Longines Celebrates The Fifth Annual Longines Women’s Great Contribution Award

On September 27, 2013 in New York time, the famous Swiss watchmaker Longines ushered in the fifth event of the Women’s Outstanding Contribution Award. This year’s winners include Ross Ellis. Founder and CEO of Stomp Out Bullying. The other is Roni Lomeli, the founder of Edesia.

 Elegance Stefanie Graf, a watch ambassador for Longines and the legend of tennis, also helped three award-winning women.

 The first winner of the 2013 Longines Women’s Outstanding Contribution Award was Ross Ellis, which became an organization against homosexual discrimination, racial discrimination and hatred in 2005. And he pays great attention to adolescents who are threatened by school violence and cyber violence, while helping suicidal children to find happiness and confidence in their lives.

 Rose Ellis is an expert on youth violence. He knows how to prevent intimidation and violence in schools, and how to create a safe online environment. She has more than 20 years of experience in non-profit organizations and has been helping children with her own actions for so many years. Under the leadership of Ross Ellis, this nonprofit organization has helped more than 8,400 students get out of horror, and has saved 101 young lives with years of suicide.

 Another winner is Ronnie Rowley, an executive director of the non-profit American Children’s Shoes Agency, which was founded in 1992. Her mission is to provide comfortable shoes for growing children, which can help them more Good study and play. In some very low-income families, Ronnie Rowe’s beautiful organization is particularly important. So far the organization has provided more than one million pairs of children’s shoes, and more than 90% of children are willing to help.

 In fact, such an award cannot represent all. As a Longines brand that is keen on society and keen on charity, it is the real meaning to promote the transfer of positive energy.

Beauty And White Baishi Poetry Marriage Female Watch Recommendation

In the legend, the prince awakened the sleeping princess with affectionate kisses, and at the same time, the most beautiful roses in the world filled every corner of their lives. The wedding is the beginning of witnessing a beautiful love. Maybe after a long time, we will forget the time and place, but we will never forget the original sweet vow and happiness forever. When the groom kneels on one knee in exchange for the princess’s sentence: ‘I do.’ The simple words carry all the promises, and the princess blooms with the testimony of beautiful elegance and acceptance of time.

Newlywed Princess Elegant Bloom

 The new women’s watch from the Bucherer-Blade series presents the most beautiful timepieces for the bride in love, and the glory and charm of blooming. The word PATHOS stands for dignity and passion, and the Bucherer White Poetry series has won the essence of this connotation. Based on the principles of perfect quality and unique style, watchmakers and R & D personnel have dedicated their time and enthusiasm in research and development. The use of traditional watchmaking techniques and first-class jewelry craftsmanship makes the watch exude unique beauty both inside and outside, adding a new dimension to the newlyweds. elegant.

 The 18K rose gold interlaced hollow case blooms noble and fragrant; the case looks like a corolla, showing elegant beauty; the polished rose gold and stainless steel two-tone straps continue the pleasing gloss texture contrast; the crown is also woven with decoration, meticulous, Delicate finishing touch.

Bettich Princess watch technical specifications

Model: 00.10520.07.26.21
Movement: CFB 1855 quartz movement
Function: hours, minutes
Case: Stainless steel with 18K rose gold, anti-reflective curved sapphire crystal, diameter 25 mm, thickness 6.96 mm, water-resistant 30 meters
Chain: stainless steel with 18K rose gold
Other models:
00.10520.08.26.21: Stainless steel case

Time goes by

 Years will take away the beautiful face and graceful figure without the power to take away the temperament and charm; like the tough gem, it still shines after years of baptism. Time goes by, and she loves her whole life. When the princess turns into a queen, the laurel crown still shines, and the light is even more noble. Time is only the cornerstone of a woman’s self-confidence. Bucherer will accompany you for a lifetime, and your elegant wrists will bloom.

Bettich Queen watch technical specifications

Model: 00.10551.07.25.31
Movement: CFB 1969 self-winding movement, diameter 17.5 mm, thickness 4.8 mm, 25 stone, power reserve 38 hours
Function: date, hour, minute, second
Case: Set with 38 FC TW vvs diamonds (0.5 carat)
Chain strap: Stainless steel with 18K rose gold, stainless steel folding clasp

Other models:
00.10520.08.26.21: Stainless steel case with stainless steel bracelet 00.10550.07.25.21: Stainless steel with 18K rose gold
00.10551.08.25.31: Stainless steel set with 38 FC TW vvs diamonds (0.5 carat)

A Budget Of Around 50,000 These Three Brands Of Watches Are Worth A Look

In aesthetics, I believe that everyone may encounter a situation where they cannot fully appreciate the beauty and style of design, but often feel that they cannot fit into it. The same is true for watches, and for women’s watches, there are hundreds of quarrels and fancy appearances. When you are doubting or questioning a watch, at first glance don’t be arrogant but admire. At this moment, you may wish to close your eyes and quietly meditate for a few minutes, thinking about how you will design, facing the brand style of this watch, what do you think are the advantages and disadvantages? Over time, you will have a deeper understanding of the difficulties and cleverness of watch design. Nowadays, women’s watches also occupy a very prominent position in the market of watches and clocks. Next, the watch house will bring you several women’s watches. You can judge the good and the bad.

  Piaget POSSESSION G0A35083

Comment on the watch: Piaget’s watch is always known for its elegance and elegance, and the price is also high. Although the POSSESSION series has a diamond-studded outer ring, it looks more luxurious, but I still like this POSSESSION wrist with only one diamond The watch makes the watch simple and elegant. This watch has three points of attraction. First, the 18K white gold case with a diameter of 29 mm has a smooth curve. The central dial is inlaid in layers of circles, giving the watch a three-dimensional design. Secondly, the case is lined with a single round beautiful diamond (about 0.02 carats), which moves along the orbit along with the swing of the arm, like the shadows of time and light flowing continuously. Through the sapphire crystal glass, the simple geometrical Roman numeral time scale and the silver hands make the time reading at a glance.

  The last highlight lies in the strap, which can be replaced at will, and a second strap is included for replacement, so women who love to wear a watch will love it. In terms of power, the watch is equipped with Piaget’s 157P quartz movement, water-resistant to 30 meters, and its performance is beyond doubt. Therefore, this beautiful and elegant jewelry watch is an intimate companion for active modern women in every precious moment.

Basic Information
Number: G0A35083
Brand: Piaget
Movement type: Quartz
Gender: Lady
Price: ¥ 56,500
For more watch details, please click: Jaeger-LeCoultre Classic Revival Q2608412

Watch reviews: Jaeger-LeCoultre is probably the most exciting date series for women, but in my eyes, flipping the series of women’s watches is more flavorful. At the moment when the case flips, I feel that time shows the beauty of the other side. Mechanical watches can be bought for less than 50,000 yuan, and Jaeger-LeCoultre is considered very thick. This classic Q2608412 watch has a simple geometric shape, highlighting the Art Deco style. It is made of stainless steel with a rectangular 33.2×19.5 mm case. The small dial is equipped with orbital time scales and Arabic numerals. The blue steel hands are on the dial. It rotates gracefully, without additional decoration, but can better focus people’s eyes on the movement of time. Just flip the case and this Reverso watch turns into a custom jewellery with a timeless pattern.

  The essence of the ReversoClassique is that by simply flipping the case, this Reverso watch will become a custom jewellery that can be engraved with a timeless pattern. Overall, it faithfully presents the essence of decorative arts, a timeless classic. Finally, there are many different materials available for this series of watches, which women can choose from.

Basic Information
Number: Q2608412
Brand: Jaeger-LeCoultre
Series: Flip Watches
Movement type: manual machinery
Gender: Lady
Price: ¥ 47,000
For more watch details, please click: Rolex Women’s Date 179173 Watch

Comment on the watch: Rolex is very popular in China. It is a watch suitable for men. Not only that, for women, they can easily control the rigidity and softness of Rolex. The women’s diary watch has a diameter of 26 millimeters. The material of gold and steel makes this watch more noble in a low profile, and it is more restrained than pure gold. The classic triangular pit pattern is also one of Rolex’s design features. The white dial has a Roman numeral scale and a small window convex lens at three o’clock. At twelve o’clock, there is a shining big crown of Rolex.

  In terms of wearing comfort, this watch is equipped with an easy-to-adjust chain extension system, which requires only a simple folding and the strap can be extended by 5 mm, making it more comfortable to wear. The easy-to-adjust chain link is not only fully integrated into the watch design, but also has passed thousands of opening and closing tests in the extreme environment, and the reliability is never compromised. When worn on the wrist, the classic crown logo will also appear on the inside of the wrist, beautiful and atmospheric. Within 50,000 yuan, Rolex and Jaeger-LeCoultre are worth choosing when buying a mechanical watch.

Basic Information
No. 179173
Brand: Rolex
Series: Oyster Perpetual
Movement type: automatic machinery
Gender: Lady
Price: ¥ 42,500
For more watch details, please click: rolex / 26128 /

Summary: The above shows only three watches of Piaget, Jaeger-LeCoultre, and Rolex. Of course, there are many brands of women’s watches within 50,000, such as the constellation of Omega, blue balloons of Cartier, Still wondering what kind of watch to choose, then give yourself a price range, and then choose the brand from the price to find the style, relatively speaking, the goal will be clearer. Buy a watch that suits you and witness every bit of life. With the passage of time, the relationship with the watch will become deeper and deeper, becoming an inseparable part of life and work. I believe that no matter what the price range, watch friends can find their favorite watch. (Picture / text watch home Li Shuai)

Blancpain Celebrates 65th Anniversary Of Fifty Fathoms Fifty Fathoms Series In Singapore

Recently, more than a hundred guests gathered at Sentosa Island, Singapore to celebrate the 65th anniversary of the birth of FiftyFathoms, Blancpain’s first modern diving watch.

 Blancpain prepared ‘BlueFathoms’ special cocktails for distinguished guests such as media, VIP customers, partners and collectors. Ms. Emmy Tellier, Brand Manager of Blancpain Southeast Asia, gave a welcome speech and reviewed the past 65 years Blancpain’s close relationship with Sea World.

 Mr. MarcJunod, Global Vice President and Sales Director of Blancpain also came to the site to share with guests the Blancpain brand’s long-term determination and commitment to marine exploration and marine protection.

 Surrounded by the sea and in the immersive scenery, Blancpain presented a special exhibition for guests, showing the various plans and cooperation projects supported by the brand in the field of marine exploration and marine protection. The brand gathers under the name BlancpainOceanCommitment, showing the fascinating style of the legendary FiftyFathoms series.

 In the evening, Mr. Imran Ahmad, a close friend of the Blancpain brand, shared his new diving project recently launched on the Great Wall of China. The latest discoveries and exploration details have attracted much attention.

Love Brings Galaxy Stars To Love In The Eternal Heart, The Celebrity Loves To Present Qixi Wrist Room Zhenpin

The cloud is clever, Fei Xing spreads hate, and Yin Han is dark.
As soon as Jinfeng Yulu met, they won but countless on earth.
Tenderness is like water, and the dream is like a dream.
If these two feelings are long, how are they going up and down.

—– Qin Guan’s ‘Qiaoqiaoxian · Xianyun Makes a Difference’

The moon is shining like day, and the stars are full of sky. On the seventh and seventh night of the lunar calendar, the cowherd and the weaver girl can easily meet at the bridge and talk about romance. The legend of the Cowherd and Weaver Girl has been circulating for thousands of years. ‘When Jinfeng Yulu meets, she wins but there are countless people.’ The poet gave the best sentence to Qixi Festival, praising the Chinese people’s best way to express love.

Romantic Qixi Night, when the Qiaoqiao is dancing, standing under the Milky Way, walking slowly in the courtyard, quietly looking up at the brilliant starry sky, hand in hand, riding on the beautiful clearness, chasing the stars … On this Qixi Festival, Swiss clocks The brand Baume & Mercier selects the timepieces on the wrist and hopes that the lover will eventually become a family member.

Qixi Festival, transformed into a cowherd and went to the galaxy

Qi Qiao Tanabata shows people’s longing for beautiful love. ‘The cow and the girl are in the Qixi Festival, and each meets with joy and joy. Tong Yun rushes back to Jin Mao, Mingyue Sujuan hangs a jade hook.’ Half-bent Qingyue hung high above the quiet Xinghe, and shuddered through a cloud. Through the clouds, her If the shadow of Qian Ying is present … I would like to turn into a cowherd and go to the galaxy just to meet the Yiren. From ancient times to the present, the tokens of love are endless. A watch can not only record the beautiful moments of love, but also immortal love in mind. The Baume & Mercier watch 10055 is equipped with an automatic mechanical movement and a moon phase display function. The unique moon phase display plate looks like a vast and deep starry sky; the silver satin-polished silver dial illuminates the romantic night sky of Qixi Festival. The gold-plated hands and engravings dazzle and shine.

Baume & Mercier Clifton Watch 10055 (RMB 33,900)

Qixi Festival, turned into a weaver

‘The fan is diagonally divided into phoenixes, and the star bridge crosses the cymbals and flies back. Fighting to change the world forever, once every year.’ When the night sky faded the curtain made of cloud yarn, the bright stars poured down like a galaxy. . Looking up, the starry sky was full of the weaver’s tears. She was walking on the bridge in eager steps towards her cowherd, and the acacia spring in the atrium came out. Niu Lang took the hand of the weaver and looked at each other with affectionate eyes. The annual agreement is fulfilled at this moment. Even if there are thousands of words, it will only become a tight embrace. The Baume & Mercier watch series 10238 uses a mother-of-pearl dial to create a dial, like a romantic galaxy, full of poetic beauty; the embellished diamond watch is engraved like dazzling stars across the quiet night sky.

Baume & Mercier appointment series watch 10238 (RMB 22,900)

Mosaic Art On Your Wrist

In this season full of romantic imagination,
Swatch uses pure geometric shapes and bold and vibrant colors.
Created a series of abstract wrist art works,
Named ‘Mosaic Dream’ …

Fun in the black and white POP world!

   Whether it is similar to the artistic wave point of Yayoi Kusama’s ‘Strange Mother-in-law’, or the small raised wave that was flourished in MISSONI in the 1970s, it seems that it is simply copied layer by layer on the Swatch POP strap. . ‘Perhaps in the intersecting world of reinforced concrete, the straight-forward personality will miss the color on the way, but it is also a happiness to keep the innocent self.’

If you also love mosaic art …

   Waves of colorful dots resemble colorful hazy mosaic art. Whether you go to an art exhibition or an art gallery, wearing them can keep your artistic imagination up to date with the masters.

Geometric Fantasia: Go straight, stand alone

   Perhaps it is the rational thinking that fashion designers often flicker at the moment, and the geometric lines can be described as evergreens in the fashion industry. They can occupy the top three fashion elements in three to five. Sometimes abstract and unrestrained, sometimes returning to rationality, pure lines are full of maverick artistic atmosphere.
Swatch2017 spring and summer [Mosaic Strange Dream] series,
Energize with stripes, dots, patches and textures,
Turn your wrist into a gallery displaying geometric art instantly!

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Innovation 2016 Basel Watch & Jewellery Show Hublot New Products Summary

Basel Watch & Jewellery Show 2016 is being held. This watch event attracts watch lovers from all over the world to attend. At the exhibition, various brands introduced their new products to the world one after another to show the charm of timepieces. Switzerland’s top watchmaking brand HUBLOT launched a number of innovative watches this year. The combination of highly textured shapes and creative designs has become an innovative work.
Hublot Big Bang ‘Independent Italy’ camouflage watch



   Swiss top watch brand HUBLOT and Italian trend accessory brand Italia Independent (Independent Italy) create a masterpiece again, launched the second cooperation watch Big Bang ‘Independent Italy’ watch. The two major brands, known for their unique materials and innovative styles, have joined forces to make this timepiece truly a ‘rebellious’ piece, making it a wristwatch choice for trendy people.
Click for details:
Bang Fruit Linen Watch

   The Big Bang Fruit Linen watch’s case and dial are hand-woven by craftsmen using linen fibers. The unique weaving technique creates a unidirectional weft of pure natural fiber, which is then dyed and matched with a light-transmitting composite material. This process provides an innovative material that replaces carbon fiber. The material has the same mechanical strength, but is lighter and can be infinitely graded. Regarding the strap, Hublot chose to sew pure natural linen fiber into the rubber. It is made of collected linen and woven into threads, then hand-woven with the best fibers.
Click for details:
  At 12 o’clock, a three-dimensional shape of the crescent moon is painted, which represents Sun Wukong’s master and apprentice Xitian to obtain positive results. The remaining five digital time scales appear in an irregular form: the time scales at 4 o’clock represent ‘four masters and apprentices’, and the Arabic numerals at 7 and 2 o’clock symbolize ‘Seven Wukong 72 Changes The 10 o’clock position and the 8 o’clock position more imaginatively represent ‘the eighteen thousand miles that the four students of Sun Wukong learned from the scriptures.’
Click for details:
Bang Unico Retrograde Chronograph

HUBLOT Hublot Big Bang Unico Retrograde Chronograph (European Cup)
   As the official partner of the 2016 European Cup, Hublot has launched a series of promotional activities. When football superstars described their journey to the European Cup, Hublot also witnessed their own glorious moments.
Click for details:
Bang Unico Sapphire Watch

   Sapphire is a material that is extremely difficult to machine and is precious and limited to a few private collections. Following the bold advent of the MP-05 “LaFerrari” sapphire watch, Hublot made full use of this challenge to consolidate the expertise and skills of sapphire cutting, presenting the Big Bang Unico sapphire watch in a limited edition of 500.
Click for details:
Bang Unico Sapphire All Black Watch

   This timepiece is cut from a single piece of sapphire, and has been researched and developed with millions of investments over months. In just a few weeks, Hublot boldly launched a breakthrough new timepiece, challenging almost everyone’s conventional perception. This new watch combines the opposite concepts of ‘visible’ and ‘invisible’, and finally presents the essence of the ‘full black’ concept.
Click for details:
All black watch

Classic fusion Berluti Scritto watch
   In pursuit of uniqueness and continuous innovation, the Swiss top watch brand HUBLOT, together with the century-old Berluti, a Paris footwear family, merges its classic Venezia leather with the world-famous Patina craftsmanship and collaborates to create a classic fusion Berluti watch . The perfect fusion of two fine traditions makes this collaborative watch unique and distinguished.
Click for details:
  The above is the latest information of the 2016 Basel Watch & Jewellery Show brought by the staff of the Watch House. Next, the Watch House will provide more exciting content reports for everyone, so stay tuned.
   For more details, please click the watch home Basel Watch & Jewellery Show topic:

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A Brief History Of Tiffany’s Time 1837-2015

Tiffany’s history as an outstanding watchmaker can be traced back to the beginning of the company. From New York in 1837, it has experienced a glorious innovation process, and today the new Tiffany CT60 watch series is launched-this new series Named after the brand’s founder, ‘New York Minuteman’ Charles Tiffany (CT is the initials of Charles Tiffany). In 1853, Mr. Tiffany erected a 9-foot (2.74-meter) Atlas Hercules giant clock above Broadway 550, defining the essence of time in New York. For more than a century, generations of founders in New York have used this public clock to calibrate their personal time and regard it as a symbol of New York’s energy and creativity. Today, the clock stands above the entrance of the world-famous Tiffany Fifth Avenue flagship store, and its content and essence have never changed.

Process and innovation
 Tiffany has been selling timepieces since 1847. Seven years later, Mr. Tiffany signed a partnership agreement with Patek Philippe, the two founders of Patek Philippe, and became Patek Philippe’s first retail agent in the United States. This glorious tradition continues to this day. In 1874, Tiffany built an industry-leading four-story watch factory in Cornavin Square in Geneva. Here, Tiffany successively manufactures a large number of different styles of timepieces to meet the growing customer demand, including gold pocket watches, the advanced movement of the device can realize the hour and the hour, the delicate brooch watch with diamonds; other timepiece works Or decorated with country scenery paintings made of enamel, or with gold carved crowns with mythical figures and flower patterns, and finely crafted.
 Tiffany also introduced many important achievements in watchmaking innovation. ‘Tiffany Timer’ was introduced in 1868. It is the first chronograph stopwatch in the United States, used for engineering and technology purposes and for timing sports events. With pioneering innovations in the field of movements and hand-sets, Tiffany has also obtained a number of technical patents. Tiffany’s renowned gemologist George Kunz also applied for a patent on the green luminous coating on the hour markers and hands.
 In the 1880s, Mr. Tiffany has become a world-renowned jeweller and watchmaker, enjoying a high reputation for extraordinary craftsmanship and meticulous customer service. One of the customer services is the routine adjustment of the time for more than 400 home clocks owned by its customers each week after standard time was introduced in 1883.
Leading the World
 The Tiffany Antiques Collection showcases a large number of Tiffany classic timepieces that have won gold awards at world expositions over the past two centuries. Tiffany’s jewellery watch won the grand prize at the Philadelphia World’s Fair in 1876. At the Paris World Expo in 1889, many works of Tiffany were awarded. Among them, a brooch watch designed by the then chief designer Paulding Farnham, depicting the American wild rose pattern with diamonds and enamel. Tiffany’s watch box and astronomical clock also shined at the Chicago Expo in 1893.
 At the New York World Expo in 1939, Tiffany exhibited a series of gorgeous diamond and platinum cocktail watches that made the world amazing, as well as a variety of cocktail-style bold timepieces, such as geometric lines, gold-plated trapezoidal wrists dotted with rubies table. A women’s handbag clock at the same time inspired the birth of the new Tiffany East West watch series in 2015. The smart rectangular lines of this watch are elegant and modern.
 Two important series that appeared in the 20th century were inspired by Tiffany’s birthplace-the United States and New York. The Streamerica® series, released in 1993, is a commemoration of the American industrial design movement in the 1930s. The surface shines with metallic luster; another classic symbol is the Atlas® series released in 1983. A tribute to the public clock, this watch’s stereo Roman numerals reflect light from multiple angles.
 Atlas® represents the natural transition of Tiffany watch design from history to modernity. Inheriting Tiffany’s glorious watchmaking heritage to this day are also luxurious diamond charm cocktail watches, and the new Tiffany CT60 series. The CT60 is equipped with a hand-assembled top Swiss-made movement and contains the infinite energy of New York in the 21st century. The lines are simple and pure, and the aesthetic style is unique. The inspiration prototype comes from a Tiffany gold watch donated by Franklin Roosevelt, then President of the United States in 1945. Roosevelt is one of several U.S. presidents who own Tiffany watches. The back of the case is engraved with ‘Franklin Delano Roosevelt, with loyalty, respect and affection.’ In the same year he wore this watch to the historic Yalta conference.
 The Tiffany CT60 series is a tribute to the founders of New York City. They are not just dreamers, they are great practitioners. Charles Tiffany is one of them. Talented and courageous, he interprets the essence of New York’s time and the broad feelings of the creative age for the world.
Timeline New York Events

Founder Charles Tiffany opened its first boutique on New York’s Broadway.

The Tiffany Gold Watch presented by President Franklin Roosevelt in 1945 is an inspirational prototype of the new Tiffany CT60

Tiffany installed the first Atlas giant clock above the entrance of the boutique. This clock represents the rhythm of New York’s city and opens the history of ‘New York Minute-Creator’.

Tiffany entered into a partnership with watch giant Patek Philippe and opened a watchmaking workshop in Geneva.

Tiffany launches the first chronograph in the United States called ‘Tiffany Timer’.

Tiffany built a large factory and retail store in Cornavin Square, Geneva.

Tiffany obtained the first patent on watch technological innovation.

At the World Expo in Chicago, Tiffany won the highest award for men’s pocket watches and jewellery-laden brooches.

Tiffany incorporated Art Deco style into the watch design to create the perfect accessory that matched the modern trend of the time.

Tiffany’s cocktail watch for the New York World’s Fair competes with the brightest diamond on the spot.

The Tiffany Fifth Avenue flagship store in New York was officially completed. The Atlas Hercules giant clock directly above the entrance has always stirred the heartbeat of New York City.

President Franklin Roosevelt received a Tiffany Gold watch as a birthday present, and he wore it to the historic Yalta conference.

Tiffany released an ultra-thin pocket watch, becoming ‘the thinnest hollowed out watch at the time’.
The Atlas® watch series is launched, inspired by the Roman numerals used on the Atlas Hercules clock.
The Streamerica® series was launched, inspired by the American Industrial Design Movement in the 1930s.
Tiffany released the new Tiffany CT60 watch series, paying tribute to the founder of the brand and ‘New York founder’ Charles Tiffany. The high-quality Swiss-made automatic movement is perfectly blended with the crafted appearance.

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Diane Kruger’s Date With Time (Official Website Update On June 14th)

Rendez-Vous dating series and 2009 Jaeger-LeCoultre and Diane. Kruger (Diane Kruger) ‘s uncle echoed, it came out to pay tribute to the personality of this famous actress.

   She is naturally beautiful, and looking at the world, every action has inspired the female world of Jaeger-LeCoultre. The beauty and sophistication of female timepieces are revealed in every beat of the mechanical structure that drives these watch masterpieces without any compromise. As a ballet dancer, fashion model, actor, or just as a woman, Diane. Every moment in Kruger’s life is full of self-confidence and ideas. She constantly reshapes herself, but never loses her elegance and nobility. The same goes for Jaeger-LeCoultre women’s timepieces, which have written the history of Jaeger-LeCoultre and witnessed the brand’s extraordinary creation.

    This is a date for women and time. Let time move with you. Jaeger-LeCoultre presents a new watch series for women: the Rendez-Vous dating series. It is not only a high-end watch, but also the embodiment of free-spirited personality and charm; by combining as you like, it brings more surprises. The movement of this watch is carefully crafted by the watch factory. Behind the precise operation is the innovative spirit of Jaeger-LeCoultre. Rather than a watch, this is a date with time. A spiritual attitude.

Glasutti’s Original New Year’s Guide To Helping ‘red’ 运 当头

Passionate and festive red is the symbol of the New Year. Various traditions with auspicious red bottom couplets, red lanterns hanging high, and red firecrackers ringing all over the square make the taste of the year full of noise, and They are all beautiful entrustments to the prosperity of the coming year. Glashütte’s original theme is a new year’s gift with the theme of red, helping the new year to resign and welcome the new year. The correct opening posture of the Wuxu New Year starts from this original guide to the New Year’s fortunes that Glashütte original offers to you, letting you continue to prosper from New Year to next year!
‘Red’ people in the workplace, successful career

Eccentric Moon Phase Tourbillon
   Lament that your career is not always strong? Glashütte’s original eccentric moon phase tourbillon watch will help you to run and become a ‘red’ person in the workplace! As a Mont Blanc watchmaking technology, it is difficult for tourbillon technology to achieve success. It is even more difficult to achieve a breakthrough in such a precise structure, but the original watchmaking master of Glashütte Alfred Highway However, Ge overcomes difficulties and climbs to the pinnacle of technology, allowing the brand’s first flying tourbillon to achieve a more precise, slender and elegant breakthrough. Its extraordinary technical pinnacle will also give you the determination and courage to make a career breakthrough in the new year. The eccentric design distributes the moon phase and large calendar window on the dial in a golden ratio, and the rose gold bezel is low-key and generous and shining just right. In the new year, the eccentric moon-phase tourbillon watch with the endless rotation of the tourbillon will turn you fortune as much as possible.
Gather less and become more

Senator Excellence Perpetual Calendar

   The parliamentary watch with excellent perpetual calendar has been the watch of many people. The perpetual calendar technology has been continuously improved by Glashütte’s original, accurate timekeeping for more than 100 years, and can be easily and independently adjusted by the hidden knob. It will accompany you for the year of the year, so that fortune will be as precise as it is, and it will never go wrong throughout the year. The luxurious gold bezel is full of eye-catching, with white dial and black strap design to make it show a calm and atmospheric side. The new self-made Calibre 36 automatic winding movement achieves extremely high accuracy and a 100-hour ultra-long power reserve. The sapphire glass back cover gives a glimpse of the exquisite movement rich in superb watchmaking technology. If you want to make money, you must first complete the same inside and outside as this Glashütte original eccentric moon phase watch. Come.
Full of energy and energy

Senator Big Date Chronograph

   Give your body a little bit of driving to be more energetic. The strong power of the original Glashütte Original MP Chronograph Watch adds long-term driving to your New Year’s operation. The parliament’s large calendar chronograph watch with excellent movement 37 is used to simplify and cover complex functions such as large calendar, 70-hour power reserve, 30-minute and 12-hour chronograph. The Glashütte Original represents the rigorous craftsmanship spirit that has driven the new year to welcome every day with a more serious and progressive attitude towards life. The black disc surface is as deep as the night sky, and the SuperLumiNova luminous coating is used on a large area to ensure excellent legibility in all lighting conditions while achieving elegant sports style. In the new year, it will take the initiative to attack with a more energetic and positive attitude. Energize your body and mind.
The value of justice, full of peach blossoms

Eccentric Moon Phase Watch

   Increasing the beauty of peach blossoms is naturally indispensable. The ‘heart-wrenching’ eccentric moon phase watch is a beautiful pink China’s exclusive high-looking bloom, and it depends on it for the flourishing peach blossoms in 2018. Glashütte’s original gift to Chinese honored guests, specially customized rose pink ‘heart palace’ eccentric moon phase watch, the golden ratio of the eccentric dial design expresses the most harmonious aesthetic taste, laying the foundation for high-value. Natural mother-of-pearl’s white base material is carefully coated on the back to create a rose pink face plate, and the specially selected pink Lewis Anna crocodile leather strap completes the unique style of the entire model. The three-dimensional embossed moon phase disk polished by diamonds and the soft curve of the calendar display against each other, showing the feminine feminine power. The dial, bezel and crown are inlaid with a total of 83 diamonds using high-quality jewelry setting technology. There are ‘heart-wrapping’ eccentric moon phase watches, even if the value is justice, you are not afraid.