Swatch Valentine’s Day Special Watch Recommended

Swatch’s special Valentine’s Day ‘for love madness’ also gives special meaning to the packaging, once again interpreting the design intention of ‘true love, which needs to be frank’. The pink spherical package is decorated with a white love heart. Take a closer look. Through this white love window, you can see the ‘mad for love’ watch in the box.

  It turned out that true love is here, and the world learns from it.

  Are you drunk when your love is strong? Better say your love out loud! Swatch, a world-renowned fashion watch and jewellery brand, has launched the new ‘Zaniac for Love’ GZ281 Valentine’s Day special watch, which conveys your long-cherished love.

  ‘True love, need to confess’, Swatch perfectly confessed the love of the lovers with the classic original series of ‘crazy for love’. On the clean and simple dial, the ingenious design through the heart shape allows the internal movement structure to be displayed at a glance. Really confess the ‘secret’ at the bottom of the heart, the built-in movement components are romantic pink, and the sweet feeling makes people remember for a long time. Where does the burst of love come from? It turned out to be a vanilla-like watch strap for a unique and charming wearing experience.

GZ281 RMB: 510
Series: Classic Original Series
Dial: pink dial with heart-shaped opening, visible pink movement inside
Case: 34mm diameter white matte hard plastic case
Strap: white pink two-tone matte silicone strap with vanilla fragrance