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Jacques Grande Reverso Series Jewelry Watch

Jaeger-LeCoultre knows how to win the hearts of men and women. The latest Grande Reverso 101 Art Déco jewelry watch is the best proof. Grande Reverso 101 Art Déco has launched new models for men and women, respectively.

When the tiny movement occupies the heart of the largest Reverso watch case, the lapse of time becomes illusionary. And the magical scene composed of mother-of-pearl and diamonds reveals mysterious magic, making the fantasy time presentation more dwarfed.

Rows of rectangular-cut diamonds highlight the Art Deco style of this watch. Snow flake-set diamonds cling to each other on the side of the watch, immersing itself in the charming light.

Visit Tissot Home Switzerland

Remember that the professor once said in the school class that in the world of machines, ‘minimal’ and ‘extreme’ are the most difficult and challenging. Switzerland is located in the interior of Europe. Although it is a barren country without rich natural resources, it has world-class high-quality robots. For example, in the ‘minimal’ area, it is famous for advanced clocks and light weapons; in the ‘extreme’ area, it is unique in the world with railway technology and tunnel engineering.
 Hundred years ago, in 1912, the Jungfraubahn, the pride of the Swiss and one of Europe’s greatest railway projects, was completed! The Jungfrau Railway can reach from 3,454 meters above sea level to Jungfraujoch, the highest railway station in Europe within an hour or so from 2,061 meters above sea level. To operate the railway business in such an extreme environment, In addition to meticulous planning, an extremely accurate timing tool is also indispensable, which is also one of the important keys for the Jungfrau Railway to be able to operate for hundreds of years and successfully receive hundreds of thousands of passengers every year.
 2012 is the 100th anniversary of the completion and operation of the Jungfrau Railway. For this memorable moment, as the official timing partner of the Jungfrau Railway, the Tissot watch, in addition to failing to publish a number of commemorative models, is also on the summit of the Jungfrau Station, and a large countdown device set up at the halfway Kleine Scheidegg station, these two countdown devices will ‘zero’ on time on August 1, 2012, making the best testimony to commemorate the 100th birthday of the Jungfrau Railway .
 As early as March of the BASEL watch exhibition, Tissot watch ambassador Huang Xiaoming and the invited Chinese media took the Tissot Watch Jungfrau special car to the mountain at Lauterbrunnen station, to experience the close partnership between Tissot Watch and the Jungfrau Railway.
 When all the visitors arrived at the Sphinx observation platform at the peak of 3,571 meters, Huang Xiaoming also appeared in the highest Tissot counter in Europe, introducing various watches to the media, including the commemorative wrist of the Jungfrau series. Watch, and try the T-Touch Expert professional touch-sensitive watch on your wrist to test a number of high-tech sensing functions including thermometers, compasses, altimeters. Including the special commemorative models released by Tissot for the 100th anniversary of the completion of the Jungfrau Railway, and the T-Touch Expert worn by Huang Xiaoming, both are extremely sought-after models. Many tourists will buy them here The watch brings back, in addition to being a unique and wonderful experience, it also has an irreplaceable commemorative value.
 The Sphinx observation platform is also the final destination for many people to take the Jungfrau Railway. When walking to the outdoor area of ​​the observation platform, you can not only get a close look at the Jungfrau Fangze, but also have a long view of Europe’s longest and Jungfraujoch. The Aletsch Glacier, the starting point, can even overlook the Black Forest in Germany and the Vosges Mountains in France when the weather is good.
 Huang Xiaoming, the image ambassador for Tissot, wears a T-Touch Expert professional touch-sensitive watch and appears in the highest Tissot counters in Europe. He introduces various Tissot watches to the media, and of course includes the commemorative models of the Jungfrau series.
 The 100th anniversary of the painted train designed by Tissot and the Jungfrau Railway. The special eye-catching shape immediately attracted the attention of all passengers on the Jungfrau Railway.
Views and wonders on the Jungfrau Railway
 Imagine an altitude of 4,158 meters, imagine snow all year round, the temperature is only minus ten degrees to dozens of degrees, and strong winds are blowing. Imagine that these mountains are all composed of hard rock formations. It is hard to imagine that in 1896, more than a century ago, under the planning and leadership of Swiss railway engineer Adolf Guyer Zeller, it took 16 years, countless money and manpower to build a From 2,061 meters above sea level to 3,454 meters above sea level, a mountain climbing railway in front of the Jungfrau mountain, and this mountain railway named ‘Jungfraubahn’, in addition to allowing more people to explore In addition to the real appearance of the Jungfrau ice and snow, it is also an important symbol of Swiss tourism and an honor badge for Swiss railway engineering technology!
 A little different from many people’s perceptions, strictly speaking, the real Jungfrau Railway actually refers to the railway from Kleine Scheidegg railway station at 2,061 meters above sea level to Jungfrau station at 3,454 meters above sea level. It adopts the Strub rack railway design, with a total length of about 12 kilometers and a maximum slope of 25%. About three-quarters of its sections pass through the rock wall of the tunnel under the glacier. The project is very difficult.
 The Jungfrau Railway for most passengers starts from Interlaken at the foot of the mountain. It will pass through Lauterbrunnen on the way, and then transfer to the exclusive tram of the Jungfrau Railway from Kleine Scheidegg station at 2,061 meters above sea level. One of the important sights of Jungfrau. On a 12-kilometer climbing journey, you will first arrive at the Eigerg Letcher station at 2,320 meters above sea level. This station is at the foot of the Eigerg Peak in the middle of the three famous peaks. After a while, the train will enter the solid granite tunnel and then Almost all sections are inside the tunnel.
 Swiss railway engineer Adolf Guyer Zeller, designer of the Jungfrau Railway.
 The Jungfrau Railway adopts the Strub rack railway design, with a total length of about 12 kilometers and a maximum climb of 25%.
 Strictly speaking, the real Jungfrau Railway actually refers to the railway from Kleine Scheidegg station at 2,061 meters above sea level to Jungfrau station at 3,454 meters above sea level. The picture shows the railway station.
 The tram will stop at two tunnel stations on the way, one is Eigerwand station, and the other is Eismeer station at an altitude of 3,160 meters. Each station will stay for about 5 minutes. During this short stop, passengers can touch the tunnel In addition to the bare rock granite walls and the hardship and great experience of this project, there is also a large glass viewing window inside the station, which shows that it is the wide view of the Eigerg Peak Glacier and the amazing ice sea landscape.
 It is followed by the Jungfrau Station, the highest railway station in Europe (3,454 meters above sea level). Thousands of miles came to Jungfrau station, of course, it would not be so simple to come here to take a picture. In order to cater for tourists from all over the world, there are restaurants, post offices, research stations, cinemas, shops, watch shops, etc. in Jungfrau Station. There is also a tunnel leading to the outdoors, which allows you to walk outside to the ice fields and overlook the longest Aletsch Glacier in Europe. Passengers can also take a lift to the Sphinx observation observation hall and platform at an altitude of 3,571 meters, and have a vast view. White snow and mountain views, you can also take a closer look at the generous appearance of the Jungfrau.
 However, it must be noted that, because it has climbed more than 3,000 meters in about two hours, most people may inevitably develop symptoms of mountain sickness (headache, dizziness, etc.). In addition to hot coffee or hot cocoa drinks to relieve symptoms, it is also a good method to leave the sweltering indoor heating room and breathe fresh air outdoors. In case of severe symptoms that require medical treatment, a medical team is also stationed at the Jungfrau station at any time Allow tourists to enjoy Jungfrau with peace of mind and safety.
 From the same values ​​and spirit, the cooperation between Tissot and Jungfrau Railway can be said to complement each other. Tissot watches are famous all over the world for their innovative spirit. This spirit has shaped the brand personality of Tissot watches and also allowed it to successfully conquer various climates. Coincidentally, the pioneers behind the Jungfrau Railway also struggled with the dangerous terrain and the weather. Today the Jungfrau Railway is a unique masterpiece in world traffic engineering. Neither company has forgotten their insistence on innovation, making it a model and classic for the industry.
 A hundred and nineteen years ago, the ‘Jungf raubahn’ was completed! From about 1,061 meters above sea level to Jungfraujoch Station, the highest train station in Europe at 3,454 meters above sea level in about an hour.
 Tissot-Jungfrau T-Touch II Jungfrau Railway 100th Anniversary Special Edition Quartz Movement ∕ Stainless steel material ∕ Hour, minute indicator ∕ Altimeter and other environmental detection functions ∕ The faceplate is printed with the Jungfrau pattern, and the back is engraved with the Jungfrau Logo镜 Sapphire crystal mirror ∕ 100 meters waterproof
 The Sphinx Observation Deck is also the ultimate destination for many people to take the Jungfrau Railway. When you walk to the observation deck, you can not only get a close look at the Jungfrau, but also enjoy the longest view of Europe. The Aletsch Glacier, the starting point of the Jungfrau, can even overlook the Black Forest in Germany and the Vosges Mountains in France when the weather is good.
 The Sphinx Observation Deck is also the ultimate destination for many people to take the Jungfrau Railway. When you walk to the observation deck, you can not only get a close look at the Jungfrau, but also enjoy the longest view of Europe. The Aletsch Glacier, the starting point of the Jungfrau, can even overlook the Black Forest in Germany and the Vosges Mountains in France when the weather is good.
 The tram will stop at Eigerwand Station for 5 minutes. There is a large glass viewing window inside the station, which shows that it is the vast view of the glacial river of the Eigerg peak and the amazing ice sea landscape.

Earl Selects Possession Diamond Watch

Since its founding in 1874, Piaget has always been committed to enhancing creativity, refining details, and integrating watch and jewelry craftsmanship, reflecting the style of high-end brands. Piaget was originally specialized in the research and manufacture of watch movements, and later extended this superb technique to jewelry craftsmanship, so it was able to launch the first jewelry watch in the 1960s. Piaget has the ability to constantly surpass itself and excel, and is particularly good at developing rare, precious and unique works.

Possession diamond watch
The crown of braided diamonds freely rotates around the surface, with the Roman numeral time scale and the freely rotating round case, this Possession watch is full of rhythm and dynamic. The watch uses a convertible strap, which allows you to change the style of the watch according to different occasions and moods.
Technical specifications:
Possession watch, diameter 29 mm. 18K rose gold case. Set with 37 round diamonds (approximately 0.9 carats). Comes with a convertible strap and a silk strap for replacement. Piaget 157P quartz movement.

L’ Heure Du Diamant Series Mysterious Opal Interpretation Of Rainbow Color Time

Chopard, a watch and jewellery brand, exerts extraordinary creativity, cleverly captures the complex and dynamic characteristics of opal, and displays its charming charm. The brand combines this mysterious gem with modern design to make the shape and material blend naturally, creating three masterpieces of watches, like a colorful amulet, exuding dream magic.

   Chopard L’ Heuredudiamant series opal watches are mysterious and precious, quietly telling the secret of time, presenting an unforgettable beauty. These dreamlike works create a real light and color charm. Australian white natural opal is full of vitality, showing magnificent flowing colors and ever-changing brilliance. Gorgeous opals dot precious watches, dazzling eyes and arousing emotional ripples.

An amulet

   Before the advent of large-scale timepieces, the watch guarded the secrets of time on the wrist of the woman in a very secretive and low-key manner. The watch is first and foremost a piece of jewelry. The L’ Heuredudiamant collection is inspired by the style of the 1970s, and with its oval case, it exudes elegance and nostalgia. This delicate and light 70’s style has influenced the fashion industry and watchmaking, paying tribute to the eternal feminine charm. The compact model with a round case is the icing on the cake of the L’ Heuredudiamant collection, while praising the impeccable proportions of the prototype. The bezels of all three watches are paved with round brilliant-cut diamonds. One of the brilliant diamonds extends to the strap. The bezel is dotted with a larger diamond at 6 and 12 o’clock. Dazzling. Exquisite gold and silver workmanship highlights the superb craftsmanship of Chopard’s fine jewelry workshops.

Opal-from gems to jewelry watches

   From ancient times, opal is considered to have magical magic in Greek and Roman mythology-Gygès turned the opal ring and then disappeared. From the Middle Ages to the Second Empire period, opal has left a deep mark on history with its unique charm and continues to write its own legend. Opal is powerful and delicate and exquisite. It exudes a dazzling iridescent luster. The unique brilliance of the gemstone is full of vitality and dazzling. Opal also has a dynamic character, its colors change rapidly, and its gloss is unpredictable, so it symbolizes the integrity of the sacred stone.

For more details, please pay attention to the live feature of the Basel Watch Fair:

The Best ‘report’ For Your Girlfriend

To ring the ‘alarm bell’ for the male compatriots, August 28 is one of the most important days of the year-Qixi Festival. It’s the most important day for your love except for your girlfriend’s birthday and anniversary. If you do n’t have time to prepare a gift for your girlfriend, and you do n’t want to follow the rules of giving the youngest one (flowers, chocolates, lipsticks), how can you send her the most sincere love to you? Your heart, look at these watches recommended by the Watch House, which one can hit you.

Mido Berencelli M027. watch

Domestic public price: RMB 8100
Watch diameter: 33 mm
Movement type: automatic machinery
Case material: stainless steel
Water resistance: 30 meters
Watch details: 8400
Watch diameter: 33 mm
Movement type: automatic machinery
Case material: stainless steel
Water resistance: 50 meters
Watch details: 6600
Watch diameter: 23.5 mm
Movement type: automatic machinery
Case material: stainless steel gold-plated
Water resistance: 50 meters
Watch details: mido / 8678 /
Reason for recommendation: This watch should not be recommended, because this watch should be difficult to buy now. But I still can’t help but put it on the recommendation list of ‘confession’ with your girlfriend this time. This watch is the watch that I think best reflects the feminine beauty, courage and skillfulness of Mido watches. From the selection of the overall stainless steel gold-plated material on the exterior, to the ‘Mido’ logo corresponding to the 12 o’clock position on the gold dial, to the dual display window of the day and date at 3 o’clock, every detail is just right. Combined with the popular retro design, it will only add points on the wrist and never reduce charm. If you are fortunate enough to see this watch on the market, you must seize the opportunity and give it to your goddess. This must be the best ‘confession’.

Summary: I remember watching such a story before. On the day of confession, a boy gave a book to his beloved girl and others scoffed at it, but the girl was very happy. Because the book is called Confession. In such a special festival, we all want to be valued and missed. If you want to confess to her, why not want her to think about what she really wants.

Swiss Century-old Independent Watch Brand Oris Enters Tmall Flagship Store

On August 1, 2017, Oris, a century-old Swiss independent watchmaking brand, entered Tmall and officially established its first e-commerce flagship store in the world.

Oris, a Swiss luxury watch brand that originated in the early twentieth century, is calm and restrained with a low-key atmosphere. It has always adhered to Swiss traditional watchmaking technology and developed precise and precise mechanical watches. After careful preparation, Oris officially launched Oris official flagship store on Tmall, China’s largest e-commerce service platform, on August 1, 2017. This move not only demonstrated Oris’s attention to the Chinese mainland market, It also provides many consumers and watch lovers with a more convenient and efficient younger consumer experience.

2017 Oris-Aquis Calendar Watch

Oris has four series of products: diving, aviation, racing, and culture. Each category has many product lines, which can provide diversified and personalized options. Oris diving series products will be the first batch to be registered in the Tmall flagship store, followed by aviation, racing and cultural series.

Oris-65 Year Diver’s Watch

In the 1960s, diving sports developed rapidly. After careful research by masters such as Jacques Cousteau, Hans Hass and Christian J. Lambertsen, diving equipment has made unprecedented progress and breakthroughs. In recent years, Oris has taken this as inspiration and launched a number of 65 The revival of the diver’s watch in the year set off a wave of retro fashion. The biggest feature of this series is the strong retro fascination, the dark blue dial is calm and elegant, the dark green dial is retro and stylish, and the silver dial is sharp and wise. The brown suede, stainless steel, black rubber strap and NATO fabric strap provide a variety of options, making people become retro and stylish people, all hands exudes a very personalized charm.

Oris-Hammerhead Shark-Limited Edition

At the same time focusing on traditional Swiss craftsmanship, Oris also has a sense of fashion, incorporating innovative fashion concepts into diving watches. The young and fashionable diving series Aquis calendar watch introduced during the Basel Watch Fair this year combines professional diving performance with fashionable sports elements. The slender and tough but not too wide lugs, the three-dimensional lines are easy to read and increase the Arab The scales can better assist diving activities, suitable for wrists of different sizes, high-quality polished polished surface, and the delicate and delicate dial edges meet the daily practical and comfortable watch concept. It is suitable for newcomers to the workplace, comfortable and low-key. Lose attitude.
The Aquis water depth gauge, which has placed the depth gauge in a mechanical watch, has been patented. In recent years, a bright black case and a yellow rubber strap have returned to people’s vision, even at a depth of 100 meters. , Also allows divers to read the exact number at a glance. The eye-catching yellow rubber strap is equipped with a safety anchor to prevent the strap from falling down, which increases the wearing comfort and ensures the safety in use in deep water environments. For professional and experienced diving sports enthusiasts. Oris Water Depth Gauge is like a reliable professional underwater wrist companion, and its bright yellow color greatly enhances its fashion.
Oris has been committed to the global marine public good. At this year’s Basel watch exhibition, Oris “Hammerhead Shark” limited edition watch made a stunning appearance, echoing the research project of the non-profit non-profit organization Pelagios Kakunjá, protecting the dying marine giant shark, and providing the protection research project Requirements. The design of Oris’s new ‘Hammerhead Shark’ limited edition watch is equally impressive. The gray-black brushed dial, the blue central seconds hand and the minute scale on the outer edge of the dial are just like the end of a quiet sea. Shark, quiet and breathtaking. This time, the limited edition of Hammerhead Shark will be exclusively sold at Oris Tmall flagship store. Only 2,000 pieces are issued worldwide. The hammerhead shark pattern is engraved on the stainless steel caseback. Each watch is equipped with a unique limited number, which represents A unique charity.

Oris-Hammerhead Shark-Limited Edition

According to data released by third-party authorities, online shopping has become an important part of China’s total retail sales, up to 13.5%. Oris’ presence in Tmall not only allows Chinese consumers to understand Oris’s rich brand resources, but also shows Oris’s strong confidence in the Chinese market and the ‘millennial’ youthful shopping model. Based on this, Oris’ products launched on Tmall stores have more brand characteristics, allowing consumers to learn about Oris when it has a more attitude and style. As Mr. Yan Minhui, General Manager of Oris China said, ‘Through the launch of Oris Tmall flagship store, we believe that we can better convey the brand concept to consumers and allow consumers to experience Oris more versatile. And the personality side. ‘

Earl’s Dynasty Legend Dedicated To The Subversion Masterpiece Long Feng Series Watch

The coming year of the Republic of China, which corresponds to the twelve Earthly Branches of China, is the year of the Renchen, and the year of the dragon in the Chinese zodiac year. To pay tribute to the Year of the Dragon, and to appreciate the rich treasures given to the world by Chinese cultural trends, Piaget is proud to present the Dragon and Phoenix watch series. This series contains more than 20 high-end watches with themes of dragons and phoenixes. It also set sail for the Asian tour preview show this season. The Taiwan market is the second stop in the world. It is scheduled to be on July 22nd. Xue Wenchuang held a grand media presentation of the ‘Earl dynasty legendary dragon and phoenix series watch’, leading the participants to glimpse the historical glory of the Chinese dynasty and the extreme craftsmanship aesthetics of Earl!
Dragon and Phoenix Sacred Symbol of Chinese Culture
   The dragon and the phoenix have a sacred status in Chinese culture, which means nobility and authority, and also represents the two creative forces that catalyze the evolution of the universe, and can bring prosperity, good luck and good fortune to everyone. Earl of Switzerland’s top watchmaker, in the approaching year of the Chinese Dragon, will deliberately integrate its 40 professional masters, and integrate the brand’s unique craftsmanship and technology with Chinese mythology. The essence of more than 20 high-end watch works, with a wide artistic vision to interpret the imaginary world outlined in Chinese fables, develop a series that inspires and fosters dreams.
Enamel Crafts Precious Masterpieces of Western Art
   At the 2011 SIHH Geneva Haute Horlogerie Salon Exhibition, Piaget was the first to disclose two models of the Dragon and Phoenix series watches. The Panlong Feifeng appeared vividly on the dial, which immediately raised the topic; today, more than 20 in the series The watches have been in place, with Piaget’s dual skills based on professional watchmaking and jewellery craftsmanship, and then integrated into the gold carving and enamel craftsmanship of the eight major crafts in Geneva, using Western craftsmanship to express the broad thinking of the East. Only with the highest artistic specifications, can the dragon and the phoenix have a special status in the eyes of the Chinese nation. The Dragon and Phoenix series watches combine three extraordinary enamel techniques: filigree enamel, filled enamel, and miniature enamel, and use derivative techniques in enamel painting, such as monochrome miniature enamel (Grisaille). , Just to faithfully present the most fascinating dragon dance in the world of Chinese mythology!
3D effect recreates the shock of the dynasty legend
   The listing event is a combination of 3D audio and video effects, which has become a popular trend in the marketing operations of top fashion brands recently. Piaget is also a top leader in the fine watch industry. It has been since the first moment when guests entered the venue. Start a sensory experience that travels the world of myth. Piaget painted the flying images of dragons and phoenixes with gold paint on the black walls and cloth curtains in the exhibition room, and projected the laser beams of dragons and phoenixes. Between the cloth curtains flying and the beams diffracting, the fragrances linger. , Resulting in the visual feeling of flying dragon and phoenix. In order to further bring the audience into the real and unreal mythological world, and use the learning and culture to create a complete theater-like space, Piaget specially played 3D dragon and phoenix series of video images, summoning the dragon and the phoenix from the void to serve as Piaget. The courier of the series watch presents the concept of each painted and gold engraved watch hidden behind the gorgeous composition, and also creates the majestic momentum of flying dragons and phoenixes.
Kyvo supermodels show gorgeous palace feast
   The top models of Kaiwo Li Xiaohan, Wang Xintian, Zhong Chenghan and Norman performed the extraordinary and noble elegance of dragons and phoenixes in a clear and domineering manner, as if leading you into a palace feast integrating Chinese and Western art.
   On the day, the supermodels wore Xiazi costumes that started from Chinese elements and famous in the Western fashion circle, and displayed Piaget Dragon and Phoenix watches. Both of them took Chinese elements as inspiration and combined with Western unique craftsmanship techniques to demonstrate the blending of China and the West. The masterpiece of art and cultural heritage became another perfect marvel of the big show of the day!
The fusion of Chinese and Western
   Dragons and phoenixes are undoubtedly honored in the Chinese society that promises to be ‘the descendants of the dragon’, and they have developed a national identity like bloodlines. Dragons and dragons that naturally exist in Chinese culture like sucking Can Phoenix set off the topic?
   As Liu Yuxuan, general manager of Earl Taiwan said, ‘The two dragon and phoenix watches that were first exposed in SIHH earlier this year have caused a sensation among many top collectors, and many highly valued buyers in Taiwan have expressed a high degree of interest. Today, we are seeing more brilliant masterpieces, which are bound to once again attract the customers at the top of the pyramid. I am convinced that the Dragon and Phoenix series, which has a unique meaning to the Chinese market, will cause shock and once again prove the esteemed status of Piaget’s top watchmaking! ‘ –