Reproduction Of The Gentleman And Lady Style Art Deco Watch Popular

For the Swiss watchmaking industry of superb quality, the design of Art Deco (Art Deco) is no longer the only style, but it is a design culture worthy of repeated admiration. Different watch brands also have specialized installation art series watches, which are constantly innovating and remaking classics. Longines 2011 Les Elégantes new watch series
哪里 Where is the source of elegance? At least for the old Swiss watchmakers, it is the traditions that the brands have accumulated.
As a result, from time to time, retro has become a nostalgic and adventure journey that traces the source of elegance. While attracting the attention of fashion critics, retro has virtually become a trend sought after by people. It must be pointed out here that in the modern market environment, retro is a very delicate word. It may be a rebirth of classic models, or it may be a cheap fake sold by a street vendor. Of course, for watch fans, the enthusiastic pursuit of vintage watches is obviously based on the understanding of the history of watch development. A reprinted watch often means a glorious past that people have enjoyed so far.
In 2002, Longines decided to bring the 1920s aesthetics that people have forgotten to the world again. It launched a new watch series, re-designing the original ideas with modern elements, and the Longines elegant series Les Elégantes watches came into being. Longines has different Les Elégantes watches every year, and it is 3 women’s watches with different shapes. This is to commemorate the Art Deco design that also brought great changes to the world watch industry in the early 20th century.
Taking the 2010 edition of the Les Elégantes series as an example, 3 women’s watches are still released at the same time, and the appearance is changed to 3 colors of red, yellow, and white, that is, rose gold, gold, and platinum. If it appeared in the 1920s with so many materials, it would definitely cause a sensation.
The new watch retains the complete vintage elements, and its appearance and size are in line with the characteristics of that era. In order to maintain the fine tradition, Longines specially matched this series of watches with the hand-wound L805 hand-wound movement developed in the 1970s. Each limited production of 10 pieces, inadvertently unforgettable bright charm .
The first was a gold square watch with a noble black ribbon. The beautiful hand-carved patterns on the case show the aesthetic essence of that era. The silver dial features 12 beautiful Roman numerals and hand-engraved patterns, and the bezel is set with 34 VVS diamonds (total weight 0.309 carats). The watch is equipped with the L805 manual-winding movement, with 17 jewel shafts, and can swing at 21,600 times per hour.
The second is a rose gold wine barrel watch with a burgundy ribbon. The case is engraved with beautiful hand-patterns and set with 24 top-quality Weselton VVS diamonds (0.166 carat total weight), which is also equipped with the L805 movement; and the third model in white gold with an almond shape is equipped with The white satin strap is still the same movement. As the embryonic form of the feminist revolution, Art Deco enables ladies to gradually break the traditional shackles and take control of their own destiny.
Women abandon tight-fitting corsets, so that the lines of the waist and abdomen can be naturally exposed, and have been physiologically liberated. In response to this, under the influence of the Art Dec movement, fashion has also been presented in new ways, more elegant, richer vitality. The new version of the Les Elégantes series is inspired by the above-mentioned social portraits. The appearance or movement adopts the matching method that people recognized at the time.
Vacheron Constantin Historiques American 1921 watch
什么 样 What kind of watches do gentlemen in the 1920s like? Vacheron Constantin specially released an avant-garde pillow-shaped watch specifically for the US market, which is the style that gentlemen liked at the time. The most special place is that the crown is placed at 11 o’clock on the case (wearing on the right hand).
The new Historiques American 1921 watch follows the original pillow case design, with a 40 mm diameter pink gold case (early gold case) is more suitable for modern taste. The re-adjusted crown position of the watch fully takes into account the modern people’s watch habits, and changed to the 1 o’clock position. The transparent case back allows you to see the latest 4400 manual winding movement with the exquisite Geneva stamp.
The movement has a diameter of 28 mm and a thickness of only 2.8 mm. It has a small three-needle function. The movement vibrates at 28,800 times per hour and has a power reserve of 65 hours. The watch is water-resistant to 30 meters and features a hand-stitched dark brown crocodile alligator strap with a pink gold half-Malta cross buckle. It should be said that the appearance of this watch fully taps the design concepts of the 1920s, especially the rising economy in the United States at the time affected the design of Swiss watchmaking brands, and reflected the social form at that time.
The aftermath of World War I, which has just ended, does not hinder the prosperity of the Swiss watch industry. In addition to a large number of military watches, only a few design-oriented models appear on the market. The design of the watch also conformed to the situation that the emerging watch market mainly based in the United States was favored by watchmaking brands.