Belarus Central Mtr Station Advertising Tour

Central is the heartland of Hong Kong and it is also in politics and business. Many banks, foreign consulates of multinational financial institutions, Hong Kong government headquarters, and the Legislative Council building are located here. Countless shopping malls, brand stores and gourmet cuisines around the world are the first choice for locals and tourists.

   Before Christmas, Bell & Ross, on both sides of the subway tunnel, where pedestrians are particularly concentrated, introduces three new works inspired by three important aviation guidance instruments this year: HorizonHorizon (Altimeter), and, and Turn Turn Coordinator (Coordinator (Coordinator (Coordinator (Coordinator (Coordinator (Coordinator (Coordinator))).) The new designs of the new flight instruments are clear and recognizable, and they vividly interpret the appearance and essence of the three flight instruments, and display the time in a new mode. The bright red mosaic of the Central Metro Station is lined with the Belles black style billboard. As if watching the take-off of the fighter jet on the warship deck, pedestrians stopped and watched, and took a group of cameras to take pictures .