The First Asian Spokesperson In Rolex History

Mentioned the spokesperson of the watch brand, in order to cater to the market, many brands began to bless the brand with various ‘titles’ or even choose stars with high popularity but not in line with the brand positioning. From a business perspective, such a decision can bring high business value in the short term, but in the long run, will such a choice outweigh the disadvantages for the brand? We don’t know. Today we are going to talk about Zunlong, who is called ‘the first Asian spokesperson in Rolex history’.

Zun Long

Zun Long and Chen Chong in the film ‘The Last Emperor’

 Many people may be unfamiliar with this name. If you have seen the movie ‘The Last Emperor’, you should have some impression of the actor who played Pu Yi in the film. He is Zunlong. The film ‘The Last Emperor’ tells the story of China’s last emperor, Aixinjueluo Puyi, who eventually became an ordinary citizen from the emperor. It was directed by Bernardo Bertoruchi, Zunlong, Chen Chong, Xi Junmei, Peter · Biography movies starring Otto and others. This film is also the first film in Chinese history that can be viewed in the Forbidden City. In 1988, it won the 60th Academy Awards Best Picture, Best Director, Best Adapted Screenplay, Best Photography, Best Artist, Nine awards including Best Costume Design, Best Editing, Best Sound Effects, Best Original Music, etc., and Zun Long was also nominated for Best Actor.

Pu Yi played by Zun Long in ‘The Last Emperor’ plays tennis in Imperial City

Chen Chong as Wan Rong in The Last Emperor

 Zunlong was born in Hong Kong and was an orphan. He was raised by a woman from Shanghai as a child. I don’t know if you find it, the growth path of legendary people will be different from that of ordinary people. As an orphan and adopter, Zunlong has unusual sensitivity and delicateness. So when performing a role, he can always grasp every little detail of the role.


‘Butterfly Monarch’ movie poster
 Fate changed when he was 18 years old, and Zunlong was funded by an American couple to travel to the United States. But life in the United States is not as good as expected. He first went to an English school to learn English. In order to pay the expensive tuition, he washed the dishes and worked as a chef and a clerk. Work during the day and study at night. A few years later, Zunlong was admitted to the American Academy of Dramatic Arts through part-time work.

In the movie ‘Butterfly King’ Zun Long plays a ‘feminine’ character Song Liling

Zun Long dressed as a woman in the movie ‘Butterfly King’
 The handsome face is ‘God enjoy the meal’, but the acting skills are the result of the actor’s continuous accumulation of grinding to come out. I have seen several films by Zun Long, and Song Liling in the movie ‘Butterfly King’ is impressive. The film is adapted from real life. In the film, he plays Song Liling, a ‘player’ with a ‘woman’s heart’ and a ‘male body.’ The unspeakable love between Gao Renni and a man is very appropriate for him.

 He was 35 years old when he starred in The Last Emperor.

 The heyday of Zunlong’s interpretation was around the end of the 1980s. In 1987, the ‘Last Emperor’ starred by him gained great international repercussions, after which works such as ‘Dragon in China’ and ‘Butterfly King’ Let him further open up more markets. Because it is a long time ago, finding his information is not an easy task. There are rumors that he is the first Asian spokesperson in Rolex history. To ensure the correctness and reliability of the article, I found the exact information in a newspaper report.

The newspaper said exactly that ‘Respect the dragon in Rolex’

Detailed report on ‘Dragon Rolex’

 Zunlong X Rolex ad

Zunlong wears Rolex Date Collection champagne dial diamond watch

Zun Long wears a Rolex

 From the picture on the right of the above picture, we can see that Zunlong was wearing a Rolex watch at the time. Many people want to say ‘what can be seen with such a picture’, but from the iconic design of the strap, we can accurately identify this watch from Rolex. The three-cell chain link of the Oyster strap is still an important design of the Rolex Oyster series. The Oyster strap is used in classic models such as the date type, day of the week type and Sky-Dweller.
 The newspaper said that Zunlong is the first Chinese male actor to appear in Rolex ads after Paul Newman, so he is different from what he said on the Internet as the ‘first Asian spokesperson’ in Rolex history. Rolex is the brand ambassador. The choice is extremely cautious, and Zunlong can become the first Chinese to star in brand advertising.


Advertisements in Rolex’s history, including our familiar Federer
 Who can work with Rolex? Rolex is extremely cautious in choosing brand starring actors, ambassadors, etc. The other party must obtain high honors in a certain field, such as our well-known Rolex close friend Federer, how many years of tennis?

Zun Long in Japanese Issue Magazine

 After becoming famous, Zunlong turned to the Japanese market, so we saw in the report that the information on ‘Rolex Phase Zunlong’ wrote that ‘this ad is mainly for the Japanese market.’ Why did Zunlong not continue to invade the Chinese market? There are rumors that Zunlong was the first starring star of ‘Farewell My Concubine’, but due to the hype from the producers, the two sides broke up, which only hurt Zunlong heart. But the truth of this rumor is unknown, perhaps Zunlong is more suitable for the altar.

Old-time newspaper reports about Zunlong

  Looking at his life history, I often feel stigmatized. He is actually similar to Leslie Cheung in some aspects, or it may be a fixed configuration of legends. Sensitive, unfortunate childhood, Lack of security, stubbornness, spiritual cleanliness, nobility, perfectionist tendencies, low self-esteem and conceit, and will not love someone because they have not been truly loved.
 Some people commented on him this way, but from what I know, Zun Long only considers actors as a profession. For fame and fortune, some people may have reached a certain level and already have enough things outside of themselves will yearn for a simpler life. It is said that Zun Long now lives in Canada, and someone met him while walking his dog. Who wouldn’t yearn for such a quiet and peaceful life?