Tribute To Excellence Roger Dubuis 2014sihh New Watch Appreciation Report

On March 21, 2014, Roger Dubuis held a 2014 SIHH new watch appreciation party at the Yiheng Hotel in Beijing’s Qiaofufang Grassland Building. This event is Roger Dubuis 2014 SIHH The second stop of the new product global preview, the first stop is Shanghai. This event not only provided media friends with a chance to taste the watch at a close range, but also explained the latest products of Roger Dubuis 2014 SIHH in more detail. The following is the event brought to you by Watch House Report.


 This event was held at Qiao Fufang Grassland Yiheng Hotel. The event room was carefully arranged and the environment was particularly comfortable. The event started at 10 am. First, we will explain the latest masterpiece of Roger Dubuis in 2014, including the new Hommage series. Everyone cares about watches.

After the class, Roger Dubuis also prepared exquisite snacks and drinks for everyone.


During the SIHH2014 Geneva Haute Horlogerie exhibition and the year after, Roger Dubuis decided to focus on the Hommage series. About 20 years ago, the Hommage series was first introduced, and now the series is carrying a series of complete and unique watch works, re-launched with a more chic and dynamic new look, highlighting the supremacy and noble mission of the Hommage series . At present, the watches in this series are only presented in white and rose gold. In the future, only the best precious metals will be used to make this series of watches, ensuring that the external appearance of the work complements the extraordinary internal movement and achieves perfect.

The Hommage series is the first series designed by Mr. Roger Dubuy at the beginning of the brand’s creation in 1995. In 2003, Roger Dubuis created the Hommage style with a flying tourbillon, a large calendar window and a power reserve display.
In order to highlight the talent of this talented watchmaker, we deliberately set the number of watches to be issued as a limited edition of 208 pieces. This number is the student ID number of Mr. Roger Dubuy while studying at the Geneva Watchmaking School. The new numbering will be used for specific exclusive models in the Hommage collection.


These watches represent Roger Dubuis’s unwavering commitment to excellence, and its timepieces are all certified by the Geneva mark, which is a perfect proof of this spirit.

The guilloché art from the 16th century focuses on ‘decorating objects with carved, etched, and interlaced lines.’ At the end of the 18th century (1786), this art was used for the decoration of dials and cases. These cuts carved in precious metals bloomed with delicate light, producing an unparalleled decorative effect. In the 19th century, the popularity of this technology suddenly increased. In the field of watchmaking in the 21st century, the guilloché pattern is the primary symbol for the detailed processing of artistic works.

The prestigious hand-guilloche technique is accustomed to the use of freehand operations on ancient machines capable of engraving straight lines or rose patterns. Guided by the craftsmen’s skill, rich experience and artistic talent, these simple auxiliary tools create a detailed and extraordinary work. The beautiful totem created in this way depends on many human factors, including the speed, pressure and precise positioning of the engraving.


In 1816, LouisMoinet designed, developed and produced timepieces with advanced technology, vibrating 216,000 times (30 Hz) per hour. At that time, this frequency was absolutely unprecedented-the timepiece can calculate one-sixth of the In seconds, this time precision makes LouisMoinet one of the originators of modern timepieces.

Since then, Roger Dubuis has developed and produced 5 different chronograph movements, each with its own unique features, can be called a model of fine watchmaking: single button, column wheel, automatic winding, etc. The RD680 movement is not only the first new-generation movement, but also the years of work experience and expertise of the brand’s internal engineers.

This is the second stop of Roger Dubuis’ 2014 SIHH watch tour in China. In the next time, Roger Dubuis will complete its remaining tour activities. Let us look forward to it together.