Omega Unveils New Olympic-themed Tv Trailer

On June 1, 2012, the 2012 London Olympics designated timing Omega released an Olympic-themed TV trailer worldwide to commemorate the brand’s long history of Olympic timing and its countless Olympic glory time.
    This new TV trailer is available in 15-, 30-, and 60-second versions. Many elite Olympians who have served as Omega celebrity ambassadors have made wonderful pictures, including Chinese diving athlete Qiu Bo and American swimmer Natalie Kauflin , British women’s heptathlete Jessica Ennis, American track and field athlete Tyson Gay, South African swimmer Chad Le Clos, and American pole vaulter Jennifer Suhl. This promotional video focuses on the athletes’ daily training postures and their focus on the key moments before the game. For each athlete, every minute and second of this critical moment will determine the overall situation on the playing field. which performed.
    The background music of the promotional video comes from the most iconic band in London, the rock giant of the music industry. The 2012 Olympic year coincides with the 50th anniversary of the founding of the rock band. ‘Start Me Up’ is a popular single from the Rolling Stones in 1981. Its rhythmic and personal guitar intro is unforgettable. This time, American gold medal producer Don Woz remixed ‘Start Me Up’ to create the perfect background music for world-class athletes.
  ‘Although the shooting locations of the promotional videos change frequently, the timing of the shooting is also very tight,’ said Mr. Okewa, Omega’s global president. ‘But the short films produced are very powerful and infectious, and we are very satisfied with the results.’ He added ‘The Rolling Stones is a famed London band. We are very excited to hear the new mix of’ Start Me Up ‘. This mix has successfully injected new vitality into this popular piece that has been popular for more than 30 years.’
    Omega Olympic-themed TV commercials were filmed at 5 different venues in South Florida. Jessica Ennis and Jennifer Soul were filmed at the home of the Miami Dolphins, one of the NFL teams-Sun Life Stadium, which can seat 75,000 people; local rowers from the Miami Rowing Club and one The Olympic seeds were filmed at the Miami Ocean Stadium in Biscayne Bay; Qiu Bo’s footage was taken on a 10-meter diving platform at the Fort Lauderdale Aquatic Center; and Tyson Gay with him from Orlando Pure Athletic The school’s sparring partners’training scenes were taken at Curtis Park in Miami; Natalie Coffrin and Chad Le Clos were filmed in the new water project venue at William Turner School.
   ‘It was really fun that day,’ Kaufrin said of shooting at William Turner School. ‘For swimming, timing is everything, and I feel very much able to be part of the Omega Celebrity Ambassador family. pride.’
    ‘I am very honored to be a celebrity ambassador for Omega and to participate in the filming of this promotional video,’ said Ennis. ‘It is really great to appear in the Omega promotional video with many outstanding athletes. glory.’

    When talking about the shooting in Miami, Guy said: ‘I had a very enjoyable time with my teammates. Everyone laughed and often made jokes, and I am very happy to experience it all with them.’
    “That was my first time in the United States, and I was even a little bit reluctant at the time,” Le Clos said of the shooting experience. Yes, but I think I will get used to it. ‘
    ‘Omega staff provided me with great help and support. They did their best to help me slowly relax from my nervousness.’ Sue said when talking about the shooting in Miami that day. ‘From the number of people at the shooting site to the preliminary preparations Work, you can see how difficult the shooting was. ‘

    The 2012 London Olympics are significant for Omega. It will be Omega’s 25th Olympic Games Designated Timing and Omega will also be celebrating the 80th Anniversary of its first Olympic Games Designated Timing. At the Los Angeles Olympics in 1932, Omega was first designated by the International Olympic Committee to provide timing services for the game. In addition, the last Olympic Games held in London was in 1948. It was at this Olympic Games that the advanced timing technology used by Omega opened a new era of modern sports timing.