The Big Second Hand Has More Than Its Traditional Charm. Read Jakodro’s Cool “Black Technology”

As one of the oldest Swiss watchmaking brands, Jacques Dro has left a wealth of treasures for the watchmaking industry in the long river of time. Its outstanding mechanical action puppet device, even to this day , Still represents outstanding mechanical science achievements. However, Jacques Dro has never just stayed in the category of traditional watchmaking. The development of the era has made the watchmaking technology also find a fast-breaking soil, new materials, new decorative arts, new aesthetics, and new lifestyles. , So that the watch has more creative space. In 2017, Jacques de Roy newly launched the Paris spiked ceramic large second hand watch (J003035540). It is stylish and cool black, with luxurious K gold hands, mysterious and gorgeous dance, Jacques de Lo also has extraordinary wonderful .

   In 1785, Jacques Dro created an eccentric hour and minute dial pocket watch with a large seconds hand with an innovative time display method. This is the design blueprint of today’s large seconds hand series. This pocket watch uses an ‘8’ dial. The structure is completely different from the central hour and minute hands of classic pocket watches commonly used at the time. The ‘8’ structure is also an iconic element of Jacques Droe. It is consistent with the meanings of infinity, smoothness, and fury in traditional Chinese culture. It is interesting that Jacques Droe was creating clocks and watches for the Chinese market in London. .

   Today, Jacques Dro’s ‘8’ dial and large seconds hand series have become the favorite style of Chinese watch enthusiasts, because it is deeply rooted in traditional Chinese culture, and the new Paris spiked large seconds hand series Watches, while following this classic design, also brought some new changes.

   The case is made of ceramic, which is not the first time for Jacques Droe, but it has become a little different after the whole black solid color design. Black and white have always been regarded as timeless classics, and the mystery, vitality, and high-level taste brought by all black are shocking. The polished ceramic case exhibits outstanding visual appeal.

   The diameter of the watch reaches 44 mm, leaving ample room for the dial. The dial is decorated with Paris studs. This carved pattern is composed of a series of criss-cross carved lines to form a fine geometric pyramid pyramid stud. It is often found in classic-style watches and decorated with this artistic aesthetic. Compared with traditional models, the dial surface has a very intuitive three-dimensional sense, and the layers are richer, and the ‘8’ dial is highlighted.

   Under the overall cool black appearance, Jacques Dro has also made a unique dial decoration. The hours, minutes and seconds hands are all made of 18K gold material, and polished, luxurious and bright, forming a color collision with the black disk surface, which is convenient for time. After reading, it also highlights the gorgeous texture of the watch.

Back-through design

   Looking over the case back, through the sapphire crystal glass back cover, we can admire the fully-automatic winding mechanical movement on the inside, which has been carefully polished and decorated. The automatic oscillating weight is designed with Jacques de Lode’s logo elements-two seven Corner star. This movement provides a 68-hour power reserve for everyday wear.

Summary: The new Jacques Dross Large Seconds Paris Spire Black Ceramic Large Seconds watch, limited to 28 pieces, with a fabric strap. At the same time, Jacques Dro also brought a version of the power reserve display function, as well as white ceramic and other styles. It has a completely different fashion stance from our common Jacques Dro large seconds watch. The watch is full of high-level watchmaking technology, which truly embodies Jacques Dro’s cool ‘black’ technology and another fashion beauty.

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