Swiss Century-old Independent Watch Brand Oris Enters Tmall Flagship Store

On August 1, 2017, Oris, a century-old Swiss independent watchmaking brand, entered Tmall and officially established its first e-commerce flagship store in the world.

Oris, a Swiss luxury watch brand that originated in the early twentieth century, is calm and restrained with a low-key atmosphere. It has always adhered to Swiss traditional watchmaking technology and developed precise and precise mechanical watches. After careful preparation, Oris officially launched Oris official flagship store on Tmall, China’s largest e-commerce service platform, on August 1, 2017. This move not only demonstrated Oris’s attention to the Chinese mainland market, It also provides many consumers and watch lovers with a more convenient and efficient younger consumer experience.

2017 Oris-Aquis Calendar Watch

Oris has four series of products: diving, aviation, racing, and culture. Each category has many product lines, which can provide diversified and personalized options. Oris diving series products will be the first batch to be registered in the Tmall flagship store, followed by aviation, racing and cultural series.

Oris-65 Year Diver’s Watch

In the 1960s, diving sports developed rapidly. After careful research by masters such as Jacques Cousteau, Hans Hass and Christian J. Lambertsen, diving equipment has made unprecedented progress and breakthroughs. In recent years, Oris has taken this as inspiration and launched a number of 65 The revival of the diver’s watch in the year set off a wave of retro fashion. The biggest feature of this series is the strong retro fascination, the dark blue dial is calm and elegant, the dark green dial is retro and stylish, and the silver dial is sharp and wise. The brown suede, stainless steel, black rubber strap and NATO fabric strap provide a variety of options, making people become retro and stylish people, all hands exudes a very personalized charm.

Oris-Hammerhead Shark-Limited Edition

At the same time focusing on traditional Swiss craftsmanship, Oris also has a sense of fashion, incorporating innovative fashion concepts into diving watches. The young and fashionable diving series Aquis calendar watch introduced during the Basel Watch Fair this year combines professional diving performance with fashionable sports elements. The slender and tough but not too wide lugs, the three-dimensional lines are easy to read and increase the Arab The scales can better assist diving activities, suitable for wrists of different sizes, high-quality polished polished surface, and the delicate and delicate dial edges meet the daily practical and comfortable watch concept. It is suitable for newcomers to the workplace, comfortable and low-key. Lose attitude.
The Aquis water depth gauge, which has placed the depth gauge in a mechanical watch, has been patented. In recent years, a bright black case and a yellow rubber strap have returned to people’s vision, even at a depth of 100 meters. , Also allows divers to read the exact number at a glance. The eye-catching yellow rubber strap is equipped with a safety anchor to prevent the strap from falling down, which increases the wearing comfort and ensures the safety in use in deep water environments. For professional and experienced diving sports enthusiasts. Oris Water Depth Gauge is like a reliable professional underwater wrist companion, and its bright yellow color greatly enhances its fashion.
Oris has been committed to the global marine public good. At this year’s Basel watch exhibition, Oris “Hammerhead Shark” limited edition watch made a stunning appearance, echoing the research project of the non-profit non-profit organization Pelagios Kakunjá, protecting the dying marine giant shark, and providing the protection research project Requirements. The design of Oris’s new ‘Hammerhead Shark’ limited edition watch is equally impressive. The gray-black brushed dial, the blue central seconds hand and the minute scale on the outer edge of the dial are just like the end of a quiet sea. Shark, quiet and breathtaking. This time, the limited edition of Hammerhead Shark will be exclusively sold at Oris Tmall flagship store. Only 2,000 pieces are issued worldwide. The hammerhead shark pattern is engraved on the stainless steel caseback. Each watch is equipped with a unique limited number, which represents A unique charity.

Oris-Hammerhead Shark-Limited Edition

According to data released by third-party authorities, online shopping has become an important part of China’s total retail sales, up to 13.5%. Oris’ presence in Tmall not only allows Chinese consumers to understand Oris’s rich brand resources, but also shows Oris’s strong confidence in the Chinese market and the ‘millennial’ youthful shopping model. Based on this, Oris’ products launched on Tmall stores have more brand characteristics, allowing consumers to learn about Oris when it has a more attitude and style. As Mr. Yan Minhui, General Manager of Oris China said, ‘Through the launch of Oris Tmall flagship store, we believe that we can better convey the brand concept to consumers and allow consumers to experience Oris more versatile. And the personality side. ‘