Big Engineer Chronograph Watch Iwc378403 Recommended

IWC, founded in 1868, has gone through more than 130 years of history. In 13 years, IWC also launched a large number of watches in the engineer’s year, showing its own style beauty, today we come to appreciate this aggressive IWC378403 watch.
 The most recognizable IW378403 as an engineer’s watch is the five conspicuous screw holes on the bezel. This is the historical mark of the engineer’s series inspired by the five screws on the diver’s helmet. The dial highlights the man’s style. The 950 platinum case is 14.5mm thick. The scale of the dial is clearly visible through the sapphire mirror. The upper and lower small black dials divide the overall dial into two parts, and the five left and right time indexes are evenly distributed on the dial. The white dial is covered with the letter I, and the letter I stands for Ingenieur. The mirror is made of transparent sapphire, which is clear and wear-resistant. The back of the watch is also made of sapphire.

On the whole, this engineer’s watch inherits the classic elements of its predecessors. The design of 5 nail holes has a historical charm of the engineers of IWC. The 45.5mm dial is very men’s style, but compared to other models in the series, there is no breakthrough in appearance. The only thing that can give the watch a different charm is the use of precious and luxurious platinum materials.
 IW378403 as a chronograph watch, its chronograph function at the time could be considered ingenious. The 60-minute chronograph dial coincides with the 12-hour chronograph dial, just like a watch in a watch. Reading minutes and hours is the same as reading normal time. No additional action is required. Chronometers below 1 minute are recorded with a central chronograph second hand. The speed scale of the outer ring can calculate the speed in 1000m. Thanks to the flyback function, the chronograph second hand can be quickly reset to zero by pressing the zero reset button to start a new chronograph. The small seconds dial protects the date window, which means a little protection. The waterproof depth of 120m combined with the screw-in crown can effectively waterproof, I believe the snorkeling problem is not serious.
This is the first time that IWC is equipped with a watch-type timing device on the movement. This timing function can be regarded as a breakthrough. The functions of the speed measurement and flyback needle make it a clear advantage in timing. And the engineer itself is a watch with particularly good pressure resistance, whether it is waterproof, shockproof, or antimagnetic.

 IWC large engineer chronograph IW378403 uses an upgraded version of the 89000 movement: the 89360 movement. This movement was developed after years of research and development by IWC. It was launched in 2007. It is the first self-winding self-winding movement in more than 100 years. It uses an innovative chronograph display device. A round accumulator combines the hour hand The timekeeping function with the minute hand looks like a watch-in-a-table, this is the first time that the brand has used this technology. In addition, the winding structure in the movement also uses a dual-engine automatic winding structure, which improves the self-recognized Woodpecker winding device. It uses gears to drive two sets of four pawl winding devices to achieve high efficiency. On the chain, the system can improve the efficiency of the chain by 30%. The design of the table in the table uses the classic column wheel timing mechanism on the movement structure, and the eccentric design improves the timing performance and makes the timing movement more coherent. The 89360 movement has a maximum power reserve of 68 hours, which is a higher power reserve in ordinary automatic movements. Combined with a highly efficient winding system, this movement can be regarded as the masterpiece of the top automatic chronograph movement. For IWC brand, it has special meaning.
This IW378403 is the largest in the watch, equipped with IWC’s first self-made automatic chronograph movement, giving the watch the best inherent protection. Platinum case with black crocodile strap, how can a manly watch like this be easily forgotten? The watch’s timer is no longer a new thing, but represents the function and movement of IWC Continuous innovation of structure. The black-and-white dial is full of classic taste, and it perfectly takes over the predecessors’ mantle. For those who like complex mechanical operation, the sapphire’s transparent design allows people to watch the movements freely, especially the unique double engine structure of the 89360 movement and the classic column wheel timing structure. In addition, the 89360 movement, which provides a 68-hour power reserve, is an authentic miniature power source. The IW378403 watch so carefully manufactured by IWC fully demonstrates the unique charm of the brand for men, and fully embodies the watchmaking technology, innovative functions, unique structure and modern aesthetics.
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