Jacques D’oro Boutique Debuts In Beijing Skp

In July 2015, Swiss top watchmaker Jaquet Droz unveiled its new boutique on the first floor of Beijing SKP, China World Trade Center, No. 87 Jianguo Road, Beijing. A solid step has been taken. This is Jacques Dro’s first boutique in the Beijing CBD. The SKP mall, which represents the center of luxury and trendy fashion in Beijing, is committed to creating top-end luxury retail places for high-end fashion luxury products. The newly renovated simple layout is even more elegant.

The new Jacques de Ronaldo boutique is located on the first floor of Beijing SKP, Beijing China Trade Center

Elegant interior decoration of Jacques Dro Beijing SKP boutique

Elegantly decorated Jacques Dro Beijing SKP boutique
  Jacques Dro is one of the oldest watch brands in the world. It has been inextricably linked with Beijing since 1783, and has been appreciated by the royal and nobles in the Forbidden City during the Qing Dynasty. It is clearly recorded that in 1783, when the first batch entered the Beijing Forbidden City through Jakodro’s British agent James Cox, it represented the most advanced watchmaking technology in the Western world and came to the palace of the Qing Dynasty. Since then, Jacques Dro has forged an indissoluble bond with China. According to a rough estimate (existing archives), Jacques Dro sold about 650 products from 1781 to 1810, two-thirds of which were sold to China. The products include watches, snuff bottles, perfume bottles and shrines. All products are made into For sale. Today there are many well-preserved automatic dolls and pocket watches in the Palace Museum.
  Jacques Dro has been praised for his fine watchmaking and enamel skills, and he is particularly good at designing enamel-fired dials. At the Baselworld Watch & Jewellery Show 2015, Jacques de Lo presents a number of perfect works that blend classical aesthetics with modern techniques.
  At the opening of Jacques Dross’s Beijing SKP boutique, the elegantly presented masterpieces are the new watches launched by Jacques Dross at the 2015 Basel Watch & Jewellery Show-two sets of The Butterfly Journey watches, Each group of eight pieces pays tribute to the beauty of nature and has been presented in the SKP boutique.

Jacques Dro watch display counter in Beijing SKP boutique
  Ateliers d’Art uses unique and exquisite craftsmanship to launch two sets of butterfly-themed Petite Heure Minute models, each with eight watches each, showing the elegance of butterflies Beautiful posture. The delicate and romantic butterfly symbolizes the beauty of time like songs.

Butterfly-shaped hour and minute dial
  Butterflies flutter and lead angels passing by. In this poetic and tender moment, time seems to be stagnant. This motif is found in an ancient book by Jacques Droe, which was painted only once during one of the legendary automatic puppets created by Pierre Jacques Droe during the Enlightenment. In 2013, this frame pattern shined on the ‘The Loving Butterfly’ watch, which putti the child statue putti decorated on Italy’s most beautiful building, and also to European Baroque art and A tribute to the cultural treasures of the Renaissance.
  This year, the butterfly has become the protagonist of the horological stage again. It is novel and chic and amazing: each of the two sets of hour and minute dials consists of eight watches, just like the different chapters of a volume of horological novels. This is a fleeting novel, with eight scenes depicting butterflies flying and dancing, echoing the brand’s 18th century love of naturalism. Based on the same theme-the beauty of nature, exquisite and delicate, the brand artisan masters interpret each other’s two stories.

Peony flower dial butterfly dance fragrant hour small hands dial series

Butterfly Dance Fangchuang Hours and Small Dials
  The dial becomes a space for painters and engravers to freely express their creativity. In a 43 mm diameter red gold case, a bunch of phoenix flowers are sprouting under the dial. A hand-carved red gold butterfly rests in the middle of the flower. Complement each other. The white gold model of the same size is inlaid with 264 diamonds, and the cymbals extend to the lugs. The floral chrysalis in the case echoes the tropical poetic scene in red gold. A platinum butterfly lingers among the flowers of love, light pink peony, like an invitation to a trip to Asia. The butterfly’s three-dimensional curve, the enamel butterfly wings, the delicate color of the slender butterfly body, and the moving colors of the flowers. The delicate details make the scene lifelike and beautiful. The Butterfly Dance Fangchuang watch combines the profound craftsmanship of Jacques Dro and the outstanding skills of its master craftsmen. It is a pioneering work of decorative crafts, showing Jacques Dro’s ephemeral natural wonders of moving and delicate moments Jing’s insight.


 The dial is decorated with enamel in a pattern of phoenix and butterfly dancing. The model is a butterfly dance small hour dial PETITE HEURE MINUTE BUTTERFLY JOURNEYJ005033283. Ivory Grand Feu enamel dial, 18K red gold case. With automatic winding movement, the power reserve is 68 hours. 43 mm in diameter. The dial is hand-engraved in 22K red gold and painted with butterflies, and is decorated with enamel. There are 8 watches in this collection, with butterflies in 8 different positions. Limited edition of 8 pieces.


 On the dial is a butterfly dancing pattern in peony flowers. The model is a butterfly dance, a small hour dial, PETITE HEURE MINUTE BUTTERFLY JOURNEY J005034265. The ivory-colored Grand Feu enamel dial is set on an 18K white gold case with 264 diamonds ( 1.99 carats). Inside is a mechanical movement. 68 hours power reserve. The diameter is 43 mm. Dial 22K white gold hand-carved and painted with butterflies, decorated with enamel, the pattern is exquisite. There are 8 watches in this series, with butterflies in 8 different positions. Limited edition of 8 pieces.

  Over the centuries, Jacques Dro brings the art of transcending beauty over time to China, and continues the love of China for centuries. This is a comprehensive return to the spirit of luxury, and a new start of a gorgeous journey. Jacques Dro has left his descendants with his vast heritage and infinite wisdom. The eternity and modernity intersect. Feel the mysterious charm and the brand’s innate passion.
  It conveys the brand’s spirit of respecting tradition and challenging modern technology, relentlessly reinterpreting luxury, transforming every moment into a unique moment, and striving to create an eternal legend. Jacques Dross Beijing SKP store is waiting for your visit, where you can enjoy and try on leisurely, witnessing Jacques Dross’s exquisite craftsmanship and superb technology for nearly three centuries.