Earl’s Dynasty Legend Dedicated To The Subversion Masterpiece Long Feng Series Watch

The coming year of the Republic of China, which corresponds to the twelve Earthly Branches of China, is the year of the Renchen, and the year of the dragon in the Chinese zodiac year. To pay tribute to the Year of the Dragon, and to appreciate the rich treasures given to the world by Chinese cultural trends, Piaget is proud to present the Dragon and Phoenix watch series. This series contains more than 20 high-end watches with themes of dragons and phoenixes. It also set sail for the Asian tour preview show this season. The Taiwan market is the second stop in the world. It is scheduled to be on July 22nd. Xue Wenchuang held a grand media presentation of the ‘Earl dynasty legendary dragon and phoenix series watch’, leading the participants to glimpse the historical glory of the Chinese dynasty and the extreme craftsmanship aesthetics of Earl!
Dragon and Phoenix Sacred Symbol of Chinese Culture
   The dragon and the phoenix have a sacred status in Chinese culture, which means nobility and authority, and also represents the two creative forces that catalyze the evolution of the universe, and can bring prosperity, good luck and good fortune to everyone. Earl of Switzerland’s top watchmaker, in the approaching year of the Chinese Dragon, will deliberately integrate its 40 professional masters, and integrate the brand’s unique craftsmanship and technology with Chinese mythology. The essence of more than 20 high-end watch works, with a wide artistic vision to interpret the imaginary world outlined in Chinese fables, develop a series that inspires and fosters dreams.
Enamel Crafts Precious Masterpieces of Western Art
   At the 2011 SIHH Geneva Haute Horlogerie Salon Exhibition, Piaget was the first to disclose two models of the Dragon and Phoenix series watches. The Panlong Feifeng appeared vividly on the dial, which immediately raised the topic; today, more than 20 in the series The watches have been in place, with Piaget’s dual skills based on professional watchmaking and jewellery craftsmanship, and then integrated into the gold carving and enamel craftsmanship of the eight major crafts in Geneva, using Western craftsmanship to express the broad thinking of the East. Only with the highest artistic specifications, can the dragon and the phoenix have a special status in the eyes of the Chinese nation. The Dragon and Phoenix series watches combine three extraordinary enamel techniques: filigree enamel, filled enamel, and miniature enamel, and use derivative techniques in enamel painting, such as monochrome miniature enamel (Grisaille). , Just to faithfully present the most fascinating dragon dance in the world of Chinese mythology!
3D effect recreates the shock of the dynasty legend
   The listing event is a combination of 3D audio and video effects, which has become a popular trend in the marketing operations of top fashion brands recently. Piaget is also a top leader in the fine watch industry. It has been since the first moment when guests entered the venue. Start a sensory experience that travels the world of myth. Piaget painted the flying images of dragons and phoenixes with gold paint on the black walls and cloth curtains in the exhibition room, and projected the laser beams of dragons and phoenixes. Between the cloth curtains flying and the beams diffracting, the fragrances linger. , Resulting in the visual feeling of flying dragon and phoenix. In order to further bring the audience into the real and unreal mythological world, and use the learning and culture to create a complete theater-like space, Piaget specially played 3D dragon and phoenix series of video images, summoning the dragon and the phoenix from the void to serve as Piaget. The courier of the series watch presents the concept of each painted and gold engraved watch hidden behind the gorgeous composition, and also creates the majestic momentum of flying dragons and phoenixes.
Kyvo supermodels show gorgeous palace feast
   The top models of Kaiwo Li Xiaohan, Wang Xintian, Zhong Chenghan and Norman performed the extraordinary and noble elegance of dragons and phoenixes in a clear and domineering manner, as if leading you into a palace feast integrating Chinese and Western art.
   On the day, the supermodels wore Xiazi costumes that started from Chinese elements and famous in the Western fashion circle, and displayed Piaget Dragon and Phoenix watches. Both of them took Chinese elements as inspiration and combined with Western unique craftsmanship techniques to demonstrate the blending of China and the West. The masterpiece of art and cultural heritage became another perfect marvel of the big show of the day!
The fusion of Chinese and Western
   Dragons and phoenixes are undoubtedly honored in the Chinese society that promises to be ‘the descendants of the dragon’, and they have developed a national identity like bloodlines. Dragons and dragons that naturally exist in Chinese culture like sucking Can Phoenix set off the topic?
   As Liu Yuxuan, general manager of Earl Taiwan said, ‘The two dragon and phoenix watches that were first exposed in SIHH earlier this year have caused a sensation among many top collectors, and many highly valued buyers in Taiwan have expressed a high degree of interest. Today, we are seeing more brilliant masterpieces, which are bound to once again attract the customers at the top of the pyramid. I am convinced that the Dragon and Phoenix series, which has a unique meaning to the Chinese market, will cause shock and once again prove the esteemed status of Piaget’s top watchmaking! ‘ –