Glashütte With The New Panolunartourbillon Mid-autumn Festival

Mid-Autumn Festival is yet another season. The ancient legends of the moon phase, the repeated changes in profit and loss, give the moon a mysterious and charming power. The ancient and modern masters are looking forward to picking the moon and picking up the moon. Full of good wishes, Glashütte Original’s new PanoLunarTourbillon watch has won that round of moon for you, bringing your lofty aspirations into the touch of the sky on your wrist, and interpreting the glory of the moon with pure aesthetic design. Come and experience a new and unique timepiece.

 Glashütte original at Baselworld last year, reinterprets the classic Pano series with a very modern design: using a larger round case with a slim and elegant case outer ring, The dial is more open. The PanoLunarTourbillon, launched this year, has been given a completely new look: a 40mm red gold case with a warm silver dial, which sparkles with glamour. The unique asymmetrical design of the Pano series arranges the hour / minute hand dial to the left of the dial, vertically aligned with the flying tourbillon at 7 o’clock. The new large date display with black numerals and ivory white background perfectly echoes the warm silver dial. The moon phase display plate is located above the large date window. The vivid three-dimensional silver moon and stars are embedded in the dark blue night sky. The overall layout of the dial follows the golden ratio. This legendary aesthetic law has always been fascinated by artists, musicians and architects.

 Glashütte’s extraordinary floating tourbillon was created by Alfred Helwig, the legendary German watchmaker, when he was an instructor at a German watch school in Glashütte in 1920 The essence of table art. The traditional tourbillon is fixed by the upper and lower fulcrum points to offset the error caused by the gravity of the center of the watch. The floating design designed by Alfred Hevig puts the balance wheel, pallet fork and escape wheel in a cantilever bracket, which is fixed by a fulcrum and rotates 360 degrees per minute, which instantly offsets the balance of Swing deviation due to gravity. The blue steel small second hand is attached to the cage of the floating tourbillon, and the delicate second hand scale circle is more clear. The anti-reflective sapphire crystal glass on the surface protects the dial, while exposing the dial’s elegant and concise aesthetics and the mechanical structure of the flying tourbillon in a beautiful landscape.
 The PanoLunarTourbillon watch is equipped with a 93-02 self-winding movement and is based on the original 93-01 movement produced by Glashütte. This new movement is set with 48 jewel bearings and 2 diamonds. Equipped with 48-hour power reserve and moon phase display. The improved escapement ensures perfect precision with 8 adjustment screws. Through the back of the sapphire crystal glass, you can admire the delicate movement: the movement’s unique chamfers, polished steel parts, blue steel screws, 21K gold eccentric skeleton rotor and stainless steel with the brand’s signature thread Plywood with hand-engraved gold ‘Flying Tourbillon’ (floating tourbillon). The PanoLunarTourbillon watch can be paired with a matte black or brown Louisiana alligator leather strap and red gold folding buckle.