Luxury New Clothes In The Hall Level Chopard L.U.C Full Strike Three Question Table

CHOPARD Chopard’s LUC Full Strike three-question watch was launched in 2016, but as the brand celebrates the 20th anniversary of the LUC series of fine watchmaking, it will show everyone the integration of LUC watchmaking technology in the past 20 years. Works. The minute repeater watch has always been a hallowed complex watch in the horological field, and it is also an ‘assessment’ item that can test the brand’s watchmaking technology. On the 20th anniversary of the birth of Chopard L.U.C, this new work of subversive watchmaking was launched to let everyone see the watchmaking strength of this ‘young’ watchmaking workshop.

The watch was first introduced in 18K rose gold with ‘fair mining’ certification, and in 2018 it was launched in 18K white gold, which also received ‘fair mining’ certification.

Feature one: a crystal gong comes out
LUC Full Strike minute repeater is the representative of Chopard’s unconventional dedication to creating a new realm of watchmaking technology. The watch combines three patented technologies in one. It is rare in the industry to report the hour, quarter clock and minute by striking the transparent crystal spring. Complicated timepiece. At 10 o’clock on the watch, the device can be seen at a glance. The long tubular coiled crystal gong is connected to the watch’s mirror surface, making the whole a perfect amplifier, faithfully transmitting the hammered sapphire crystal The resulting beep.

The long tubular coiled crystal spring is connected to the watch’s mirror surface, making the whole a perfect sound reinforcement device, faithfully transmitting the sound of the sapphire crystal hit by the hammer.

Feature 2: Independent dual barrels ensure continuous power
Second, the self-made 08.01-L hand-wound movement equipped with the watch has two different mainsprings, each of which provides the timekeeping system and the timekeeping system to provide power. Even if the watch adopts such an independent design, the operation method is simplified in one watch. The crown can complete two major winding operations. The crown of the watch integrates all the tasks of adjusting the watch. Clockwise rotation is the winding of the time-keeping system, counter-clockwise rotation is the winding of the timekeeping system. Pressing the crown changes the way of the slider to activate the three-question function. It is a hidden crown design. In order to allow the wearer to clearly understand the current dynamic status of the two mainsprings of the watch, the dual power reserve display at the two o’clock position of the watch face is independently displayed by two hands, the outer hands are responsible for the minute repeater system, and the inner hands are Power reserve of the travel time system.

08.01-L hand-wound movement with two different mainsprings, each providing timekeeping and timekeeping system power, even if the watch adopts an independent design, the operation is simplified to a crown

Feature 3: The time interval is no longer blank
Third, the watch solves a very challenging question: the period of silence between the last beep and the first beep may vary depending on the quarter clock to be reported. . There are three stages in the full set of beeping time, which are hour, quarter and minute, respectively. There is usually a long silent space. At this time, the wearer must wait patiently, and sometimes wonder whether the watch is still running, but 08.01- The L movement skips these long silent stages with its exquisite and excellent structure. The gears of the hour, minute, and minute are overlapping structures, so they interact with each other. When one of the springs ends, the next mechanism will automatically start. Rotate, no matter how many times you hit, the rhythm will remain constant. The design concept of the 08.01-L movement is unique. The movement of a traditional minute repeater is usually a two-layer structure. One layer is a mechanism for measuring time, and the other layer is responsible for converting this measured time into a ringing melody. And this new LUC movement is extremely precise and thin, making the total thickness of the case of the LUC Full Strike minute repeater only 11.55 mm, which is rare for a movement with far more than 500 components. .

L.U.C Full Strike minute repeater

18K white gold material / LUC 08.01-L manual winding movement / hour, minute, small seconds display / three questions function / power reserve display / sapphire crystal, transparent bottom cover / diameter 42.5mm / limited to 20 pieces