Franck Muller Famulan Wphh Extreme Convergence

Under the beautiful view of Lake Geneva and the Mont Blanc mountain range, the 25th World Presentation of Haute Horlogerie (WPHH) high-end watch exhibition was successfully concluded at the WATCHLAND headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland.
FRANCK MULLER held the WPHH Fine Watch Exhibition for the first time in 1998. Since then, representatives of global media and watch enthusiasts have been invited to enjoy the brand’s new works of the year in each place. Following the successful hosting of the first Asian WPHH in 2013, the brand has once again injected new elements and showcased a wide range of watch styles.
Unique Franck Muller exhibition
This year WPHH shared with industry insiders styles that include eye-catching Giga Tourbillon watches and Vanguard Gravity combined with advanced technology, colorful Dreams, feminine sports watches Vanguard Lady, Vanguard Carbon with innovative materials, and Master Banker, a three-zone time zone watch infused with new elements. Through this timepiece exhibition, FRANCK MULLER shared its tradition and subtle technical achievements.
Color Dreams
Discover the new Color Dreams women’s watch, and experience the elegance of a variety of ways. The creation of the watch is inspired by the world of jewellery, and each hour mark on the dial is set with a gemstone of different colors. The case is set with 366 stones weighing 6.74 carats, and the dial is set with 12 stones. The watch has a 42 mm rose gold case with an automatic movement. Precious metals, colored gems and brilliant diamonds make this watch exquisitely attractive and sophisticated. The new Color Dreams watch with a colorful alligator strap fits any size wrist. Bright-toned straps add a dynamic and stylish feel to the watch.

The new Color Dreams watch, set off by the twinkling light of colored gemstones, this unique new watch takes people into the colorful dream world as its name says.

FRANCK MULLER presents Giga Tourbillon with diamond bridge for the first time
A timepiece that truly combines high-end watchmaking with the finest aesthetics of jewelry, adhering to the essence of iconic design and playing to perfection. The watch uses a new patented technology to fully demonstrate the exquisite craftsmanship and endless creativity of FRANCK MULLER.

Giga Tourbillon with 18K white gold Curvex case or Round case, set with sparkling and precious stones, showing the incomparable superb craftsmanship of the master of complex functions FRANCK MULLER in a magnificent way

The Giga Tourbillon with a diameter of 20 mm is set with 56 diamonds totaling 0.32 carats on its rotating frame and is equipped with a registered FM escapement. The research and development department of FRANCK MULLER took six months, and finally created this tourbillon that can perfectly offset the gravitational attraction and is shiny and elegant. The tourbillon is a very sensitive and delicate device. In order to solve the impact of diamond weight on it, the research and development department of FRANCK MULLER has adopted a new setting method-the grain setting method. Diamonds are set along the frame, elegant and eye-catching, reducing the thickness and weight of the frame. The new Giga Tourbillon is driven by four barrels and its frame is made of titanium instead of the steel used in traditional tourbillons. Titanium has better elasticity, which can help reduce impact and improve the durability of related parts. The movement is completely designed and manufactured by the watch factory, polished with pearl dots, rhodium-plated and hand-chamfered.
Master Banker
The Master Banker series was launched in 1995, and the brand is now celebrating its 20th anniversary with a new watch, the Master Banker Index Map. Wall Street’s business talent inspired the creation of the new Master Banker. It is equipped with three different time zone displays, all of which can be adjusted through a crown, so the wearer can immediately read the time of stock exchange locations around the world. The center of the dial shows the current time (hours and minutes) and an hour and minute dial at 6 and 12 o’clock to show the other two world time zones.
The sun-embossed dial is embellished with a map of the world, highlighting the worldly concept of this watch. Watches combine functionality, aesthetics, and timepiece complexity. The new luminous hour markers are both stylish and sporty, giving the watch a unique look and adding a modern touch.

The new Master Banker watch brings a refreshing, dynamic design to the brand’s iconic watch

This series of watches is equipped with a self-winding movement and a timeless elegant Cintrée Curvex case. To cater to the different styles of modern business travel, this watch is also available with other color dials to choose from, made of gold, 950 platinum and stainless steel, and equipped with various crocodile leather straps.
Vanguard Carbon
This year, the Vanguard series welcomes a new creative watch: FRANCK MULLER’s first watch with a carbon fiber case. Carbon fiber is extremely tough and lightweight, and is widely used in aviation and military applications. Carbon fiber brings a striking contemporary style to Vanguard watches. The entire case, including the threaded part, is made from a single piece of carbon fiber, and the manufacturing process is very delicate.

Vanguard carbon fiber watch opens a new page of modern innovative watches by Franck Muller

The new Vanguard carbon fiber watch shows the charm of men with a modern and futuristic style in an unprecedented way. The watch is decorated with yellow details to create a harmonious and elegant vision. This luxury watch for men is a perfect combination of pleasing design and advanced technology; the strap is also stitched with cordura fabric and black rubber.
Vanguard Gravity
Following the Vanguard series’ high praise last year, FRANCK MULLER launched the new Vanguard Gravity. This watch combines sports design style with perfect and smooth lines, fully displaying the watch’s unparalleled power, and is a model of advanced technology.

The Vanguard Gravity watch is completely designed and produced by the watch factory. It is full of dynamics, available in titanium and 18K rose gold, or white gold, and the bridge is available in six colors. Three fine parts create a flawless masterpiece, the Gravity collection reflects the future of the astronomical world

The watch uses the new oval tourbillon frame concept and is made of aluminum. The traditional tourbillon bridge and pillars have become harmonious and marvelous ovals, with diameters of 21.2 mm and 7.7 mm, respectively. The eye-catching tourbillon sits below the dial and rotates once a minute to resist gravity. The 14 mm eccentric balance wheel makes this unusual tourbillon even more distinctive. To show this extraordinary design, the watch is equipped with sapphire crystal on both sides. The rubber on the bottom of the strap perfectly matches the wrist shape, making the overall design of this watch more harmonious and pleasing. The strap is available in a variety of materials, including fabric and crocodile leather. Its design and the famous Cintrée Curvex case create a harmonious curve for the watch.
Vanguard Lady
A new women’s watch is added to the Vanguard series, with exquisite details and elegant appearance. The creation of the watch is inspired by the perfect lines of Cintrée Curvex, which further highlights the fascinating style of the Vanguard series. This Vanguard Lady is set off by gorgeous details. The sun-embossed dial with pink and white embossed time scales is feminine and chic, and perfectly matches the bold and dynamic case. Vanguard Lady inherits the aesthetic style of the original Vanguard series, using a classic rubber and crocodile leather strap and feminine pink stitching. The pink crown adds a touch of elegance to this watch.

Vanguard Lady is equipped with a quartz movement and is available in stainless steel and rose gold. The eye-catching case of this new series is very sporty, on the other hand, its elegant style gives a feminine and charming feel