Cartier Cartier’s New Mysterious Clock, A Mysterious Perfect Masterpiece

This is not only the interpretation of style, but also the interpretation of imagination, freedom and precision. Cartier (Cartier) draws inspiration from the art collection series, and creates a novel and poetic masterpiece around the most special one of them-the new Cartier Mystery Clock 2013.

Cartier 2013 new mysterious clock

The mysterious clock uses an extremely rare gemstone-iridescent obsidian. This gem has the reputation of ‘the stone of the sky’. Various impurities are suspended in the clear opalescence, giving it a deep texture. With Cartier’s axe, this special and beautiful flaw was subtly transformed into a precious trait. Two comet-shaped hands inlaid with diamonds suspended above the dial like weightlessness, seeming to drift quietly past the center of the transparent dial. Around the dial, mother-of-pearl or obsidian inlaid with crystal diamonds, forming a brilliant halo gradient halo. The back is decorated with a meteor pattern woven from gold foil. The base is surrounded by a diamond floral ornament, like lace woven from jewellery.
This unique timepiece masterpiece took nearly 1,000 hours to complete, subtly condensing the essence of watchmaking craftsmanship into top-quality crystals, a gem that is both pure and fragile.

Cartier’s new mysterious clock design manuscript

Beyond the heavy and fetters of the earth, away from the invasion of time, this mysterious clock not only has the beauty of the light world, but also looks like an inscrutable messenger, conveying Cartier’s quest for perfection and harmony in the watchmaking world. It is this pursuit of perfection that has spawned countless miracles and magic; it is also this exploration of harmony that has created Cartier’s carefully guarded secret.