A Brief History Of Tiffany’s Time 1837-2015

Tiffany’s history as an outstanding watchmaker can be traced back to the beginning of the company. From New York in 1837, it has experienced a glorious innovation process, and today the new Tiffany CT60 watch series is launched-this new series Named after the brand’s founder, ‘New York Minuteman’ Charles Tiffany (CT is the initials of Charles Tiffany). In 1853, Mr. Tiffany erected a 9-foot (2.74-meter) Atlas Hercules giant clock above Broadway 550, defining the essence of time in New York. For more than a century, generations of founders in New York have used this public clock to calibrate their personal time and regard it as a symbol of New York’s energy and creativity. Today, the clock stands above the entrance of the world-famous Tiffany Fifth Avenue flagship store, and its content and essence have never changed.

Process and innovation
 Tiffany has been selling timepieces since 1847. Seven years later, Mr. Tiffany signed a partnership agreement with Patek Philippe, the two founders of Patek Philippe, and became Patek Philippe’s first retail agent in the United States. This glorious tradition continues to this day. In 1874, Tiffany built an industry-leading four-story watch factory in Cornavin Square in Geneva. Here, Tiffany successively manufactures a large number of different styles of timepieces to meet the growing customer demand, including gold pocket watches, the advanced movement of the device can realize the hour and the hour, the delicate brooch watch with diamonds; other timepiece works Or decorated with country scenery paintings made of enamel, or with gold carved crowns with mythical figures and flower patterns, and finely crafted.
 Tiffany also introduced many important achievements in watchmaking innovation. ‘Tiffany Timer’ was introduced in 1868. It is the first chronograph stopwatch in the United States, used for engineering and technology purposes and for timing sports events. With pioneering innovations in the field of movements and hand-sets, Tiffany has also obtained a number of technical patents. Tiffany’s renowned gemologist George Kunz also applied for a patent on the green luminous coating on the hour markers and hands.
 In the 1880s, Mr. Tiffany has become a world-renowned jeweller and watchmaker, enjoying a high reputation for extraordinary craftsmanship and meticulous customer service. One of the customer services is the routine adjustment of the time for more than 400 home clocks owned by its customers each week after standard time was introduced in 1883.
Leading the World
 The Tiffany Antiques Collection showcases a large number of Tiffany classic timepieces that have won gold awards at world expositions over the past two centuries. Tiffany’s jewellery watch won the grand prize at the Philadelphia World’s Fair in 1876. At the Paris World Expo in 1889, many works of Tiffany were awarded. Among them, a brooch watch designed by the then chief designer Paulding Farnham, depicting the American wild rose pattern with diamonds and enamel. Tiffany’s watch box and astronomical clock also shined at the Chicago Expo in 1893.
 At the New York World Expo in 1939, Tiffany exhibited a series of gorgeous diamond and platinum cocktail watches that made the world amazing, as well as a variety of cocktail-style bold timepieces, such as geometric lines, gold-plated trapezoidal wrists dotted with rubies table. A women’s handbag clock at the same time inspired the birth of the new Tiffany East West watch series in 2015. The smart rectangular lines of this watch are elegant and modern.
 Two important series that appeared in the 20th century were inspired by Tiffany’s birthplace-the United States and New York. The Streamerica® series, released in 1993, is a commemoration of the American industrial design movement in the 1930s. The surface shines with metallic luster; another classic symbol is the Atlas® series released in 1983. A tribute to the public clock, this watch’s stereo Roman numerals reflect light from multiple angles.
 Atlas® represents the natural transition of Tiffany watch design from history to modernity. Inheriting Tiffany’s glorious watchmaking heritage to this day are also luxurious diamond charm cocktail watches, and the new Tiffany CT60 series. The CT60 is equipped with a hand-assembled top Swiss-made movement and contains the infinite energy of New York in the 21st century. The lines are simple and pure, and the aesthetic style is unique. The inspiration prototype comes from a Tiffany gold watch donated by Franklin Roosevelt, then President of the United States in 1945. Roosevelt is one of several U.S. presidents who own Tiffany watches. The back of the case is engraved with ‘Franklin Delano Roosevelt, with loyalty, respect and affection.’ In the same year he wore this watch to the historic Yalta conference.
 The Tiffany CT60 series is a tribute to the founders of New York City. They are not just dreamers, they are great practitioners. Charles Tiffany is one of them. Talented and courageous, he interprets the essence of New York’s time and the broad feelings of the creative age for the world.
Timeline New York Events

Founder Charles Tiffany opened its first boutique on New York’s Broadway.

The Tiffany Gold Watch presented by President Franklin Roosevelt in 1945 is an inspirational prototype of the new Tiffany CT60

Tiffany installed the first Atlas giant clock above the entrance of the boutique. This clock represents the rhythm of New York’s city and opens the history of ‘New York Minute-Creator’.

Tiffany entered into a partnership with watch giant Patek Philippe and opened a watchmaking workshop in Geneva.

Tiffany launches the first chronograph in the United States called ‘Tiffany Timer’.

Tiffany built a large factory and retail store in Cornavin Square, Geneva.

Tiffany obtained the first patent on watch technological innovation.

At the World Expo in Chicago, Tiffany won the highest award for men’s pocket watches and jewellery-laden brooches.

Tiffany incorporated Art Deco style into the watch design to create the perfect accessory that matched the modern trend of the time.

Tiffany’s cocktail watch for the New York World’s Fair competes with the brightest diamond on the spot.

The Tiffany Fifth Avenue flagship store in New York was officially completed. The Atlas Hercules giant clock directly above the entrance has always stirred the heartbeat of New York City.

President Franklin Roosevelt received a Tiffany Gold watch as a birthday present, and he wore it to the historic Yalta conference.

Tiffany released an ultra-thin pocket watch, becoming ‘the thinnest hollowed out watch at the time’.
The Atlas® watch series is launched, inspired by the Roman numerals used on the Atlas Hercules clock.
The Streamerica® series was launched, inspired by the American Industrial Design Movement in the 1930s.
Tiffany released the new Tiffany CT60 watch series, paying tribute to the founder of the brand and ‘New York founder’ Charles Tiffany. The high-quality Swiss-made automatic movement is perfectly blended with the crafted appearance.

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