Asian Film Awards, Best Actor Gu Tianle Wore A Richard Mill

On the evening of March 17, the twelfth Asian Film Awards ceremony was held at the Venetian Theatre in Macau. Gu Tianle won the best actor award and the best actress with ‘Broken Wolf · Greed Wolf’ Zhang’s award was won by Zhang Aijia for his work ‘Love in Love’. The red carpet and ceremony brought together well-known Asian actors and filmmakers. Let’s take a look at the scene, the star-studded Asian award ceremony.

Gu Tianle won the film actor at this Asian Film Awards

On the same day, Gu Tianle wore a Richard Mille men’s RM 022 NTPT RG watch (similar)

 I do n’t know, 20 years after Gu Tianle entered the industry, this is the first time he was awarded the title of “The Emperor of the Movie”. After 20 years, he became the film emperor’s Gu Tianle with “Kill the Wolf and the Greedy Wolf”. A little unresponsive. He said, ‘I have been in the industry for more than 20 years and I have made more than 100 movies. This is the first award of my film …’

Gu Tianle took the trophy from Carina Lau
 You must know that Gu Tianle is not fussy in acting skills or character. He sponsored the construction of Hope Elementary School in China, and was silently enthusiastic about public welfare. He did not use enthusiasm for public welfare as his own capital. Seriously true to life. In such a diverse environment of entertainment circles, Gu Tianle showed us a model of occupation as an actor, but in fact a person.

Gu Tianle wears Richard Mill Men’s RM 022 NTPT RG Watch (similar)
 On the same day, Gu Tianle wore a Richard Mille men’s series RM 022 NTPT RG watch (similar model) to attend, with a dark blue velvet suit, handsome.

Gu Tianle wears Richard Mill Men’s RM 022 NTPT RG watch (similar)
 At the Hong Kong Film Directors’ Meeting on the 18th, Gu Tianle won the best actor again with ‘Kill the Wolf · Greedy Wolf’. Within 24 hours, two movie awards were included in his pocket. At the awards ceremony that day, he wore this Richard Mill.

When the movie was promoted, we saw this Richard Mille in his hands.

 In addition to Gu Tianle, at the 12th Asian Film Awards ceremony, we saw very popular and powerful actors from Asia, who appeared as award guests and shortlisted nominees respectively.

 Zhang Aijia was awarded the ‘Lifelong Achievement Award’ at the same time after being blocked with ‘Love in Love’.

 The emerging actor Zhong Chuxi has a fresh and natural suspender dress, and the starring movie ‘Fanghua’ won the best film.

 Actor and director Wu Jing, directed the movie ‘War Wolf 2’ won the highest box office award in Asia.

Wong Cho-lam

Asian Filmmaker Excellence Award, Hui Yinghong

Wang Continental

Carina Lau

Lin Xinru

Asian Film Awards Leaping Rising Star

Stephy Tang wears Piaget LIMELIGHT series G0A38160 watch
 And the Rolex Submariner 116610LN-97200 black dial watch (black water ghost) worn by the staff.

In summary: The identity of an actor is double-defined in China, and some people also use the description of ‘drama’ to downplay this job. But we have to know that no matter how mixed the entertainment industry is, there are still many people who insist on doing good movies and good actors. In recent years, the sharp increase in the box office of Chinese movies can show everyone’s enthusiasm for movies on one side.