Freer And More ‘rebellious’ Dialogue With Mr. Carlo Giordanetti, Global Creative Director Of Swatch

Since the brand was founded, Swatch has infected countless people with its unique color, dynamic, bright and transparent brand concept, unlimited brand creativity, positive rebellion, and the pursuit of pure life fun. . 2018 is the 35th anniversary of the brand. On the evening of January 12, Swatch and Tmall hosted the grand event of Swatch Tmall Super Brand Day to celebrate this important moment. Taking advantage of this commemorative opportunity, the Watch House interviewed Mr. Carlo Giordanetti, the global creative design director of the brand, and gained a deep understanding of Swatch’s creative design. Let him take everyone together to enter a brand fun world with dynamic colors, unlimited creativity and positive rebellion:

Mr. Carlo Giordanetti, Global Creative Director, Swatch
Watch House: Compared with other brands, what are the differences in SWATCH’s art design?
Mr. Carlo Giordanetti: I think Swatch is unique in terms of cooperation with artists. We focus on two keywords. Of course, they are also two key features in design. The first is ‘freedom’ and the other is ‘positive.’ Rebellion. ‘ When we work with artists, we must let them know that the canvases and spaces we give them are very limited, but they can freely create according to their own ideas within this limited space. And we hope that their creations have not been tried by brands before.
Watch House: Swatch produces a large number of watches every year, so what is the source of design inspiration for these watches?
Mr. Carlo Giordanetti: The usual models such as spring, summer, autumn and winter all have some themes and stories. Inspiration generally tends to the fashion and fashion design of the season. And this is very important for us Swatch, because we have been a watch brand, but at the same time we are also a fashion, accessories brand. Therefore, we hope that watch enthusiasts can express their own personality by wearing our Swatch. Keeping up with fashion trends is our inexhaustible source of design.
Home of Watches: Compared with foreign watch enthusiasts, what do you think of the watch designs that domestic watch enthusiasts prefer?
Mr. Carlo Giordanetti: The Chinese know the charm of stories, because Chinese culture contains a lot of interesting and vivid legends and myths. We attach great importance to these classic stories and embed these profound allegorical meanings into our designs. Then this move has also achieved a very good effect in China, and has been appreciated by domestic watch lovers and brand fans And approval. In addition, for general customers, we find that Chinese consumers are relatively conservative, so most of their demands for watch design are more inclined to the traditional and classic elements of local culture. Although sometimes the color can be reconciled, but as far as design is concerned, domestic consumers still prefer this.
Watch House: Swatch’s cooperation with Tmall attracts worldwide attention. Will it launch cooperation funds with Tmall in the future?
Mr. Carlo Giordanetti: It may be too early to say this, because we only started working with Tmall a few weeks ago. However, from the perspective of cooperation, our activities with Tmall were very successful. I think this cooperation will also give us deeper thinking about the future within the brand. It is possible that we will launch related products in the future based on the cooperation with Tmall.
Watch House: Last year Swatch held the 2017 SWATCH X YOU event, which is the first time that the brand has opened the design right to global fans, which has attracted widespread attention from watch enthusiasts. Will future products continue this idea?
Mr. Carlo Giordanetti: Of course the answer is yes, this kind of similar event will be held in the future, because we saw that the 2017 SWATCH X YOU event was very successful, and I think there are reasons for its success. We know that many big brands will launch customized products, but when Swatch pushes customization, it is launched in our own customized way, and this speed is very fast. In addition, in the specialty stores, consumers can freely choose the styles, designs, and elements they like … Within minutes, you can create your own Swatch watch instead of proposing Pleasantly, wait for some time to get it (other brands may need to wait a week or more to get customized products). In addition, we are developing different ways in 3-4 to inform our users how to customize their own special models. For example, in the experience store, we can see some specialized machines and intelligent equipment to assist users to customize watches. This customized experience is also very happy and very fun. So we provide not only customized services, but more from customized experiences and fun. I think this is also an important factor for the success of the 2017 SWATCH X YOU event, and we will also research better ways in-house. To get closer to consumers.
Watch House: So what are the highlights of the new product released at the Swatch Tmall Super Brand Day event?
Mr. Carlo Giordanetti: In fact, we are very proud to launch the new spring and summer 2018 this time, and behind these watches are a very interesting story. They are also watches that the brand pays tribute to the Queen of England and to the traditional British custom. So the story contained in it is very interesting, and it reflects the charm and spirit of ‘positive rebellion’ that Swatch has always followed. I think Swatch is developing very well now, and at the same time we have to review Swatch’s past and look forward to the future. Both brands and individuals have their own dreams. Like this cooperation between Swatch and Wang Junkai, we will have more related activities and actions in the next time. Therefore, the Swatch Tmall Super Brand Day event can be said to be the time to let more friends who love Swatch watches to understand the brand yesterday, today and tomorrow.
Summary: The Swatch brand was born in 1983 and was founded by Nicolas G. Hayek. It is a world-renowned fashion watch brand. For 35 years, it has always been associated with creativity and art, constantly creating surprises for watch lovers one after another. As a creative artboard in the hands of contemporary artists, its watch world is always full of color, transparency, innovation and vitality. Every wearer who chooses Swatch watches has unlimited creativity and participates in exclusive custom watch Go along and get lots of unexpected clock fun.