Longines Celebrates The Fifth Annual Longines Women’s Great Contribution Award

On September 27, 2013 in New York time, the famous Swiss watchmaker Longines ushered in the fifth event of the Women’s Outstanding Contribution Award. This year’s winners include Ross Ellis. Founder and CEO of Stomp Out Bullying. The other is Roni Lomeli, the founder of Edesia.

 Elegance Stefanie Graf, a watch ambassador for Longines and the legend of tennis, also helped three award-winning women.

 The first winner of the 2013 Longines Women’s Outstanding Contribution Award was Ross Ellis, which became an organization against homosexual discrimination, racial discrimination and hatred in 2005. And he pays great attention to adolescents who are threatened by school violence and cyber violence, while helping suicidal children to find happiness and confidence in their lives.

 Rose Ellis is an expert on youth violence. He knows how to prevent intimidation and violence in schools, and how to create a safe online environment. She has more than 20 years of experience in non-profit organizations and has been helping children with her own actions for so many years. Under the leadership of Ross Ellis, this nonprofit organization has helped more than 8,400 students get out of horror, and has saved 101 young lives with years of suicide.

 Another winner is Ronnie Rowley, an executive director of the non-profit American Children’s Shoes Agency, which was founded in 1992. Her mission is to provide comfortable shoes for growing children, which can help them more Good study and play. In some very low-income families, Ronnie Rowe’s beautiful organization is particularly important. So far the organization has provided more than one million pairs of children’s shoes, and more than 90% of children are willing to help.

 In fact, such an award cannot represent all. As a Longines brand that is keen on society and keen on charity, it is the real meaning to promote the transfer of positive energy.