The ‘top Watches By Hand’ Series Will Be Available Soon

Author’s words:

 This book can be successfully published. First of all, I want to thank the readers I made during my time at Fashion Time (2005-2008). They gave me the idea to write a watch tasting reference book. I remember a reader’s letter stating that your magazine articles are so professional to read, and make it difficult for those of us who are beginning to read. Since then, I have conceived a book dedicated to watch lovers. Brand information alone is definitely not enough (I will tell you later why brand information is sometimes unreliable), I consulted a large amount of literature, took notes, and then understood the key points of each question in the interview. In 2009, my debut book ‘Watch on Hand’ came out. My writing has never stopped, and my ideal is to write a handful of companion books that are of reference value to watch lovers. That’s why I have this book today.

 If you summarize the characteristics of this book in one sentence, it is that I try to provide readers with a systematic evaluation system, a relatively complete idea. The purpose is to allow readers to master this system, so as to independently judge the value of a watch and a brand. Although the book may conflict with the mainstream consciousness of watch collection and consumption, for example, the reserved views on the ‘Top Ten Watches’, my purpose is to sell between watch store salespeople and customers, at auction Create a consensus between collectors and collectors.

 Today, it is difficult to accomplish great tasks alone. The reason why my book can gradually realize the limited authority in the watch circle is inseparable from the support of public relations companies and media friends. I also want to thank my parents, my sister for their support, my wife’s forbearance and silent dedication. It is inconvenient for his father who is over eighty years old, and his mother of the same age has no choice but to carry his father through the congestion and go to the hospital for treatment. They don’t want to alarm my son, who has nothing to do with business but concentrates on writing books.

 Another thing that impresses me is that my writing is timeless, and I often email the younger sisters of the public relations company at seven or eight o’clock in the evening, asking them to provide pictures and information about a watch. I was also surprised that they often passed me what I wanted that night. This is not what they have to do, because the public relations company is mainly responsible for promoting the product communication of the brand promotion season, and what I want is often historical information. It is their extra effort that makes my book a comprehensive introduction to the milestones of each historical period in the history of watches. And this historical sense of depth is to judge the heritage of a brand or product-as a watch suitable for Leshan, it is a combination of tradition and technical culture.

 I would also like to thank the editors of the publishing house for their appreciation and decisive contributions in planning and design. Watch collection and consumption is a very small circle, and the publishers are able to gain insight into the market and decide to publish my works, which is really a recognition of me.

 After the last book was published, I received feedback and guidance from many friends, and their opinions are reflected in this book. I am glad to see that some of the term explanations and ideas first mentioned in the previous book have begun to be adopted by the media and brands. Even more gratifying is that some brands and distributors also use my books as training materials. It also makes me more cautious when writing this book. As a result, the ideas in the book are more systematic.

 Many errors in press releases, brand publications and even advertisements were mentioned in the previous book, and they have been gradually corrected in the process of communication. Some of the original translations and concepts in the ‘Watch Watch Book’, such as the translation of Guilloché into guilloché, have also begun to be adopted by brands and media. This book will continue to clarify some confusing concepts. For example, the concept of 洳 谷, I have evidence to show that on a page in a brand’s publication, the words Jura Valley and Jura Mountain appear at the same time. In fact, the article wants to express the 洳 谷. Confusion between mountains and valleys is almost a habit in watch circles. Because of this habitual error, the media can’t seem to be professional in their work. It also leads to consumers being confused and having to rely on some mentally retarded rankings to ensure that their consumption is slightly more reliable.

 The reason for the high error rate of press releases and publications is my analysis of the source of the author’s knowledge is questionable. A press release or publication is often translated. The more cost-effective approach is to find a translation company, and the translation company subcontracts to individuals. These personal translators are faced with watch terms and use the Internet instead of a dictionary. First, the dictionary of watches and clocks is relatively old; The network seems to provide unlimited space. But the accuracy and norms of knowledge provided by the network can be said to be the worst in the media (if the network is also considered a media). I have seen the popularity of multiple ridiculous online legends. The reason is very simple. The Internet is no longer professional, and it is not professional in communication, because there is no editing on the Internet. The watch industry just needs editors to choose to process to regulate the watch industry’s dissemination. The industry’s dissemination without editing is full of misperceptions. In a certain brand’s advertisement, it was impressively written: blue crystal. This is one of the many mistranslations of sapphire crystal I mentioned in my last book. There are also more common translations of sapphire crystal glass. Some media know that this translation is easy to be scolded, so they translate to sapphire crystal. In fact, this is still unavoidable. Because crystal can be translated here as crystal, but in a broader sense, it is basically a collective name for colorless and transparent substances. The meaning of sapphire crystal, in the watch industry, is the material covering the upper part of the case (ie, colorless and transparent), that is, artificial sapphire. As a high-end watch, it is always unwilling to touch cheap words, and artificial synthesis should be avoided. Therefore, the synthetic sapphire is simplified to sapphire, which makes sense, because the crystal structure of the two is exactly the same. Ok, what does crystal translate into? Is it glass? In the principle of becoming more expensive and less expensive, lenses have become the first choice. The term lens is widely used on two occasions, one is the camera lens (precision optics industry) and the other is the eyewear industry (very close to jewelry). They are all products that need to be carefully selected and then carefully ground, which is in line with the noble concept advocated by high-end watches. And glass is a very industrialized thing. In the past, it was translated as sapphire glass. Here, glass also refers to function (colorless and transparent surface mongolia) rather than material. In terms of crystal phase, sapphire is second only to diamond in hardness, while crystal has a hardness that is far worse than glass used in architecture.

 The most intolerable sapphire crystal. Gem expert Mr. Zhang Youxu once said that sapphire crystal glass, there are three kinds of substances here: sapphire, crystal, glass. One is cheaper than the other, or ‘a weasel under a weasel is worse than a nest’! Even a layman’s translation has been added to it: sapphire crystal glass! China’s watch industry has a history of half a century. Where does the word watch come from? What is even more incredible is that another homonym, the diameter of the surface (the diameter of the case), often appears in a manuscript at the same time. All these show that the watch media urgently need to improve their language expression level.

 The form of this book has evolved compared to ‘Books on Hand’, divided into two volumes, namely the technical chapter and the purchase chapter (grade). The hot topics in the first volume include: the original manufacturing concept, the identification of noble DNA of the column wheel stopwatch, 7 major complication functions, the future of watch escapement, etc .; the second volume proposes the concept of watch production area, which is used in the 21st century for watches and clocks. Discussion on the material of the watch, the watch decoration means watch design success secrets have also been systematically arranged. Some views on watch collections that have been discussed have also been refined and supplemented with more useful information.

 Our thoughts change with observation and thinking, but these thoughts are indeed proposed after repeated deliberation and verification. We will have new ideas in the future, but that will be the result of deeper thinking and will not contradict the previous ideas. It’s been a century since the watch industry was born, and it’s only been seven years since I started to watch. There are immature places in the book. I also ask experts and readers to forgive me. With the listing of this book, my WeChat public account was also opened. We can communicate through various channels and strive to make each book more mature and practical in the future. I would like to thank everyone who has helped me to understand me.