Animal Party Tasting Beijing Tourbillon Enamel Three Questions Watch

If the rare thing is expensive, then this watch introduced to you today will definitely be included in the ranks of rare treasures. In the eyes of many watch fans, it seems that only Swiss brands can make exquisite and sophisticated watches, but in fact our own brands can do it. For example, the following animal PARTY Chinese Tourbillon Enamel Minute Repeater Gold Watch from Beijing.

 This Chinese tourbillon enamel three-question gold diamond watch named ‘Animal Party’ has only one in the world. It can be said that this is a true watch alone. Of course, no matter from the material or the process, this one Watches are expensive.

 This animal PARTY watch uses a 43mm 18K rose gold case. The fine grinding process is undoubted from the round surface of the case. I personally think that the most attractive part of this precious metal watch is gold. The soft light refracted by the case is very personal.

 If the high-end luxury watch seems to have lost half of its light without diamonds, the 18K rose gold case of this Beijing watch is set with 195 natural diamonds, using a two-round regular setting, although from the picture It looks like the diamond’s light is not very eye-catching, but the actual effect is very luxurious.

 The thickness of this watch is 15.4 millimeters. The tourbillon and the minute-complex functions will make the watch look a little too thin, but this will not hinder its comfort on the wrist. At the same time, the smooth radian of the lugs connects the dial and the strap like clouds, and the rose gold crown has become the two points of the entire watch.

 Some people may wonder why this watch is called the name of animal PARTY, but it is often clear after seeing the dial. The overall use of green as the basic color, of course, this is also the color of nature, the color of life. The exquisite gilt silk enamel technology on the silver blank’s surface outlines a vivid forest state for the wearer.

 In the previous article, you should also understand that filigree enamel is a very sophisticated watchmaker’s technology, and often a little mistake will be repeated. Looking closely at the dial of this watch, there are lakes, hills and lush trees, and animals of various colors are interspersed in it. A vibrant natural scene will definitely bring a little comfort to people living in the city.

 The hands of this watch are also made of 18K rose gold, which once again confirms the extraordinary luxury of this watch while forming unity with the case.

 Turn on the minute repeater function of this watch, and the mechanism is on the dial on the left side of the watch. Push the dial on the left side of the watch upwards to turn on the timekeeping, timekeeping and minute functions of the watch. Note that the dial should be pushed all the way down before releasing. I believe that between the sound of the smart is the best reward for the wearer.

 The watch is designed with sapphire crystal back, showing the movement with extraordinary beauty. The watch is equipped with a MRB-1 manual winding movement, equipped with a free spring spring, and provides a 63-hour power reserve. When winding the winder, turn the winder handle clockwise to tighten the winder and add energy to the watch. It is best to take off the watch when it is adjusted to avoid the winding handle being pushed to one side.

 The watch uses a crocodile leather strap and 18K rose gold buckle. It is believed that only this combination can bring out the luxury of this watch.

Summary: The time adjustment of this watch is to pull out the winding handle and then turn the winding handle clockwise to adjust the time. In order to avoid the accurate report of minutes after the backlash of gears accumulate, please be sure to adjust the hour and minute hands clockwise (positive). After adjusting the time, push the winding handle back to its original position. In fact, Beijing Watch’s production of such sophisticated high-end watches has indeed added a little care to domestic watch lovers. Although we are not the same as Swiss watches, it is not difficult to see from the level of this watch The potential is still very large.