The Race Car-like Racing Watch Hublot Hublot Techframe Ferrari Tourbillon Chronometer

HUBLOT’s watchmaking philosophy ‘The Art of Fusion’ has allowed us to see too many elements that could hardly be imagined to be connected with watchmaking. At the same time, the brand is actively looking for outstanding people or teams in different fields to work together and stir Brand new watch sparks. For example, HUBLOT and Ferrari together in 2017 handed out a beautiful report card. This year was the 70th anniversary of the founding of Ferrari, so the brains of both sides created a commemorative watch Techframe Ferrari 70 Years The flywheel chronograph, the outstanding presentation of innovative thinking, the perfect fusion of design aesthetics and superb watchmaking skills, have attracted watch fans and collectors to compete and start selling shortly after its launch.

HUBLOT will continue to release new Techframe Ferrari Tourbillon Chronograph in 2018. This time the brand launched two lightweight works, one of which uses polymer carbon fiber material closely related to racing, and the other is the first series of platinum and sapphire. New combination of different materials, and each issued 70, this time to see the carbon fiber version.

The Ferrari design team regards the movement of the Techframe Ferrari Tourbillon chronograph as an ultra-running engine. They break the traditional practice of covering the movement with a case, but instead use the outside of the movement as the concept of a frame stem. Protect and secure the movement

Feature 1: Cutting-edge sports cars and fine watchmaking join forces
The Techframe Ferrari Tourbillon Chronograph is not just a Ferrari logo. It’s actually a model design that was handed over to a team led by Ferrari design director Flavi Manzoni. HUBLOT is responsible for the process from concept to concrete, such as the core craftsmanship, creating the pinnacle of the top two areas of top super running and professional watchmaking. The Ferrari design team regards the movement of the Techframe Ferrari Tourbillon chronograph as an ultra-running engine. They break the traditional practice of covering the movement with a case, but instead use the outside of the movement as the concept of a frame stem. Protect and fix the movement, and from its large-scale hollowing out, it creates a streamlined silhouette that is reminiscent of a sports car’s down-pressing rear wing. The advantage is that it maintains high strength while achieving light weight and air. In terms of mechanics, the movement of the wrist seems to be smoother and lighter when worn; similarly, aerodynamic considerations also include the movement of the crown to the outside at 4 o’clock, thereby reducing the lateral volume. As for the external 3 The device that resembles the super pedal in the direction of the clock is a single-touch handle that operates the timing function, and the relatively large push-button is more convenient to use.

Based on aerodynamic considerations, the model also moved the crown to the external 4 o’clock direction, thereby reducing the volume in the lateral direction. As for the external 3 o’clock direction, the device similar to the super-pedal pedal is a one-touch handle for operating the timing function.

Feature two: Carbon fiber material emits thick running pattern
This model uses PEEK Carbon polymer carbon fiber material. Hublot has changed it again after 2017. This material is characterized by longer carbon fiber, which means that the case made by it is more durable than traditional carbon fiber. 2018 The main change of the new year is to use the yellow minute scale to embellish the overall black tone. Those who love Ferrari will find at a glance that this color scheme is based on the Prancing Horse logo and inherits the authentic Ferrari super running bloodline. The watch has an avant-garde face pattern-the most striking flying tourbillon at 7 o’clock, the minute counter at 11 o’clock, and the 30-second counter at the 3 o’clock. HUBLOT opens at 1 o’clock The window reveals the column wheel mechanism that is only equipped with traditional advanced chronographs to accurately grasp the start and stop actions of the chronograph function. The tourbillon has cancelled the upper bridge plate made of metal and replaced it with sapphire crystal. This not only allows the tourbillon rotation to be seen at the same time, but also enhances the stability of the tourbillon. The effect of killing two birds is impressive.

After redesigning the HUB 6311 hand-winding movement substrate, it has a sense of modern technology. It has both chronograph and tourbillon functions, which makes the movement structure complex and delicate. The transparent bottom cover gives you a glimpse into the ultimate Swiss watchmaking. Essence

Feature three: High-calibre complex movement
On the edge of the case back, you can see the six fixing screws corresponding to the front side. The middle case and the movement are firmly fixed in the outer frame. A limited number is carved on the edge of the case at about 5 o’clock, which is low-key. The HUB 6311 hand-wound movement on the watch model is hollowed out to expose a wide range of gears, plywood and other parts. The hollowed-out substrate is designed to show a hard-core industrial style; in addition, the movement can supply up to The power reserve on the 5th, looking at watches with the same complex combination of functions, is a very good standard, providing a strong backing for daily wear.

Techframe Ferrari Tourbillon Chronograph-Carbon Fiber

Polymer carbon fiber material / HUB 6311 manual winding movement / hour and minute display / flying tourbillon device / single push chronograph function / sapphire crystal, transparent bottom cover / waterproof 100 meters / 45mm diameter / limited to 70 / Reference price: 950,000 RMB