.
 At the New York World Expo in 1939, Tiffany exhibited a series of gorgeous diamond and platinum cocktail watches that made the world amazing, as well as a variety of cocktail-style bold timepieces, such as geometric lines, gold-plated trapezoidal wrists dotted with rubies table. A women’s handbag clock at the same time inspired the birth of the new Tiffany East West watch series in 2015. The smart rectangular lines of this watch are elegant and modern.
 Two important series that appeared in the 20th century were inspired by Tiffany’s birthplace-the United States and New York. The Streamerica® series, released in 1993, is a commemoration of the American industrial design movement in the 1930s. The surface shines with metallic luster; another classic symbol is the Atlas® series released in 1983. A tribute to the public clock, this watch’s stereo Roman numerals reflect light from multiple angles.
 Atlas® represents the natural transition of Tiffany watch design from history to modernity. Inheriting Tiffany’s glorious watchmaking heritage to this day are also luxurious diamond charm cocktail watches, and the new Tiffany CT60 series. The CT60 is equipped with a hand-assembled top Swiss-made movement and contains the infinite energy of New York in the 21st century. The lines are simple and pure, and the aesthetic style is unique. The inspiration prototype comes from a Tiffany gold watch donated by Franklin Roosevelt, then President of the United States in 1945. Roosevelt is one of several U.S. presidents who own Tiffany watches. The back of the case is engraved with ‘Franklin Delano Roosevelt, with loyalty, respect and affection.’ In the same year he wore this watch to the historic Yalta conference.
 The Tiffany CT60 series is a tribute to the founders of New York City. They are not just dreamers, they are great practitioners. Charles Tiffany is one of them. Talented and courageous, he interprets the essence of New York’s time and the broad feelings of the creative age for the world.
Timeline New York Events

Founder Charles Tiffany opened its first boutique on New York’s Broadway.

The Tiffany Gold Watch presented by President Franklin Roosevelt in 1945 is an inspirational prototype of the new Tiffany CT60

Tiffany installed the first Atlas giant clock above the entrance of the boutique. This clock represents the rhythm of New York’s city and opens the history of ‘New York Minute-Creator’.

Tiffany entered into a partnership with watch giant Patek Philippe and opened a watchmaking workshop in Geneva.

Tiffany launches the first chronograph in the United States called ‘Tiffany Timer’.

Tiffany built a large factory and retail store in Cornavin Square, Geneva.

Tiffany obtained the first patent on watch technological innovation.

At the World Expo in Chicago, Tiffany won the highest award for men’s pocket watches and jewellery-laden brooches.

Tiffany incorporated Art Deco style into the watch design to create the perfect accessory that matched the modern trend of the time.

Tiffany’s cocktail watch for the New York World’s Fair competes with the brightest diamond on the spot.

The Tiffany Fifth Avenue flagship store in New York was officially completed. The Atlas Hercules giant clock directly above the entrance has always stirred the heartbeat of New York City.

President Franklin Roosevelt received a Tiffany Gold watch as a birthday present, and he wore it to the historic Yalta conference.

Tiffany released an ultra-thin pocket watch, becoming ‘the thinnest hollowed out watch at the time’.
The Atlas® watch series is launched, inspired by the Roman numerals used on the Atlas Hercules clock.
The Streamerica® series was launched, inspired by the American Industrial Design Movement in the 1930s.
Tiffany released the new Tiffany CT60 watch series, paying tribute to the founder of the brand and ‘New York founder’ Charles Tiffany. The high-quality Swiss-made automatic movement is perfectly blended with the crafted appearance.

Within 50,000 Or Less Within 8 Seconds Recommended Mechanical Watch

A watch is a symbol of people’s identity and taste. Choosing a good mechanical watch does not necessarily have a beautiful appearance. The accuracy of the travel time is also one of the factors that everyone considers when buying a mechanical watch. So today I will recommend a few watches with a few errors that everyone knows.

Rolex Skymaster 114200 blue dial watch

  Watch Series: Oyster Perpetual
  Movement Type: Automatic
  Case material: Stainless steel
  Strap material: stainless steel
  Table diameter: 34 mm
  Domestic public price: ¥ 37,700
  Watch details:
  Comment: Rolex is a brand generally regarded by the industry and watchmakers as extremely accurate and of excellent quality. The Oyster is a model witness in every detail. The 34 mm log case is elegant and comfortable to wear. Water-resistant to 100 meters, the log-type movement is completely designed and manufactured by Rolex. It is also approved by the Swiss Precision Timepiece Testing Center and can store 48 hours of power. The surface is not only refined and elegant, but also has a new design. You can choose to have an oyster strap with an extended chain link, an oyster buckle, or a commemorative strap with a crown buckle to ensure beautiful appearance and comfortable wearing.

Plum Blossom COSMOKING 787S-310 watch

  Watch Series: Universe
  Movement Type: Automatic
  Gender: Men
  Case material: Stainless steel
  Strap material: stainless steel
  Table diameter: 38.5 mm
  Domestic public price: ¥ 9,300
  Watch details:
  Comment: This watch is very accurate when it comes to travel. The white round dial and the bezel wave design are dynamic. ETA2834-2 self-winding movement with 38 hours power reserve and water resistance to 100 meters. Sapphire crystal, sapphire glass with magnifying glass.

Breitling Super Ocean Chronograph Series Stainless Steel Case-Black Dial-Professional Stainless Steel Bracelet Watch

  Watch Series: Super Ocean Series
  Movement Type: Automatic
  Gender: Men
  Case material: Stainless steel
  Strap material: stainless steel
  Table diameter: 42 mm
  Domestic public price: ¥ 33,200
  Watch details:
  Comment: Dedicated diving watch Super Ocean Dive Chronograph watch is water resistant to 500 meters. The specially designed safety button can ensure the waterproof performance. The safety button can only be activated after the safety ring is released. The large hands of the Super Ocean Dive Chronograph and the anti-glare sapphire crystal on both sides make the time clear and easy to read.

Tissot CARSON T95.1.483.51 watch

  Watch Series: T-Classic
  Movement Type: Automatic
  Gender: Men
  Case material: Stainless steel
  Strap material: stainless steel
  Table diameter: 35.5 mm
  Domestic public price: ¥ 3,150
  Watch details:
  Comment: This Kazan uses the ETA2824-2 automatic winding movement, which oscillates 28,800 times per hour and has a power reserve of 38 hours. Built-in 25 gems. The black round dial has a simple and stylish design. The diameter of this watch is only 35.5 mm, which makes it very compact to use. Date at 3 o’clock, stainless steel bracelet.

Mido Jubilee M8690.4.11.8 watch

  Watch Series: Belem Celli
  Movement Type: Automatic
  Gender: Men
  Case material: Stainless steel
  Strap material: cowhide
  Table diameter: 42 mm
  Domestic public price: ¥ 9,400
  Watch details:
  Comment: This watch continues the simple and exquisite production style and the fine work of accurate time, and this watch is certified by the Observatory. It is a very cost-effective product in entry-level watches, with a white round dial, sword-shaped hands, and Arabic numerals.

Omega Co-AxialChronometer 431. Co-Axial Chronometer

  Watch Series: Die Fei
  Movement Type: Automatic
  Gender: Men
  Case material: Stainless steel
  Strap material: crocodile leather
  Table diameter: 41 mm
  Domestic public price: ¥ 46,100
  Watch details:
  Comment: This watch uses the 8500 coaxial escapement movement, and the time difference of a watch friend is only 0.5 seconds. The back reveals the beauty of the meticulously crafted movement, with a power reserve of 60 hours and a water-resistant depth of 100 meters. Sapphire crystal with black alligator strap.

  To sum up: if you want your watch to be accurate, you must make the mainspring as full as possible. This is more important for automatic watches. The second is to understand the position difference of the watch. Using the different accuracy errors of the watch when walking in different positions can correct the trend of the watch.

Tip: Position difference test

The test method is very simple. You need to wind the watch fully, and then use a standard time to align the hour, minute, and second of the watch under test, and synchronize them. Time comparison errors are recorded. Repeat the above process one by one, and test the actual running error of the watch face down, down, left, and up position, and record.

For example, the static test results are: +20 seconds / day on the face, +20 seconds / day below, +5 seconds / day on the bottom, +25 seconds / day on the left, +10 seconds / day on the top The actual walking time error of the watch is +15 seconds / day.

Taking the situation in the above example, it is clear that the watch should be placed downwards at night to help reduce the cumulative error of the watch. Only by having an accurate understanding of the cause of the error of the watch and the error characteristics of the watch can it serve you better.

Appreciation Of The Simplicity Of Bulgari’s New Octo Series Watch

Personality, elegance and power, this is the unique connotation of the BVLGARI OCTO series watch since its introduction. The OCTO watch series was born in 2012. It has a unique octagonal case with a round bezel. It is simple and exquisite, and it can be called one of the most representative BVLGARI watch series.

 In addition to the previous three black lacquered dial OCTO watches, BVLGARI has now launched a new model combining stainless steel and rose gold with a white lacquered dial. The combination of different tones of metal creates a clear and interlaced visual effect, making the timeless bold design of the OCTO series watches more strongly recognizable.

 The OCTO watch is a symbol of ‘perfect geometry’: it breaks the traditional sense of aesthetics and displays a unique and subtle personality style through a harmonious and balanced design. The OCTO series has long transcended the meaning of pure watches. It has been endowed with extraordinary temperament, eclectic personality and mature and restrained style connotation, which perfectly shows the unique charm of BVLGARI men’s watches.

 The case of the new OCTO watch continues its design features. The case is composed of 110 facets, each of which is carefully polished and polished by hand, showing the overall refined style of the watch in the details, perfectly showing the BVLGARI Beautiful original Roman architecture inspired design. The case design of the OCTO watch is extremely contemporary in aesthetics, and with a low-key and classic dial layout, it will become a new model of luxury men’s watches in the future.
   The above watch home brings the cutting-edge information of Bulgari watches at the 2014 Basel watch exhibition. For more details about the 2014 Basel watch exhibition, please pay attention to our special report webpage.

2014 Basel Watch Show Special Website:

It Pays Tribute To The Great Creation In Swiss History With A Watch

Speaking of Switzerland, what do you think of? Slow-cooked cheese fondue, sweet chocolate, Alps snow mountain and cable car, star Fans Einstein (please popularize it here by yourself) … . Of course, there is [Made in Switzerland] which is most proud of! In addition to its reputation as the ‘Kingdom of Watches’ world-renowned, Switzerland has many unexpected innovations and inventions …

  Swatch pays tribute to the great creations in Swiss history with creative watch designs!


‘Swiss Praise’-Swatch 2016 GRÜEZI ALL!

    From the Swatch 2016 Fall / Winter Grüezi All! (Swiss German: Hi All!) Series, this collectible ‘Swiss Praise’ watch is designed with zipper, potato peeler, sleigh, font and other great Swiss-related creation And the Swiss watch brand Swatch, which is popular all over the world, pays tribute to each other, not only the iconic pattern on the strap, but also the year.

 1291: the birth of a country


    An apple and an arrow, this is the story of the birth of a country. In the thirteenth century, the Austrian governor of Switzerland arbitrarily oppressed the people. Archer William Tiel resisted the arrest. The governor ordered an apple on Tiel’s young son, and if he was shot, he was pardoned. Tuyere shot the apple, and the governor captured it again in anger. During the escrow, Tuier escaped from the tiger’s mouth after shooting the Governor, and the people embraced it as a leader. Together, they rebelled against Austrian rule and Switzerland was finally free.

1883: Tobogganing

    On February 12, 1883, the world’s first sled race was born in Davos, Switzerland. The rider slid across a 4 km track in 9 minutes and 15 seconds. Subsequently, the movement began to rise rapidly around the world.

1957: World-famous fonts

    It is the default font for common computer systems, and the Arial font commonly used by Microsoft also comes from it. Created by Swiss font designers Edward Huffman and Max Miedinger in 1957, its style is concise and simple, and its quantitative design method is widely used in commercial design. It is considered as ‘ ‘Designed in Switzerland’.

 1983: Swatch saves the Swiss watch industry!

Swatch 2016 autumn and winter GRÜEZI ALL! Series

    In the quartz crisis of the mid-1970s, Swatch was the hero who saved the Swiss watch industry! In 1983, Swatch created a price-friendly, Swiss-made plastic watch that brought a sea change to the industry. The ‘S’ in its name not only represents the place of origin of Switzerland, but also contains ‘Second-watch’, which means the second watch, meaning that people can own two or more watches just like fashion.

Easter eggs

The ‘Cuckoo Sound’ watch becomes a cuckoo clock:
Early bird gets the worm!