Glasutti’s Original New Year’s Guide To Helping ‘red’ 运 当头

Passionate and festive red is the symbol of the New Year. Various traditions with auspicious red bottom couplets, red lanterns hanging high, and red firecrackers ringing all over the square make the taste of the year full of noise, and They are all beautiful entrustments to the prosperity of the coming year. Glashütte’s original theme is a new year’s gift with the theme of red, helping the new year to resign and welcome the new year. The correct opening posture of the Wuxu New Year starts from this original guide to the New Year’s fortunes that Glashütte original offers to you, letting you continue to prosper from New Year to next year!
‘Red’ people in the workplace, successful career

Eccentric Moon Phase Tourbillon
   Lament that your career is not always strong? Glashütte’s original eccentric moon phase tourbillon watch will help you to run and become a ‘red’ person in the workplace! As a Mont Blanc watchmaking technology, it is difficult for tourbillon technology to achieve success. It is even more difficult to achieve a breakthrough in such a precise structure, but the original watchmaking master of Glashütte Alfred Highway However, Ge overcomes difficulties and climbs to the pinnacle of technology, allowing the brand’s first flying tourbillon to achieve a more precise, slender and elegant breakthrough. Its extraordinary technical pinnacle will also give you the determination and courage to make a career breakthrough in the new year. The eccentric design distributes the moon phase and large calendar window on the dial in a golden ratio, and the rose gold bezel is low-key and generous and shining just right. In the new year, the eccentric moon-phase tourbillon watch with the endless rotation of the tourbillon will turn you fortune as much as possible.
Gather less and become more

Senator Excellence Perpetual Calendar

   The parliamentary watch with excellent perpetual calendar has been the watch of many people. The perpetual calendar technology has been continuously improved by Glashütte’s original, accurate timekeeping for more than 100 years, and can be easily and independently adjusted by the hidden knob. It will accompany you for the year of the year, so that fortune will be as precise as it is, and it will never go wrong throughout the year. The luxurious gold bezel is full of eye-catching, with white dial and black strap design to make it show a calm and atmospheric side. The new self-made Calibre 36 automatic winding movement achieves extremely high accuracy and a 100-hour ultra-long power reserve. The sapphire glass back cover gives a glimpse of the exquisite movement rich in superb watchmaking technology. If you want to make money, you must first complete the same inside and outside as this Glashütte original eccentric moon phase watch. Come.
Full of energy and energy

Senator Big Date Chronograph

   Give your body a little bit of driving to be more energetic. The strong power of the original Glashütte Original MP Chronograph Watch adds long-term driving to your New Year’s operation. The parliament’s large calendar chronograph watch with excellent movement 37 is used to simplify and cover complex functions such as large calendar, 70-hour power reserve, 30-minute and 12-hour chronograph. The Glashütte Original represents the rigorous craftsmanship spirit that has driven the new year to welcome every day with a more serious and progressive attitude towards life. The black disc surface is as deep as the night sky, and the SuperLumiNova luminous coating is used on a large area to ensure excellent legibility in all lighting conditions while achieving elegant sports style. In the new year, it will take the initiative to attack with a more energetic and positive attitude. Energize your body and mind.
The value of justice, full of peach blossoms

Eccentric Moon Phase Watch

   Increasing the beauty of peach blossoms is naturally indispensable. The ‘heart-wrenching’ eccentric moon phase watch is a beautiful pink China’s exclusive high-looking bloom, and it depends on it for the flourishing peach blossoms in 2018. Glashütte’s original gift to Chinese honored guests, specially customized rose pink ‘heart palace’ eccentric moon phase watch, the golden ratio of the eccentric dial design expresses the most harmonious aesthetic taste, laying the foundation for high-value. Natural mother-of-pearl’s white base material is carefully coated on the back to create a rose pink face plate, and the specially selected pink Lewis Anna crocodile leather strap completes the unique style of the entire model. The three-dimensional embossed moon phase disk polished by diamonds and the soft curve of the calendar display against each other, showing the feminine feminine power. The dial, bezel and crown are inlaid with a total of 83 diamonds using high-quality jewelry setting technology. There are ‘heart-wrapping’ eccentric moon phase watches, even if the value is justice, you are not afraid.