Montblanc Opens Boutiques On Madison Avenue, New York

On October 22, the famous luxury brand Montblanc opened its boutique on Madison Avenue in the center of New York. The brand is hailed as the highest standard of European craftsmanship, with new boutiques featuring exquisite clocks, innovative writing instruments, fine men’s or women’s jewelry and the latest collection of handmade leather goods.

   Montblanc has loyal customers around the world, and its brand logo is well known to travelers worldwide. It is foreseeable that in this 3,200 square meter boutique decorated with luxurious Swarovski crystal chandeliers will welcome a large number of consumers. There is a special customer room in the storefront, which will bring you a comprehensive service. This is the largest boutique in North America, and it will be selling limited edition products of the brand, which will also include unique works that collectors will be interested in.

   Montblanc North America CEO attended the opening ceremony and spoke: ‘Montblanc has been part of New York City since 2003, and we are eager to welcome more New York city families and travelers from around the world in this new place.’
   Montblanc launched a new model at the first Asian watch and clock exhibition, which was launched in a boutique in September 2013. For more brand news, stay tuned for Watch House.