Piaget Altiplano38mm 900d The World’s Thinnest Fine Jewelry Watch

The soul of timepieces is the ultimate goal of Piaget’s fine watchmaking. The brand combines the world-renowned ultra-thin movement technology with extraordinary jewellery craftsmanship, breaking the ultra-thin limit again, and turning dreams into shining reality. The thickness of this outstanding Altiplano 38mm 900D watch is only 5.6mm, which perfectly reflects Piaget’s innovative spirit and unremitting pursuit of extreme thinness, adding glory to the brand’s heritage of ultra-thin watchmaking for more than half a century. One stroke. The case of this extremely chic watch is integrated with the movement, and the secret of the gear can be seen through the diamond-set cover. Not only that, the Altiplano 38mm 900D also brought the gem setting technology to a new and exquisite peak, making it the world’s thinnest fine jewelry watch. The unique and attractive design of this watch is suitable for men and women. It is a sublimation of Piaget’s perfect craftsmanship.

Pushing the limits of slimness
   In 2014, to celebrate the 140th anniversary of Piaget, the brand released a revolutionary watch: the Altiplano 38mm 900P. This elegant and extraordinary watch set a new ultra-thin record. In addition to the 3.65 mm ultra-thin body, the most amazing thing is its bold design-the case is also the main plate of the movement, the movement Integrated with the case, 145 mechanical parts are directly mounted on the bottom case. The Altiplano 38mm 900P’s ultra-thin record-breaking integrated design truly shows the strength of the brand’s two own watchmaking workshops: the watchmaking workshop in La Côte aux Fées specializes in making movements, while the The watchmaking workshop is specialized in producing watch cases. The case, dial and sapphire crystal case back must be perfectly joined to protect the precious movement, and this challenge took three full years to complete. By 2016, the fine jewelry model of this ultra-thin classic watch was finally born.

Diamond delicate makeup movement
   The spirit of the brand ‘Always do better than required’ drives Piaget to continue to meet challenges and strive for excellence. For Piaget, the movement has always been an important part of watch design. In the La Côte-aux-Fées and Plan-les-Ouates workshops, more than 40 professionals from different fields have shown their talents for the movement design. The use of extraordinary jewellery technology on watches is the best expression of the brand’s watchmaking arts. Only the most skilled jewellery craftsmen can complete the work of decorating jewelry in the movement. The movements using this technology include: 900D Movement; rose gold 838D hand-winding small second hand skeletonized movement; white gold 1200D self-winding skeleton movement set with 259 round brilliant-cut diamonds, it is the thinnest of its kind; inlaid 71 The 1270D self-winding skeletonized movement with two baguette-cut diamonds and 561 round brilliant-cut diamonds are the thinnest in the world.

Piaget jewellery master, beauty of light art
   Ultra-thin watchmaking is Piaget’s brand gene, and the art of jewelry setting also represents Piaget’s historical heritage. Jewelry masters are true light and shadow artists. Their unique vision and precise taste can make jewelry show amazing technical characteristics. In the field of ultra-thin watchmaking, limited by the slim contours and the ultra-thin case, the design of the watch allows only very small tolerances, and at the same time there is only very limited space for gem setting. The Altiplano 38mm 900D watch is set with 5.77 carats of diamonds, setting the record for the world’s thinnest fine jewelry watch with a thickness of 5.6 mm. The watch is made of 304 diamonds with different cutting techniques-the frame and the bezel are set with rectangular cut diamonds, and the lugs and the center of the case are set with round brilliant-cut diamonds-from Piaget’s exquisite craftsmanship. . In addition, in order to further highlight the unique performance of the movement, the jewellery master embeds gems in the main splint by snowflake inlay. This exquisite technique randomly arranges diamonds of different sizes, close to each other, and covers the precious metal material below, creating a scene of sunlight blooming and jumping in the snow. In addition to the tedious craftsmanship and the minimum construction period of four days, the gem selection stage also requires extremely high standards. To further demonstrate the brand’s ultimate pursuit of perfect appearance, the Altiplano 38mm 900D bridge screws and gears are set with gems. At the same time, the sturdy case back and folding buckle are also decorated with beautiful diamonds.
Ultra-thin legend
   Altiplano is a milestone in Piaget ultra-thin watches. Altiplano (Spanish) is a plateau in central South America. It is located in the middle of the Andes, with an average altitude of 3650 meters. It is one of the highest human settlements in the world. Altiplano 38mm 900P pays tribute to the Altiplano plateau with its thickness of 3.65 mm. At the same time, the 900P is to commemorate Piaget’s first ultra-thin hand-wound movement in 1957, the 9P movement. The 9P movement is only 2 mm thick, which successfully established Piaget’s position in the ultra-thin watchmaking field. In 1960, Piaget set a new record with the 12P movement. The thickness of this movement was only 2.3 mm, which became the world’s thinnest automatic winding movement at that time. Since then, the brand has successively refreshed many ultra-thin manual and automatic winding movements. Records, some are more equipped with complex functions. In fact, out of the brand’s 35 self-developed and manufactured movements, as many as 23 are ultra-thin movements, of which 12 have rewritten the record of ultra-thin movements in the past few years, such as the world’s most thin manual The 600T chain tourbillon movement and the 1209P movement with small seconds automatic winding are also the thinnest of its kind. The 430P caliber, born in 1998, replaced the 9P caliber and joined the brand’s ultra-thin caliber movement. The name of Altiplano was thus opened.
Piaget Altiplano 38MM 900D
The world’s thinnest hand-wound high jewelry mechanical watch
Movement and case merge into one
Case diameter 38 mm, 18K white gold base set with 38 baguette-cut diamonds (approximately 1.36 carats) and 266 round brilliant-cut diamonds (approximately 1.86 carats)
Crown set with a round brilliant-cut diamond (~ 0.06 ct)
Dial set with 33 baguette-cut diamonds (approximately 1.34 carats)
Black Button Hands
Black alligator strap
Triple buckle set with 23 brilliant-cut diamonds (approx. 0.05 ct)
Mechanical movement with manual winding, snowflake-set Piaget 900D movement
Development time: 3 years
Movement gem setting time: 4 days
Power reserve: about 48 hours
Vibration frequency: 21600 times per hour / 3Hz
Thickness: 5.65 mm (case with movement)
Number of gems: 20
Function: Off-centre hour and minute hands at 10 o’clock
Number of parts: 145 (case with movement)
Detail modification: round beautiful diamond inlaid ring matte main splint, snowflake inlaid table bridge, gears polished in the radial shape of the sun, screws inlaid with round brilliant cut diamonds, special power correction system engraved Piaget ‘P’ logo
Water resistance: 2 ATM
Number: G0A41122

Alpiplano Tourbillon Piaget Piaget # 600 #

2017 is the sixtieth anniversary of Piaget’s Altiplano, so this year their new models revolve around this theme, and the big watch of which is the tourbillon. In the past, Altiplano was concise for its beauty. Most of the styles were simple two- and three-pin formal watches. Otherwise, it was craft watches. The introduction of chronographs in the past few years has been rare. This tourbillon is the first in the series. Full of symbolic significance, the content of the watch itself has many details for those familiar with Piaget movements to discover.

Feature one: extension of 600P series
The Piaget Tourbillon movement is a representative model of the 600P series. This is the flagship machine developed by the brand in the early 2000s in order to establish its own expertise in the field of professional watchmaking. Later, the movement itself has been equipped with a variety of additional functions and has also been transferred to the brand Each of its different series, even loaned to other brands in the same group; on the other hand, Piaget also transplanted the tourbillon module of the movement to other basic movements, such as the 608P relative to the tourbillon or the ultra-thin automatic tourbillon. At 1270P, the tourbillon mechanism of the movement came from this.

The Piaget Tourbillon is best known for its cage. The decorative style is quite eye-catching without the front bridge, but occasionally they will change the shape of the cage when they lend the movement to other brands. Equal to the earl

Feature 2: What’s special about 670P
However, a great feature of the 600P series is that it is a rectangular movement. That is because it was originally designed for the rectangular Emperador series, but this was not the case even when it was later transferred to other round shell series. Change, so you will find that the round shell models equipped with the 600P series do not have a transparent bottom cover, so that the square models below are not good-looking in the round shell, so they simply cover the whole. However, this phenomenon has made a breakthrough in this Altiplano Tourbillon.

The decoration of the dial is centered by the eccentric hour and minute hands. From this, a radiating Geneva wave is made, and then a blue-gray transparent enamel is applied on it. Although it is a tourbillon watch, it is still simple and elegant

Feature three: the bottom cover finally cleared up
This 670P movement is a 600P series from the model point of view. The appearance of the tourbillon module is exactly the same as that of the 600P series. However, its surface configuration is very different from the 600P series. The minute hand has also been changed from the center to an eccentric 8 o’clock display. Piaget was very good at breaking up the same wheel train and re-editing it into a new movement. This one is basically using this know-how, but the significance this time is that it finally broke the 600P series square pattern. The base plate of the movement was changed to a circular shape, and as a result, the case back was finally no longer a solid bottom cover, but the generous movement of the same shape as the case was exposed.

The circular splint is basically made of three parts, and the surface decoration is corrugated with the tourbillon as the center. It is worth mentioning that this frame with a transparent bottom cover is set with a circle of diamonds, which is called real low-key luxury

PIAGET Altiplano Tourbillon

18K white gold material / 670P manual winding movement / hour, minute, small seconds display / flying tourbillon device / sapphire crystal, transparent bottom cover / 41mm diameter / limited to 38 pieces only

Rm 67-02 And Alexander Zverev Set Foot On The New Arena

Slim, lightweight, colorful, elegant and sporty, wearing RM 67-02 is a good choice for any occasion. RICHARD MILLE broke the precedent and designed this watch that can adapt to various sports. This also explains that during the development of RM 67-02, many brand friends were invited to personally participate in the interpretation of the colors of the national flag of each country in different styles, and fully test this fully automatic on various occasions outside the track and field. Movement performance. With tennis player Alexander Zverev, RM 67-02 will now enter a new battlefield.

Fully automatic movement easily handles any top sports event
Richard Mille 7th generation self-produced movement
Including the ‘comfort’ strap, the entire watch weighs only 32 grams and is as light as feathers. It is the lightest fully automatic watch in the RICHARD MILLE series.

   Alexander is currently the world’s third-ranked tennis player. In order to test the shock resistance of the RM 67-02 (TPT® carbon fiber and red TPT® quartz fiber material) he is wearing under repeated acceleration shock, he turned tennis courts around the world into Natural laboratory.

   The RM 67-02 worn by the brand’s best friend skier Alexis Pinturault must be able to withstand the extreme cold conditions of the ski resort and the impact when passing through the flag gate.

   The RM 67-02, another version designed for the 5th World Rally Champion Sébastien Ogier, needs to be able to accompany him through the different stages of the Argentina Rally.

   All these models fully demonstrate the mechanical beauty of the CRMA7 movement. The base plate and bridge of the fifth grade titanium alloy are combined with platinum and TPT® carbon fiber variable geometry automatic disks, with perfect polishing. In addition to the comfortable strap and the case made of TPT® composite material with strong abrasion resistance, these watches are perfectly polished to show the beauty, while highlighting the characteristics of each sportsman. -Grade titanium dial. In order to achieve the ultimate wearing experience of RM 67-02, RICHARD MILLE has equipped these two watches with new comfortable straps. The straps are seamlessly designed as a whole, are extremely flexible, ergonomic, and fit all wrist curves perfectly. .

   Currently, Fernando Alonso and rookie racer Charles Leclerc are wearing unique RM 67-02 model watches, and they are racing on the Formula 1 circuit. They are happy to help RM test new technical solutions and hope that one day they will be fully applied to the new watches of RICHARD MILLE.

Noble Noble Three Classic Women’s Watches

Among today’s watch brands, almost all brands have developed women’s watch series, but most brands are still in the follow-up stage, and women’s watches are regarded as the same from the beginning to the end. Brands that are equally important for men’s watches really dominate the mainstream women’s watch market today. Today, I will recommend three major women’s watches from famous brands.
Cartier Blue Balloon Series W69017Z4

Model: W69017Z4
Movement type: automatic machinery
Case material: Stainless steel
Strap Material: Crocodile Leather
Case diameter: 36.6 mm
Domestic public price: ¥ 40900
Watch details: Diamond to CLASSIC is the darling of the women’s watch market. This Chopard CLASSIC 163154-5001 watch, 18K rose gold case material with white dial, shows elegance and nobility, with a black crocodile leather strap, to set off the purity of the model, 33.6 mm diameter and more The slim 5.41 mm case thickness makes the watch lighter and fits the wearer’s wrist. The mirror is covered with sapphire crystal as a whole and complements the 18K gold case to protect your watch.
Jaeger-LeCoultre Q2608412

Model: Q2608412
Movement type: manual machinery
Case material: Stainless steel
Strap Material: Crocodile Leather
Case diameter: 33.2×19.5 mm
Domestic public price: 47000
Watch details: lecoultre / 15216 / watch review: Jaeger-LeCoultre has always been a master brand in the manufacture of movements, and its design of the world’s smallest women’s watch movement 101 is a miracle in the watch industry. This shows that Jaeger-LeCoultre’s intentions in the field of women’s watches. This Jaeger-LeCoultre classic series Q2608412 is from the same classic Jaeger-LeCoultre flip series. The all-steel case material and the classic reversible dial design make the watch as a whole match the women’s multifaceted, black crocodile The leather strap and the case complement each other, the sapphire crystal glass, the perfect protection of the watch, the 33.2 * 19.5 mm rectangular case, is the classic specification of women’s square dial, and the watch pays attention to the appearance design, while ensuring the watch Due to its practicality, the entire watch adopts a waterproof design, which can provide 30 meters of water resistance. It can be said that it is a practical and personal famous female watch.
Summary: The three women’s watches recommended for you today are all from the famous family of women’s watches, and are the mainstream models of the brand’s current series, with crocodile leather straps, which are also suitable for active wearing in autumn. , Impeccable in terms of practicality and brand professionalism, won the hearts and minds, and is worthy of choice for white-collar beauties of all levels.

The Beauty Of Zen Meaning Enamel Lotus Three Questions Watch

In 2010, Jaeger-LeCoultre presents a grand tour of the ‘Jacques Magnificent Enamel, Timeless Art Treasure’ in 6 cities in China, and created a Lotus Master Minute Repeater III, which is limited to one worldwide, for this event Ask the watch and pay tribute to the long-established Chinese culture.
The lotus dial created by enamel is full of vitality. No matter its elegant form or full color, it has the aesthetic characteristics of traditional Chinese painting. What’s also amazing is that this is an extraordinary, highly sophisticated minute repeater watch. The extreme enamel micro-painting technology and advanced watchmaking technology are subtly merged, showing Jaeger-LeCoultre’s peak achievements as a top watchmaker.

Lotus micro-painted enamel: years of tempering, achievement
The Jaeger-LeCoultre master of enamel micro-painting puts time and perseverance to present the elegant form of lotus perfectly on the dial with rare traditional techniques. The yellow color, which represents the exclusive color of ancient Chinese emperors, is used as the background color of the enamel dial to set off the magnificent blooming lotus. The glory and splendor are naturally unparalleled.
The micro-painted enamel dial can be described as the perfect crystallization of a long process. For a long time, it has become a coveted art treasure for its connoisseurs and collectors with its extraordinary artistic value and never deforming and fading. The masterpieces of micro-painted enamel presented by Jaeger-LeCoultre are selected from top-quality enamel glazes and created by the talented Jaeger-LeCoultre enamelists with great dedication and are highly regarded by the world.

Minute repeater function: Carefully crafted, extraordinary example
The Jaeger-LeCoultre Lotus Master Minute Repeater Minute Repeater watch not only highlights the ultimate aesthetic achievements of enamel painting, but also represents an extraordinary example in the field of complex watchmaking. The Jaeger-LeCoultre watch factory combines the pure and noble lotus image in Chinese culture with the crystal-clear, crisp and pleasant ringing sound of the Master Minute Repeater three-question watch, presenting the world with the perfect visual and auditory double feeling. Press the button at 9 o’clock to start the minute repeater function. By tapping the sounds of the gongs in the watch in turn, the hours, quarter clocks and minutes are reported. The mellow and pure time signal ringtone is a breakthrough achievement in the field of minute repeater watches. The time signal sound of the crystal reed is comparable to that of famous brand instruments.
In order not to break the overall artistic beauty presented by the dial enamel painting, Jaeger-LeCoultre deliberately removed the hour or minute display on the dial and instead adopted two simple and implicit indications: the torque released through the dual barrel The indicator is set at 4 o’clock, and the power reserve display is set at 8 o’clock. Through the hollow window on the right side of the dial, you can clearly see the operation of the regulator that measures the hammering speed. This device is equipped with the minute repeater function to give people a refreshing experience.
The Jaeger-LeCoultre Lotus Master Minute Repeater Minute Repeater uses a platinum case with a diameter of 44 mm and is equipped with a Jaeger-LeCoultre 947 manual winding movement. With black alligator strap. Limited production of one piece.
The Jaeger-LeCoultre 947 calibre has a 15-day power reserve, which can be described as a peerless piece in a multifunctional and complex watch. The power reserve function up to 15 days is unique to the minute repeater. Naturally, it must be equipped with a unique display device. The device is located at 8 o’clock on the dial and displays the power stored in the watch with a number of 15 to 1. Another amazing thing is that the 947 movement is equipped with a mechanism to measure the accuracy of the mainspring-the torque meter. It can display the torque area where the watch can reach the best operating state to assist the power reserve display. At 4 o’clock, the clockwork torque indicator is displayed in a numerical range between 0 and 8.

Flag Of Bucherer: Patravi Series Watch

After the development of the CFB A1000 movement is completed, the next step is to choose an equally outstanding watch to carry it. The most suitable match with Carl F. Bucherer’s proud CFB A1000 automatic movement series is naturally the brand’s flagship series-the Patravi series.

Patravi EvoTec DayDate

Patravi EvoTec DayDate Weekly Calendar

 First introduced is the Plavi EvoTec DayDate watch equipped with a CFB A1000 movement. The large pillow-shaped case measures 44 x 44.5 mm and is equipped with a see-through crystal glass back cover, which is particularly suitable for displaying the innovative design of the A1000 movement. And beautiful composition. The outer edge of the EvoTec DayDate case is surrounded by a wide rubber bezel. The dial configuration is very clear and unique. The stainless steel model is equipped with a carbon gray and black dial, while the rose gold style is matched with warm brown. There is a large calendar display at 11 o’clock on the upper left, and the size is quite large. It is not inferior to other large calendar models; the week is clearly displayed at 9 o’clock, and the small seconds dial at 6 o’clock. The minute hand is hollowed out to avoid affecting the date and day display. The shape of the small seconds dial is the same as that of the case, and even the geometric hour scale echoes the curvature of the case, highlighting the modernity of Plavi’s EvoTec DayDate.

Patravi EvoTec PowerReserve

Patravi EvoTec Power Reserve Display

 Since the expansion of the function module has been taken into account in the development of the A1000, following the Patravi EvoTecDayDate launched in 2009, Bucherer will soon launch an A1002 automatic winding machine with a power storage display function. Patravi EvoTec Power Reserve watch. In order to perfectly match EvoTec’s distinctive calendar and second hand design, Plavi’s EvoTec PowerReserve power storage display is completely new in terms of aesthetics and technology. A small red pointer on a bridge driven by different mechanisms. The display window between the 2 o’clock and 4 o’clock scales runs in an arc, and is designed like an outdoor theater stage. When the watch is full, the hands will point to the ‘High’ scale; when the watch is underpowered, the hands will return to the ‘Low’ scale.
 In terms of appearance, EvoTec PowerReserve continues the pillow case of this self-made movement series, measuring 43.75 × 44.5 mm. The bezel and crown are covered with black rubber, which is particularly eye-catching and unique. The case material is also available in new and stylish stainless steel and elegant rose gold. Through the sapphire crystal back case, you can also see the wonderful operation of the A1002 movement for 52 hours.

Patravi EvoTec BigDate Calendar Watch

Patravi EvoTec BigDate Large Calendar Women’s Watch

 Following the Patravi EvoTec DayDate, Bucherer has also launched the Plavi EvoTec Big Date women’s watch with an A1003 automatic movement for female consumers. The birth of this watch is in response to the increasing demand from female mechanical watch players for high-tech and mechanical menu models, without sacrificing women’s appeal for independence and softness.
 Bellevue EvoTec large calendar female case size is 39.2 × 38.5 mm, the upper ring is embedded with 56 real diamonds, with particular emphasis on the modern features of the jewellery watch. The delicate diamonds set in the frame are perfectly presented on the slightly raised surface. Elegant appearance of the case. The Plavier EvoTec large calendar female watch with a silver faceplate, showing the hours with fine lines, presents an elegant and simple appearance, while the black faceplate offers another charming option: the dazzling black mother-of-pearl faceplate swings with it In the center, a natural flash of color appears, while the periphery is marked with hours and five real diamonds inlaid with lines and round frames.

Patravi Calendar

Patravi Calendar Watch BigDate Calendar Watch

 In addition to the Patravi Evotec watch, also equipped with the brand’s proud CFB A1000 automatic movement series, there are two round case styles of the Plavi series Patravi Calendar weekly watch and BigDate calendar watch. Among them, the Calendar weekly watch has the function of indicating 53 weeks in a year. It is very practical for weekly payers or any time calculated in ‘weeks’. It can even be equipped with a 12-hour scale, knowing that each month, The coming of each season. Coupled with the functions of the day and the big calendar, it can be said that the performance of the CFB A1000 series movements is maximized, which is fully in line with the brand’s goal of driving a variety of practical functions with excellent innovation. The BigDate calendar watch cleverly arranges the large calendar window at 11 o’clock, and the visual effect is refreshing.

Patravi BigDate Calendar Watch

Luxury And Sporty Style Tasting Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Series Chronograph

In 1997, Audemars Piguet Royal Oak introduced the first chronograph. The thickness of the chronograph movement is less than 5.5 mm. It integrates classic shell shape and mechanical chronograph display. One of my favorite watches. Since then, the brand has launched numerous versions for this best-selling category. Today, the Royal Oak Chronograph has become one of the core products of this series. In 2017, following the success of the Audemars Piguet Royal Oak series chronograph, the brand once again brought 7 new products to the Royal Oak series, including 4 rose gold funds (chain and belt) and three stainless steel funds (chain) ), To provide table friends with a richer choice. Let’s take a look at the blue disk rose gold belt as an example.

20th Anniversary of Royal Oak

   2017 marks the 20th anniversary of the Audemars Piguet Royal Oak series chronograph. The newly designed Royal Oak series chronograph was unveiled at the annual Geneva Watch & Jewellery Salon. The new model still maintains the brand’s highly recognizable octagonal case and strap design, and is contrasted with the classic and textured “Grande Tapisserie” large checkered decoration, showing the luxury of its high-end sports watch. The dial after the subtle adjustment design is more visually balanced and shows a new aesthetic.

Watch details

Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Chronograph

   The new product is designed with a diameter of 41 mm, and the discerning octagonal case is brushed and polished to present an excellent sensory enjoyment. Blended with the bezel after brushing and polishing, recreating the charm of Royal Oak Chronograph. The lugs are integrated with the case, with sharp edges and corners, which is very tough.

   One side of the watch is two chronograph operation buttons and an octagonal crown. The crown is engraved with the Audemars Piguet ‘AP’ logo, which gives it a unique brand recognition charm. The operating feel of the octagonal crown is very good, and the time adjustment is very convenient.

   On the blue Grande Tapisserie ”large checkered dial, three rose gold sub dials are equipped with graduated rings to make the chronograph function more accurate and clear. The 3 hour mark position is 30 minutes and the hour mark position is 12 hours. Chronograph, small seconds at 6 o’clock. The date display is between 4 and 5 o’clock. Although the functions are diverse, they are not cluttered and arranged neatly. Both are covered with luminous parts, which is convenient when you can see clearly even in a dark environment.

   This time, the new back cover has a dense bottom design and is equipped with the Audemars Piguet Calibre 2835 automatic movement. It is only 5.5 mm thick and consists of 304 components. The power reserve is 40 hours.

   The blue crocodile leather strap with full texture is fashionable and full of vitality. It contrasts with the color of the dial to enhance the overall viewing.

   Attach an 18K rose gold folding clasp with the English logo of Audemars Piguet on it. The design of the folding buckle makes the removal and removal of the watch very convenient, and it can ensure the safety of the watch between the wrist and is very reliable.

Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Chronograph
Summary: Among the 7 new products, the stainless steel material is equipped with black, white and blue dials; the rose gold material is equipped with brown, blue dials, rich color matching, and a variety of style choices, highlighting accuracy The combination of timing and perfect shape. This blue disk rose gold blue belt model recommended to everyone today is one of the good new products, combining low-key luxury, fashion and flexibility. If you like this watch, you may wish to enter the brand store for more details. Watch price: RMB 287,000

Swatch’s First Touch Sports Watch – Touch Zero One

In the age of smart technology, wearable devices are popular! It’s like wearing the timer from your arms to your wrist, and the mobile phone that is inseparable from us is slowly moving from your pocket to your wrist. With the launch of the Apple Watch, many smartwatches have indeed been added to the watch industry this year. Today, Swatch, who led Swiss watches through the quartz storm, has joined the battle. The new Swatch Touch Zero One is the first smart watch launched by the brand. It uses beach volleyball as the design concept, and uses the touch panel to integrate smart functions into sports and life, forming a trendy sports watch. . Since it is an exclusive sport, the appearance of this watch is also different from that of metal. It uses a lightweight plastic material as the case; rounded corners, square outlines, and comfortable silicone or The elastic fiber strap allows users to wear it while exercising without feeling any burden. The five major functions brought by Touch Zero One are also fully compatible with volleyball.
   Touch Zero One smart watch. Plastic case, waterproof 30 meters, touch screen, two places time, date, alarm clock, stopwatch, pedometer, tap counter, beach volleyball sports data tracker, calories, kilometers / miles calculation, acceleration Meter, coach function, Bluetooth device, with Android and IOS and system APP, fiber strap.
   When wearing Touch Zero One to practice volleyball or even play, the built-in sensor can record the number of individual shots and the strength of each shot. The display on the dial screen can also be used to obtain calorie consumption, average Further data such as impact strength and single shot analysis.
   Touch Zero One smart watch. Plastic case, waterproof 30 meters, touch screen, time, date, alarm clock, stopwatch, pedometer, tap counter, beach volleyball sports data tracker, calories, kilometers / miles calculation, acceleration Meter, coach function, Bluetooth device, with Android and IOS and system APP, silicone strap.
   This feature is actually for the audience. During the game, when supporters cheer for their favorite player or team, they will definitely use the ‘clapping’ action. At this time, Touch Zero One can record the number of applause and average power. That’s right! Even the fans in the field can compete with each other who is the most enthusiastic!
   Touch Zero One smart watch. Plastic case, waterproof 30 meters, touch screen, two places time, date, alarm clock, stopwatch, pedometer, tap counter, beach volleyball sports data tracker, calories, kilometers / miles calculation, acceleration Meter, coach function, Bluetooth device, with Android and IOS and system APP, silicone strap.
Step counting
   Whether it is a wearable device or a smart watch, calculating the pace is probably the most commonly used and most useful function. A pedometer can come in handy if the pattern of movement is not repeating steps around the playground. In addition to simply counting how many steps the wearer has taken, Touch Zero One can also connect with the app to compare the number of steps walked and run, and display the total calories consumed.
   Touch Zero One smart watch. Plastic case, waterproof 30 meters, touch screen, two places time, date, alarm clock, stopwatch, pedometer, tap counter, beach volleyball sports data tracker, calories, kilometers / miles calculation, acceleration Meter, coach function, Bluetooth device, with Android and IOS and system APP, plastic strap.
   Watches can also be coaches? Yes, Touch Zero One provides the function of a virtual coach, inspiring those who want to exercise and often have inertia. On what grounds? ice cream! As the number of steps progressed closer and closer, the ice cream on the noodles became larger and larger until the goal was reached. If you don’t like ice cream? You can still exercise!
   Touch Zero One smart watch. Plastic case, waterproof 30 meters, touch screen, two places time, date, alarm clock, stopwatch, pedometer, tap counter, beach volleyball sports data tracker, calories, kilometers / miles calculation, acceleration Meter, coach function, Bluetooth device, with Android and IOS and system APP, silicone strap.
   How could a watch not have a chronograph function! Touch Zero One has the function of two places of time like GMT watch. Of course, the date, alarm clock, stopwatch and countdown commonly used in life are also available. The wearer can use the APP to set the time and select different ringtones at the same time. It may be more than just a dream to wake you up, but also your Touch Zero One.
   Touch Zero One smart watch. Plastic case, waterproof 30 meters, touch screen, two places time, date, alarm clock, stopwatch, pedometer, tap counter, beach volleyball sports data tracker, calories, kilometers / miles calculation, acceleration Meter, coach function, Bluetooth device, with Android and IOS and system APP, fiber strap.

The Ultra-thin Watch That Makes You Want To Stop

The development of the watch to this day is not only to be able to watch the time, but also reflects a person’s taste from the side. And ultra-thin watches have also become a trend. After all, thin items should be more convenient to carry and wear. Ultra-thin watches must first ensure an ultra-thin movement. The movement contains hundreds of parts. It is self-evident that it is difficult to encapsulate these components into a movement with a thickness of only a few millimeters. Below, Watch House introduces three ultra-thin watches for everyone, let’s take a look at them.
Piaget Altiplano

Product model: G0A42050
Movement type: automatic machinery
Case material: Platinum
Strap Material: Crocodile Leather
Case diameter: 40 mm
Domestic public price: 205,000 RMB
Watch details: RMB
Watch details: RMB
Watch details: vacheron / 7640 /
Watch review: Vacheron Constantin heritage series of ultra-thin watches, with a 40mm 18K gold case, ivory dial, with gold hour and hour hands, minute hands, due to the manual winding movement, the case thickness is only 6.79 mm. Vacheron Constantin’s manual 1400 winding movement, the thickness of the movement is only 2.6 millimeters, the movement splint and other grinding and chamfering process, with the Geneva mark, full winding can provide about 40 hours of power reserve.
Summary: For our mass consumers, ultra-thin watches can be a pursuit of exquisite and elegant life. For watchmakers, ultra-thin watches are definitely a test. It requires patience and perseverance to face small parts that can only be installed with a microscope. Ultra-thin watches are not only a consumer product for mass consumption, but also masterpieces by watchmakers showing extraordinary creativity.

De Grisogono Celebrates Its 20th Anniversary In Cannes

This year, de Grisogono’s ‘Cannes Seduction’ grand party celebrating the company’s 20th anniversary at the luxury hotel Eden Roc Hotel in Antibes is definitely a highlight of the Cannes Film Festival.

To commemorate this important moment, de Grisogono has released an amazing 20th anniversary collection of fine jewelry. Fawaz Gruosi presents 20 pieces that fully embody the essence of de Grisogono; charming jewellery pieces tell the story through its different curves, shapes, and the most brilliant stones. The bold use of diamonds, sapphires, and emeralds makes the work exude the true craftsmanship, passion, and creativity that made de Grisogono a fearless brand that broke all rules. The party once again reflected the brand’s values-perfection, charm, passion, of course. And surprises …

Left: Fawaz Gruosi and Sharon Stone-Right: Paris Hilton

The hottest and unmissable celebration during the Cannes Film Festival is held at the prestigious Hotel du Cap-Eden-Roc. For the first time, de Grisogono transformed the hotel’s concealed historic passageway to the cape of Antibes into a T-shaped table displaying the fine jewelry collection. The models danced against the backdrop of the sea with the 36-member orchestra.
Each piece in the collection showcases Fawaz Gruosi’s unparalleled imagination. This collection includes more than 20 fine jewelry pieces engraved with the designer’s name, symbolizing Fawaz Gruosi’s prestige and unique talent-constantly pushing the limits. Each one showcases the brand’s superb craftsmanship and design.
After months of finding the perfect fashion partner for the event, Fawaz Gruosi met Juozas Statkevicius-‘the only designer who made Lithuania famous in the fashion world’ (Vogue, USA).

The two designers have similar ideas. Fawaz Gruosi’s creations are unrestrained; his attention to detail is even a bit outrageous, reflecting his uncompromising pursuit of perfection.
de Grisogono’s work is highly appreciated by royalty, celebrities, fashion icons and celebrities, who have also been loyal fans of the brand. This year, they came to help out and celebrate the 20th anniversary of the brand. Guests include:
 Sharon Stone, actor-Alec Baldwin, Alec Baldwin, actor and Hilaria Baldwin-Bianca Balti, Bianca Balti, supermodel-Adriana Karembeu, Adriana Karimbo, supermodel-Ornella Muti Onella Muti, actor-Haifa Wehbe, actor-Eva Cavalli, designer-Denise Rich, celebrity-Carine Roitfeld, fashion icon-Clotilde Courau Colo, Actor-Lawrence Bender, Lawrence Bender, Producer-Goldie Hawn, Goldie Hawn, Actor-Chris Brown, Actor.

After the cocktail party, 500 VIPs went to Eden Roc for a private dinner. The celebration continued at the midnight party, with the performance guests invited by de Grisogono leading the party to the stage in the center of the stage; Gold Singers de Grisogono, the performance of the Evdokimov Show from Russia left unforgettable memories for the guests. The live performance of LMFAO’s Red Foo and Party Rockers brought the atmosphere to a climax. DJ Julio Santo Domingo led the audience to dance all night until the dawn of the next day. This charming Cannes night party will become eternal And become an unforgettable experience for every guest.
Source: de Grisogono
Video: Actua PR Channel on YouTube