L’ Heure Du Diamant Series Mysterious Opal Interpretation Of Rainbow Color Time

Chopard, a watch and jewellery brand, exerts extraordinary creativity, cleverly captures the complex and dynamic characteristics of opal, and displays its charming charm. The brand combines this mysterious gem with modern design to make the shape and material blend naturally, creating three masterpieces of watches, like a colorful amulet, exuding dream magic.

   Chopard L’ Heuredudiamant series opal watches are mysterious and precious, quietly telling the secret of time, presenting an unforgettable beauty. These dreamlike works create a real light and color charm. Australian white natural opal is full of vitality, showing magnificent flowing colors and ever-changing brilliance. Gorgeous opals dot precious watches, dazzling eyes and arousing emotional ripples.

An amulet

   Before the advent of large-scale timepieces, the watch guarded the secrets of time on the wrist of the woman in a very secretive and low-key manner. The watch is first and foremost a piece of jewelry. The L’ Heuredudiamant collection is inspired by the style of the 1970s, and with its oval case, it exudes elegance and nostalgia. This delicate and light 70’s style has influenced the fashion industry and watchmaking, paying tribute to the eternal feminine charm. The compact model with a round case is the icing on the cake of the L’ Heuredudiamant collection, while praising the impeccable proportions of the prototype. The bezels of all three watches are paved with round brilliant-cut diamonds. One of the brilliant diamonds extends to the strap. The bezel is dotted with a larger diamond at 6 and 12 o’clock. Dazzling. Exquisite gold and silver workmanship highlights the superb craftsmanship of Chopard’s fine jewelry workshops.

Opal-from gems to jewelry watches

   From ancient times, opal is considered to have magical magic in Greek and Roman mythology-Gygès turned the opal ring and then disappeared. From the Middle Ages to the Second Empire period, opal has left a deep mark on history with its unique charm and continues to write its own legend. Opal is powerful and delicate and exquisite. It exudes a dazzling iridescent luster. The unique brilliance of the gemstone is full of vitality and dazzling. Opal also has a dynamic character, its colors change rapidly, and its gloss is unpredictable, so it symbolizes the integrity of the sacred stone.

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