It Pays Tribute To The Great Creation In Swiss History With A Watch

Speaking of Switzerland, what do you think of? Slow-cooked cheese fondue, sweet chocolate, Alps snow mountain and cable car, star Fans Einstein (please popularize it here by yourself) … . Of course, there is [Made in Switzerland] which is most proud of! In addition to its reputation as the ‘Kingdom of Watches’ world-renowned, Switzerland has many unexpected innovations and inventions …

  Swatch pays tribute to the great creations in Swiss history with creative watch designs!


‘Swiss Praise’-Swatch 2016 GRÜEZI ALL!

    From the Swatch 2016 Fall / Winter Grüezi All! (Swiss German: Hi All!) Series, this collectible ‘Swiss Praise’ watch is designed with zipper, potato peeler, sleigh, font and other great Swiss-related creation And the Swiss watch brand Swatch, which is popular all over the world, pays tribute to each other, not only the iconic pattern on the strap, but also the year.

 1291: the birth of a country


    An apple and an arrow, this is the story of the birth of a country. In the thirteenth century, the Austrian governor of Switzerland arbitrarily oppressed the people. Archer William Tiel resisted the arrest. The governor ordered an apple on Tiel’s young son, and if he was shot, he was pardoned. Tuyere shot the apple, and the governor captured it again in anger. During the escrow, Tuier escaped from the tiger’s mouth after shooting the Governor, and the people embraced it as a leader. Together, they rebelled against Austrian rule and Switzerland was finally free.

1883: Tobogganing

    On February 12, 1883, the world’s first sled race was born in Davos, Switzerland. The rider slid across a 4 km track in 9 minutes and 15 seconds. Subsequently, the movement began to rise rapidly around the world.

1957: World-famous fonts

    It is the default font for common computer systems, and the Arial font commonly used by Microsoft also comes from it. Created by Swiss font designers Edward Huffman and Max Miedinger in 1957, its style is concise and simple, and its quantitative design method is widely used in commercial design. It is considered as ‘ ‘Designed in Switzerland’.

 1983: Swatch saves the Swiss watch industry!

Swatch 2016 autumn and winter GRÜEZI ALL! Series

    In the quartz crisis of the mid-1970s, Swatch was the hero who saved the Swiss watch industry! In 1983, Swatch created a price-friendly, Swiss-made plastic watch that brought a sea change to the industry. The ‘S’ in its name not only represents the place of origin of Switzerland, but also contains ‘Second-watch’, which means the second watch, meaning that people can own two or more watches just like fashion.

Easter eggs

The ‘Cuckoo Sound’ watch becomes a cuckoo clock:
Early bird gets the worm!

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