Challenge Your Conquest Bell & Ross 2018 New Appreciation Event Opens In Shanghai

On September 6, 2018, Bell & Ross hosted the 2018 New Product Appreciation Fair in Shanghai Wofu Space. Swiss watch brand Bell & Ross made a stunning debut with 2018 new products. The new products are fully launched. Four series of timepieces are launched with the theme of land, sea and sky to accompany watch fans to challenge their limits and conquer themselves.

   Bell & Ross, as a well-known watch brand in the Swiss military watch field, respects its functions and focuses on providing reliable and accurate timepieces for professionals. Because of the rigor of its watchmaking technology, fighter pilots, armed police and special law enforcement forces, submarines, and even bomb disposal divers now use Bell & Ross as their tool for missions. Following four basic principles-legibility, functionality, accuracy, and water resistance, Bell & Ross has developed the ideal professional timepiece with its smooth appearance and practical functions to lead the wearer to conquer the earth, Ocean and sky.

   Bellex invited Mr. Tang Zhiwei, Managing Director of Asia, and Ms. Zhu Xuanhua, General Manager of North Asia to attend the new product appreciation party and share the latest brand information and the latest timepieces of the 2018 Transcendence Series with guests.

   For a long time, Bell & Ross has continuously drawn inspiration from the aviation industry and flight instruments, constantly surpassed itself, and provided stable performance watches for professionals in various fields through its professional and rigorous technology. At the event, Mr. Tang Zhiwei shared the history and brand characteristics of Bell & Ross with the guests. He said: ‘Bell & Ross has always been based on excellent performance, highly accurate Swiss movements, clear scale markings and special uses for special purposes. Adjusted to four major design categories, produced and developed multiple reliable and unique watches. While ensuring the readability, functionality, reliability and accuracy of the watch, we are also actively exploring other areas and making breakthroughs. Limit, go beyond yourself. ‘

   Ms. Zhu Xuanhua introduced the new masterpieces of 2018. She said: ‘We are very pleased to present our new products to our guests. As the authority of flying watches, Belles continuously draws inspiration and introduces new products. Exploration and cooperation in the field of racing and diving. Whether it is the latest BRRacingBird watch, Heritage classic nostalgia series, RS18 series inspired by Renault racing sites, or a new member of the Diver series. They all show Berle People continue to lead the trend and go beyond their limits. ‘

   At the event, the model displayed a new Bell & Ross watch.

   At this new product appreciation meeting, we learned about the history of the brand and the characteristics of the watch, inspiring potential and challenging ourselves. (Picture / text watch home Wu Fengqi)