Mosaic Art On Your Wrist

In this season full of romantic imagination,
Swatch uses pure geometric shapes and bold and vibrant colors.
Created a series of abstract wrist art works,
Named ‘Mosaic Dream’ …

Fun in the black and white POP world!

   Whether it is similar to the artistic wave point of Yayoi Kusama’s ‘Strange Mother-in-law’, or the small raised wave that was flourished in MISSONI in the 1970s, it seems that it is simply copied layer by layer on the Swatch POP strap. . ‘Perhaps in the intersecting world of reinforced concrete, the straight-forward personality will miss the color on the way, but it is also a happiness to keep the innocent self.’

If you also love mosaic art …

   Waves of colorful dots resemble colorful hazy mosaic art. Whether you go to an art exhibition or an art gallery, wearing them can keep your artistic imagination up to date with the masters.

Geometric Fantasia: Go straight, stand alone

   Perhaps it is the rational thinking that fashion designers often flicker at the moment, and the geometric lines can be described as evergreens in the fashion industry. They can occupy the top three fashion elements in three to five. Sometimes abstract and unrestrained, sometimes returning to rationality, pure lines are full of maverick artistic atmosphere.
Swatch2017 spring and summer [Mosaic Strange Dream] series,
Energize with stripes, dots, patches and textures,
Turn your wrist into a gallery displaying geometric art instantly!

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