Deeply Cultivating The Film Industry For More Than 80 Years, Just Because We Have The Same Enthusiasm For Seiko

There are always some elements in the movie that make people feel excited and mixed. The big screen, surround sound … people are completely immersed in another world.

   The film brings all kinds of elements together and leads us into the world of the director, which is fascinating. Soundtrack, script, actors, modeling, set, costumes, accessories, lighting … We didn’t even notice how many industries and industries involved would need to perform their duties and work together to achieve a perfect film work. But this should be the case.

   We are also very happy to see the movie on the big screen and witness the filmmakers’ vision finally realized.

   We know more about the hard work and dedication behind filmmaking than most people do. Behind the scenes, hundreds of people persevered and worked hard to ensure that the characters portrayed in the film were just right, and to promote a reasonable and impeccable movie plot. The reason why Hamilton knows this is because our watches have long been rooted in them, and debuted in a mainstream movie as early as 1932.

   The film is ShanghaiExpress. The film starred by CliveBrook and Marlene Dietrich, wearing Hamilton’s Flintridge watch and PipingRock watch in the film. These two watches are vital props that bring the plot of the movie to a successful conclusion. As in the movie Interstellar, Murph watches help save humanity.

   ‘When shooting’ Interstellar, ‘we invited Hamilton to create two main items, of course, to make watches for the two main characters in the film. These two watches are of great significance in the film, so we have to find A watch that fully meets the requirements. I think these two watches show that time is crucial to the development of the plot of the movie and the character itself. ‘

   In 1951, another Hamilton watch with far-reaching influences appeared in the movie. The award-winning film ‘The Frogmen’ witnesses the filmmaker’s choice of the Hamilton ‘Frogman’ watch, known for its accurate time history, telling the true story of a group of US Navy divers during World War II. Accurate and reliable performance has made the Hamilton watch this award-winning workhorse to shape movie characters.

   Soon after, the sci-fi movie world started throwing olive branches at us. The legendary director Stanley Kubrick once found Hamilton to customize the clock and watch for his blockbuster 2001: ASpaceOdyssey.

   The film ‘Pearl Harbor’ is another movie that uses Hamilton watches to create a style, which turns the hero of the film into a veritable American army hero. Wearing a watch helps define the personality of a character. In the movie The Martian, the protagonist Mark Watney wears a Hamilton diving watch, demonstrating his will to survive and his ability to think independently.

   It is not just the power of the watch that shapes the character’s personality. Without the Hamilton watch, the plot of the film Interstellar could not advance or achieve satisfactory results.

   From action movies to science fiction series to blockbusters starring first-line Hollywood stars, Hamilton has been the watch of choice for film directors, set designers and costume designers.

   From the beginning of the film creation process, Hamilton has worked hard to provide or create watches that follow the development of the film plot. Before you see the Hamilton watch appear in the final movie, we have spent several months in research and development, manufacturing, modification or improvement to ensure that it is suitable for role positioning.

   It is based on this passion, motivation, creativity and challenge that makes Hamilton become the backbone of the film industry. This is why Hamilton watches have appeared in more than 500 mainstream movies. It is also our insistence and not forgetting our original intention Belief.

   However, this is not entirely about the talent of movie blockbusters and screens. Since 2006, we have set up a behind-the-scenes heroic ceremony for Hamilton to recognize the outstanding achievements of the film’s behind-the-scenes workers and push the talent behind the film into the spotlight.

   In order to continue this cause, we have also launched a special project in collaboration with Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD) to support future filmmakers. We asked the students to meet the challenge by making a short film about the history of Hamilton, celebrating the long-standing American tradition of the brand, and showing major milestones in the history of the brand. We are committed to motivating and nurturing the next generation of film talent.

   Even though he has been devoting himself to the film industry for many years, participating in movies will still make Hamilton excited.