Portuguese Perpetual Calendar Watch

In 2015, IWC launched two new models of IWC Portuguese series perpetual calendar watches-including dual moon phase display models in the northern and southern hemispheres and single moon phase display models, both equipped with IWC IWC brand new The self-made movement in the 52000 movement series can drive nine functions at the same time. The model of model 5034 is closer to the design style of the IWC Portuguese series after careful design adjustments, and it also looks more simple and elegant as a whole.

 Myths and legends about the full moon have been endless and believed since ancient times. In many cultures, to this day people hold various celebrations on the full moon night. There is no doubt that the gravity of the moon governs the ebb and flow of the tide, which has a profound impact on the earth and the creatures on the earth. In the improved IWC Portuguese series perpetual calendar dual moon phase display model (model: 5034) and IWC Portuguese series perpetual calendar single moon phase display model (model: 5033), the moon phase display has not only become the focus of attention on the dial Where it is, is a masterpiece of technology in the field of fine watchmaking.

 The perpetual calendar moon phase display is an amazing design independently developed by IWC. In mechanical watches, its accuracy is particularly eye-catching. It takes 29 days, 12 hours, 44 minutes and 3 seconds for the moon to orbit the earth. How to convert this value into the moon phase display cycle based on the on-chain gears of different sizes is watched by generations of watchmakers and keep trying. The traditional moon phase display on mechanical watches needs to be corrected in a relatively short period. In the mid-1980s, Mr. Kurt Klaus, the inventor of the design of the first perpetual calendar watch of IWC and the Swiss national treasure watchmaker, succeeded in linking the period of the moon phase display in the watch with the true lunar cycle The error is reduced to a one-day deviation every 122 years. In 2003, with the advent of the 5000 large-scale movement, this great achievement was further optimized. Thanks to the huge size of the movement, the moon phase display gear has also been enlarged and achieved more precise transmission, thus achieving unparalleled accuracy of the moon phase display, and one day of error will only accumulate after 577.5 years .

 The IWC Portuguese series perpetual calendar watch (model: 5034) with dual moon phase display shows the change of the moon phase profit and loss in the northern and southern hemispheres in a mirror-symmetrical manner. This is also the first for IWC engineers to allow Southern Hemisphere wearers to watch the correct moon phase position on the dial. For the first time, this watch no longer has a countdown display showing the number of days remaining from the next full moon. Instead, watch designers have designed the small dial of the entire moon phase display as a starry night sky, the color of the small dial is consistent with that of the large dial. In this way, the moon and stars seem to be suspended in the boundless sky. The application of the IWC Portuguese classic rail-type minute ring is another new feature in the design. As a result, this watch is more similar in appearance to the classic Portuguese founder. The date and day display dials are the same color as the dial, making the entire dial look more balanced and elegant. The single moon phase model (model: 5033) has no significant changes in appearance except for a few very minor design adjustments. Only the new arched edge glass watch has visually reduced the thickness of the watch.

 The perpetual calendar not only shows the cycle of the moon, but also has hours, minutes, seconds, date, day of the week, month, and four-digit year display. The calendar is mechanically programmed and has taken into account the length of different months and even the effects of leap years. However, for non-leap years like 2100 and 2200, the next day (February 29) should be skipped. At this time, the watchmaker needs to manually adjust the calendar on March 1. The watchmaker’s adjustment will also be required in 2300, because in this year, the century display films that begin with ’20’, ’21’ and ’22’ will be replaced with the new century applicable between 2200 and 2499. Show the film. But visiting the watchmaker every 100 years should not be a problem for current and future perpetual calendar wearers.

 Both IWC Portuguese series perpetual calendar watches are equipped with the self-made movements in the brand’s newly developed movement series 52000. Integrating the power of two barrels, the movement provides a power reserve of up to seven days and drives nine functions and displays. The Bieleton winding system with two-way winding is equipped with newly developed ceramic pawls to ensure the highest performance. Through the transparent sapphire glass case back, the subtle design of the self-made movements of the model 52610 (for model 5033) and model 52615 (for model 5034).
 The engraved oscillating weight is made of pure 18K red gold. Thanks to its slimmer lines and hollow design, people can more intuitively watch the technical operation inside the watch, and new elements of the movement series are also clearly presented, such as double barrels, new ceramic elements and Blue steel screws. For many watch fans, the blue steel screws, like the rich decoration on the bridge, are an indispensable decoration of the homemade movement. On the whole, the back of the watch creates a high level of visual feast, and at the same time, it shows the excellent quality of the movement.

 The IWC Portuguese series perpetual calendar watch with single moon phase display is available in two different styles: 18K white gold model (model: IW503301) with rock grey dial and 18K red gold model (model: IW503302) with silver plated dial, the latter The moon in the phase is plated with red gold, suspended in a night blue moon phase window. The IWC Portuguese series perpetual calendar watch with dual moon phases display in the northern and southern hemispheres is also available in 18K white gold (model: IW503401) and 18K red gold (model: IW503404). The white gold version has a night blue dial, and the red gold version has a rock gray dial. Both watches are fitted with wrist-fitting lugs and a fine Santoni alligator strap.