History Of History Breguet Archives

Since the creation of Breguet in 1775, it has a history of more than 200 years. From the sale of the first Breguet watch to the buyers of Breguet watch all over the world. Queen Mary, Napoleon Bonaparte, Winston Churchill, one of the most famous names, they are all fans of Breguet. A brand is a history. For more than two hundred years, the information of the buyers of Breguet watches is enough to compile a history book. The Watch House tells you the story of the Breguet archives.

  After Abraham-Louis Breguet started his business in 1775, he carefully compiled all the company’s products and sales records. Each Breguet timepiece is registered with a separate number, with a brief description, sales date and customer name.

  Since then, Breguet has adhered to this tradition and carefully recorded each sale, which shows that the brand attaches importance to and respects each customer. In 2003, Breguet launched a corporate advertising program to inform Breguet advocates around the world of the importance of preserving this tradition. Breguet watch fans responded very enthusiastically. Hundreds of family names will be added to the brand’s register every year, continuing the glorious history of prominent timepieces.

  Today, the company register is still an important treasure of the Breguet Museum, providing valuable information to watchmakers and historians.

  Opening the record book is like exploring the long river of history. There are no shortage of prominent names in the volume, from Queen Mary, Napoleon Bonaparte to many famous customers today. Breguet handles this information very carefully and never reveals the identity of the living customer. For this reason, Breguet invites all customers to provide their name information for inclusion in the brand’s collection record book. Every customer who buys a Breguet watch has begun a privileged relationship for generations. As a result, this tradition not only ensures that the company maintains a historical record of timepieces, but also includes every customer in the limited ranks of Breguet advocates.

  Breguet’s famous archive treasure house contains the names of every Breguet watch buyer since the company was founded. Breguet cherishes and keeps the company’s records for a long time. Now the company provides customers with an excellent opportunity to record their names in the company’s ancient register, which is written in Mary-Andova Or Winston Churchill.