More Than 2.5 Million ‘twin Tourbillon’ Watches

The discussion on Greubel Forsey’s original tourbillon mechanism with single escapement and double rotation frame should be called ‘double tourbillon’ or ‘two-body tourbillon’. I always insist on the latter statement. The reason is simple. The tourbillon can be simply understood as a ‘rotating escapement’. If the tourbillon frame with an internal tilt of 30 degrees (also 25 degrees) is a ‘rotating escapement’, then the outer frame carries Is just a ‘rotating tourbillon’.
Estimate: HKD 1600000-2600000
Price with commission: HK $ 2540000

General description: 72-hour power reserve, mother-of-pearl dial, manufactured in 2004, number 2.

Therefore, in order to distinguish the many true double escapement double tourbillons that appear today, it is most appropriate to call it a ‘two-body tourbillon’. Of course, Greubel Forsey then introduced the ‘four-body double tourbillon’ with two escapements and four rotating frames.
We met Stephen Forsey in Beijing last month and we agreed on this issue. Greubel Forsey’s early mother-of-pearl 30-degree double-body tourbillon, with a price of more than 2.5 million Hong Kong dollars, seems to be a fan of independent watchmakers.