Meidu Pilot Long Power More Practical

Many years ago, I bought a Swiss mechanical watch for the first time, and the brand I chose was Mido. So I feel very kind to Mido. It is also because of Mido that he was poisoned by mechanical watches and has since embarked on the ‘no return’ of love watches.

   Mido is mostly elegant and formal, but this does not mean that the diving watch is not good. The Pilot’s Series Long-Kinetic Waterproof Sports Watch is a cost-effective diving master.

   The Pilot’s Collection, inspired by the Europa Point Lighthouse, was first born in 1944. Cape Europa Lighthouse, you can tell from the name that it is not in China. So, where is it? The answer is the Strait of Gibraltar, which connects the Mediterranean and the Atlantic.

    The lighthouse illuminates the direction of voyagers, symbolizing the conquest of the ocean. In the vast sea, seeing a lighthouse is like finding an oasis in the arid desert; in the dark night, you see a little light; when you are depressed, you hear the words of comfort.

Pilot with rubber strap

   The Pilot’s Watch is also a weapon for conquering the ocean, with a water resistance of 200 meters. Depending on the material, strap and color, the watch has several styles. Among them, the most special is titanium. Titanium is not only light in weight, it does not cause skin irritation. This watch weighs only 123 grams, and the case and bracelet are polished by brushing combined with polishing.

Titanium Pilot

   The shoulder guards on both sides of the crown, like bodyguards, faithfully escort the crown to ensure excellent waterproof performance. The pilot’s strap features a unique dive extension. Specifically, because the strap is long, when you dive or surf, you can wear the watch on the outside of the diving suit, which makes reading time more convenient.

   The pilot not only has a long strap, but also a long drive. Thanks to the Caliber 80 automatic winding movement used in the watch, its power reserve has reached 80 hours, which is twice as long as the ETA movement’s usual power reserve of about 40 hours, which doubles its practicality.

Two-tone bracelet, don’t have a taste

   In addition to power, there is also a calendar. Compared with the ordinary single calendar, the pilot adopts a double calendar structure, and the week and calendar are displayed at the same time at 3 o’clock. What day and day of the week are you looking at at a glance?

   As a diving watch, strong luminous light is essential. The pilot’s luminous light is large and thick, and the hands and hour markers are covered with a non-radiation Super-LumiNova luminous material. When the light is insufficient, the time can be read clearly and the dark water bottom can be dealt with.

Mido Pilot Watch

   If we look back at the watch market in recent years, we will find that many brands are making long-powered watches, but most of these long-powered watches are high-end brands with prices of hundreds of thousands, which is a bit high for ordinary consumers. climb. Because of its own positioning, Mido determines that its watches are affordable for ordinary people, even if they have long power. In this way, the new Pilot series is very much looking forward to.