Blancpain Supports Lauren Ballesta To Launch The Fifth Coelacanth Expedition Research Project

The objective of the fifth coelacanth expedition research project is to study, photograph and show the public the lesser-known areas of the Mediterranean Sea. Since the areas with the most biodiversity happen to be at scuba diving depths between 60 and 120 meters – worth exploring and not limited by time, the coelacanth team has developed a world-first research method.

   This innovative approach benefits from a clever combination of two independent technologies: saturation diving and deep recreation diving. In fact, it was a collaborative expedition carried out by INPP and Lauren Ballesta’s Andromè de Océanologie with the support of Blancpain and other institutions. Working together, the four divers enjoyed an unprecedented experience: spent 28 days in a five-square-meter saturation, leaving the facility to explore 100 meters every day.

   In this way, divers will perform tasks along the southern coast of France, using cutting-edge scientific technology to explore the ecosystem. There is irrefutable evidence that we are facing the predicament of climate imbalances and species extinction, at which time we have discovered undeveloped rich areas near the borders of European countries, sending a promising message. Diving challenges, ecological missions and excellent photography, like all coelacanth expedition research projects, this important new project will bring more surprises in the above three aspects. (Photo / text watch home Xu Chaoyang)