Jacques Dro Finds A New Store In The Grand Canal Shopping Center In Macau

In view of the continuous expansion of the watch retail market, Jaquet Droz (Jakdro) finds a new location in the Grand Canal Shopping Center this year. With a more spacious space and the brand’s consistent elegant and simple design, it is here to visit Jakdro Customers at the brand-new specialty store experience the journey of superior watches, leading watch lovers to explore the world of Jacques Dro watchmaking.

   Jaquet Droz, a classic watchmaking brand known for its glorious history, outstanding design and exquisite craftsmanship in the horological world, has its roots in the East dating back to the Qing Dynasty and has been rooted in China for more than 200 years. As early as 2007, Jacques Droau opened its first exclusive store in Macau at the Grand Canal Shopping Center at The Venetian Macao Resort Hotel. In 2011, it added a new store in the area.

   The new Jacques D’Or Venetian Macao Resort Hotel Grand Canal Shopping Center has a new store area of ​​830 square feet, providing more space to display the various masterpieces of Jacques D’Ero’s sophisticated watchmaking. Compared with the luxurious style of the Grand Canal Shopping Center where the specialty store is located, the design concept of the Jacques Dro boutique is based on simplicity, blending three low-key and calm colors of black, gray and silver to create a quiet and comfortable The environment allows customers to focus on watch appreciation. The new store also incorporates the design ingenuity that first appeared in the Causeway Bay store in Hong Kong: it echoes the birdcage wall clock produced by the brand in the 18th century and implements the store’s modern minimalist style birdcage-shaped lighting. Each Jacques de Lo watch and clock product is a perfect combination of tradition and innovation, creating a masterpiece that is both beautiful inside and outside. This feature is also presented in the brand’s new specialty stores. Jacques Dro’s classic number ‘8’ design appears implicitly on the coffee table in the VIP area of ​​the store, and the ‘8’ outline exuding soft white light. It combines the classic elements of the brand in a design full of modern technology, achieving different achievements. Fanxiang’s exclusive watch purchase experience.

   For 275 years, Jacques Dro has been adhering to the founder Pierre. Jacques Dro’s meticulous watchmaking expertise is dedicated to turning every minute into an eternal legend. Jacques Dro is now inviting you to visit the brand’s brand new Venetian Macao Resort Hotel Grand Canal Shopping Centre to experience the ultimate watchmaking art of Jacques Dro.

I believe that in the near future, China’s Jacques Dro will definitely not be as few as it is now.