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In 1969, OMEGA transplanted the watch movement masterpiece 861 that was completed with the legendary astronaut Apollo 11 to the new work, and popularized the spirit of the moon landing in the name of ‘Mark II’. Nowadays, with the still familiar appearance characteristics, and the modern movement that has been fully evolved, the watch has once again evoked the lofty aspirations of people on the moon.

Pronouns for space missions
The Speedmaster watch from OMEGA was first introduced in 1957. By the early 1960s, it would be selected as a candidate model for astronaut missions. In 1962, astronaut Wally Schirra wore an OMEGA. The Speedmaster successfully completed the Mercury space mission, which initially proved the solid level of the Speedmaster. At the same time, NASA also began a series of strict tests on candidate watches. In 1965, the Speedmaster overwhelmed other watches. With its high-end performance that successfully passed each test, it has since been designated by NASA as the official space mission watch. However, the key effect of the Speedmaster’s fame may not be gradually fermented until the inter-epochal events of 1969. At the time, the Speedmaster accompanied the legendary astronauts of Apollo 11 to write down the first human success on the moon. Record, thus making the ‘lunar watch’ famous. The importance of Speedmasters for space missions can also be seen from the Snoopy Award awarded by NASA to the United States NASA in the 1970s. During the Apollo project in full swing, the influence of Snoopy’s comics also spread to professional astronauts. In the meantime, they became a topic of life in their spare time. Later, because of the friendly image of Snoopy, they were selected by NASA as the spokesperson for the space mission medal. Successfully helped astronauts survive the explosion of the spacecraft’s body, allowing all members of the ship to return home safely, and won the Snoopy Medal. All these cooperative deeds with space missions make OMEGA’s Speedmaster watch one of the few high-quality models that can be called space watches.

1969 Mark II original
In the super-powerful moon landing watch in 1969, OMEGA also developed the Mark II watch with the same movement 861, adhering to the same moon landing gene, but set a new path in shape design to establish its own style.
Lunar gene transfer
The Speedmaster watch that successfully landed on the moon in 1969 was in the transfer period of the OMEGA movement. Therefore, regardless of the old 321 or subsequent 861 movements, it may be loaded in the watch before and after the moon landing mission, and the brand is on the moon landing. In the same year that the mission was completed, it was based on the 861 movement and derived the new Speedmaster Mark II. Although it is not directly related to the space missions related to the moon landing, it is considered to be capable because of the 861 movement. The Long March Moon’s famous machine (its timing mechanism uses a cam-push-rod type, with eccentric screw trimming and 3Hz vibration frequency and other details are different from the 321 movement and has better time-level performance), which has greatly helped the consumer market to recognize models Excellent quality. Because the functionality of the Mark II is completely the same as that of the moon watch, OMEGA started to distinguish the variability of the two from the shape design. The barrel model (also known as the abalone shell) is a major feature of the Mark II. With the tachymeter scales, orange chronograph hands and hour markers that are bundled on the outer edge of the dial, and the minute and second units are carefully cut into five equal parts and the staggered scale style, etc., the Mark II inheriting the moonwatch gene is glowing Out of its own glory. For collectors who love the origins of OMEGA and space missions, the birth of the watch represents a continuation of a legend and also shows the infinite possibilities of watch design. Therefore, it is not surprising that the Mark II can be sought after by the market after its launch.

In 2014, OMEGA re-engraved this Mark II. The appearance of the watch, as it completely grasps the essence of the original, seems to lead people into the tunnel of time to witness its charm that swept the market, but if you carefully chew the details between the new and old generations , Can still excavate a lot of watch art evolution hidden after the infiltration of modern watchmaking technology, from the inside to the outside to enrich the classic texture of Mark II.
Army of early Mark II watches
In the early development of the Speedmaster Mark II watch, in addition to the introduction of modified versions of different materials, the design of the dial structure of the watch will also be slightly changed, giving the watch a more diverse look.
Evolution track of two generations of Mark II
In 2014, the reproduction of the Speedmaster Mark II, it may not be easy to find the subtle changes between the original and the reproduction, but in fact the biggest difference between the two is the core change. The classic 861 machine carried in the original in 1969 The core has been converted to a 3330 coaxial escapement movement to the new version in 2014. The obvious difference between the new and old movements is that the 3330 movement has more date display and the movement size is larger, so the replica supercar Mark II has more or less detailed changes in appearance.
The first is the size of the case, the diameter of the engraved version has been enlarged to 46.2×42.4mm, making the model look more masculine and magnificent as the name implies; and under the mirror, the aluminum flowmeter scale ring set on the outer ring of the dial Because the Super-LumiNova luminous material is attached, the luminous effect will have a feeling of scattering from the bottom. At the same time, the scale ring also slightly reduces the overall proportion, allowing the dial to naturally occupy the visual focus. The diamond on the front of the orange chronograph second hand The model block is additionally covered with luminous materials to enhance its night vision effect. As for the 3330 movement, the date window is integrated into the 12-hour chronograph dial at 6 o’clock. For this reason, OMEGA also specially sets a 1 o’clock position at the case. Buttons for quick date adjustment. In addition, due to the effect of the size of the movement and the position of the gear train, it can be found that the three-eye chronograph dials of the reprinted Mark II are far apart from each other; finally, the word ‘PROFESSIONAL MARK II’ under the Speedmaster series name at 12 o’clock is also newly changed and the machine Core-related ‘CO-AXIAL CHRONOMETER’ messages.

On the premise of loyalty, OMEGA maintained the Speedmaster Mark II barrel case, which was quite popular at the time. Although the avant-garde look is no longer from today‚Äôs perspective, it exudes old watchmaking aesthetics. The indestructible simplicity and beauty, and the orange-coated hands, hour markers, and luminous paint mix and match form, to ensure that the watch has a clear and easy to read time discrimination in the environment of sufficient light or not, The bold color matching attempt contains the brand’s intentions for the wearer.
Innovative evolution of replica movement
The previously mentioned replica Speedmaster Mark II watch has been replaced by the brand’s currently online 3330 movement, which represents the change from manual winding to automatic winding that is more in line with today’s wearing habits, and its timing mechanism has returned to In the past, the column wheel of the 321 movement is expected to be more stable and smooth in the operation of the timekeeping function. The escapement structure of the 3330 movement also includes the Si14 silicon crystal hairspring developed by the current technology to resist the influence of magnetic force. It even helps to improve the accuracy of the watch indirectly.

OMEGA has already released this gray-faced orange needle and another black-faced white needle version on Baselworld. It is reported that the brand will also launch another two different dial and pointer color matching styles, which will carry the Supermaster Mark II to the moon landing gene. The legendary past, with the spirit of maintaining the original appearance as much as possible, reproduces the optimistic watch design philosophy in the early space age.
Colorful but clear dial configuration
The minute and second scales on the outer periphery of the dial are staggered, and the dual hour design with orange coating and luminous coating makes the outside of the dial look colorful and vibrant. In contrast, the three-eye dial of the dial inner ring is It is simpler and brighter. In order to distinguish the travel time and chronograph, OMEGA uses orange tones on the central chronograph seconds hand, the chronograph hand at 3 o’clock, and the chronograph hand at 6 o’clock, juxtaposed with the white hands of the central hour, minute and small seconds Shows clear and clear time discrimination. In addition, the date dial at 6 o’clock uses white text on a black background. It can also highlight the visual level and is not easy for the wearer to ignore.
Environmental readability
The Speedmaster Mark II watch has sufficient time contrast due to the high contrast of the orange hand scale and the dark gray dial, and has its own time reading function. In addition, OMEGA also carefully paints the hour and minute hands and the 12-hour scale. Covered with luminous material, it can continue to be used as a reliable aid for the wearer in the dark environment. It is worth mentioning that the brand is inlaid with a layer of Super-LumiNova coating under the aluminum metal tachometer scale ring on the outer ring of the dial, so that the tachometer scale can show the green night light scattered from the bottom in the dark, and there is a kind of electrons. The strange look and feel of the display.

The fine levels of the barrel case
The Speedmaster Mark II watch that was equipped with the same movement as the Lunar Watch at that time was reconstructed with a barrel case (also known as abalone shell) that was popular at the time in a sculptural development of a sub-series. The texture gives the watch a full domineering personality, and OMEGA even interleaves processing techniques such as chamfering and matte brushing during the case processing to make the appearance of the Speedmaster Mark II even more visible. Although the case only uses a stainless steel single material to make the case, because of the fine processing, the barrel case of the Speedmaster Mark II has created its own characteristics.

Restructuring the movement with the times
The 861 movement of the original Speedmaster Mark II watch is a masterpiece, but the old specifications have gradually become inadequate as the times have evolved. Therefore, in this reprint, OMEGA has replaced the model with the current one. It is still active in The online 3330 movement, under the protection of the case back and the solid bottom cover, shoulders the mission of undertaking the Mark II series. The 3330 caliber has more sophisticated performance than the previous classics in terms of the automatic winding system, 4Hz vibration frequency, the modified column wheel timing mechanism, and the escapement structure with a Si14 silicon crystal spring. Closer to the demands of today’s wearing habits.