Emotional Beauty Real Shot 2017 Sihh Iwc Expression Masterpiece Of The Western Watch Series

Yes, this time I will bring you the representative of IWC’s SIHH Geneva watchmaking salon this year. In fact, the official did not say that this is the key recommendation this year, but after all, IWC has her The beautiful photos are in the most prominent position in the exhibition hall, so let’s just say so. This series of self-winding calendar ladies watches is 36 mm in size, in fact, without diamonds, it is also very good for men with small wrists.

   This watch is made of 18K red gold with a case and bracelet, so it is a very luxurious model, with a diamond bezel, it has become the most luxurious ladies’ watch of this year. The dial hour markers are all three-dimensional Arabic numerals, and the sealed bottom cover is also made of K gold, and the relief is designed with 19 circular ‘flowers of life’ patterns.

   This watch is priced over RMB 300,000. In fact, plus a little bit, you can add a red gold Da Vinci perpetual calendar chronograph. This means that as a luxury ladies watch, its appearance value occupies the watch. 90% of the total value of the paragraph.

   In addition to a few functional watches, this year’s Da Vinci series is mainly women’s watches. This is a very strong signal. In the future, there will be more and more women’s watches, which also proves that the female market is on the rise. Brands will dig deep into this market, and today, everyone is subdividing the categories in order to gain more potential value. It should be said that since 2010, women’s watches have shown a relatively slow growth. In 2014, they were mentioned an order of magnitude, and this year they have added another order of magnitude.

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