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Classic Temperament Three Recommended Noble And Elegant Women’s Watches

Classical temperament is a unique connotation of culture, with very few modern elements, and most of them are a kind of interpretation of beauty. Used to describe women’s dignified and elegant posture. This is also the temperament that women lack today. Modern women mostly pursue fashionable trendy temperament, which is slightly impetuous, and it is difficult to interpret the unique connotation of that classic temperament. Today, the Watch House recommends several classic temperament watches for everyone. It can give everyone a chance to experience the classic elegance in this slightly impetuous society.
Emilion Odyssey 61.2149.L.E.2.25.6 watch

Watch Series: Odyssey Series
Movement type: Quartz
Case material: Steel with diamonds
Strap material: stainless steel
Case diameter: 20.1×23.4 mm
Domestic public price: ¥ 10200
Watch details: (Tank Solo) series W5200005 watch

Watch Series: Tank Series
Movement type: Quartz
Case material: stainless steel
Strap Material: Crocodile Leather
Case diameter: 24 mm
Domestic public price: ¥ 19200
Watch details: Cartier’s top example of creativity, and a modern interpretation of square and rectangular watches. The circular lines of the Tank series are the first to foretell the aesthetic rules of Art Deco style, and its geometric design is a modern standard of aesthetics.
Longines classic retro series L2.792.4.71.0 watch

Watch Series: Classic Vintage
Movement type: automatic machinery
Case material: Stainless steel
Strap Material: Crocodile Leather
Case diameter: 33 mm
Domestic public price: 16200
Watch details: Classic vintage products are a deep tribute to the pioneering spirit of Longines watchmakers, and it is this spirit that has always inspired them to move forward and create glory. This square classic vintage watch is even more outstanding.
Summary: The three watches recommended for everyone are square watches with elegant shapes, which are more suitable for friends with classic temperament, and can better reflect the inherent temperament of the wearer.

Within 50,000 Or Less Within 8 Seconds Recommended Mechanical Watch

A watch is a symbol of people’s identity and taste. Choosing a good mechanical watch does not necessarily have a beautiful appearance. The accuracy of the travel time is also one of the factors that everyone considers when buying a mechanical watch. So today I will recommend a few watches with a few errors that everyone knows.

Rolex Skymaster 114200 blue dial watch

  Watch Series: Oyster Perpetual
  Movement Type: Automatic
  Case material: Stainless steel
  Strap material: stainless steel
  Table diameter: 34 mm
  Domestic public price: ¥ 37,700
  Watch details:
  Comment: Rolex is a brand generally regarded by the industry and watchmakers as extremely accurate and of excellent quality. The Oyster is a model witness in every detail. The 34 mm log case is elegant and comfortable to wear. Water-resistant to 100 meters, the log-type movement is completely designed and manufactured by Rolex. It is also approved by the Swiss Precision Timepiece Testing Center and can store 48 hours of power. The surface is not only refined and elegant, but also has a new design. You can choose to have an oyster strap with an extended chain link, an oyster buckle, or a commemorative strap with a crown buckle to ensure beautiful appearance and comfortable wearing.

Plum Blossom COSMOKING 787S-310 watch

  Watch Series: Universe
  Movement Type: Automatic
  Gender: Men
  Case material: Stainless steel
  Strap material: stainless steel
  Table diameter: 38.5 mm
  Domestic public price: ¥ 9,300
  Watch details:
  Comment: This watch is very accurate when it comes to travel. The white round dial and the bezel wave design are dynamic. ETA2834-2 self-winding movement with 38 hours power reserve and water resistance to 100 meters. Sapphire crystal, sapphire glass with magnifying glass.

Breitling Super Ocean Chronograph Series Stainless Steel Case-Black Dial-Professional Stainless Steel Bracelet Watch

  Watch Series: Super Ocean Series
  Movement Type: Automatic
  Gender: Men
  Case material: Stainless steel
  Strap material: stainless steel
  Table diameter: 42 mm
  Domestic public price: ¥ 33,200
  Watch details:
  Comment: Dedicated diving watch Super Ocean Dive Chronograph watch is water resistant to 500 meters. The specially designed safety button can ensure the waterproof performance. The safety button can only be activated after the safety ring is released. The large hands of the Super Ocean Dive Chronograph and the anti-glare sapphire crystal on both sides make the time clear and easy to read.

Tissot CARSON T95.1.483.51 watch

  Watch Series: T-Classic
  Movement Type: Automatic
  Gender: Men
  Case material: Stainless steel
  Strap material: stainless steel
  Table diameter: 35.5 mm
  Domestic public price: ¥ 3,150
  Watch details:
  Comment: This Kazan uses the ETA2824-2 automatic winding movement, which oscillates 28,800 times per hour and has a power reserve of 38 hours. Built-in 25 gems. The black round dial has a simple and stylish design. The diameter of this watch is only 35.5 mm, which makes it very compact to use. Date at 3 o’clock, stainless steel bracelet.

Mido Jubilee M8690.4.11.8 watch

  Watch Series: Belem Celli
  Movement Type: Automatic
  Gender: Men
  Case material: Stainless steel
  Strap material: cowhide
  Table diameter: 42 mm
  Domestic public price: ¥ 9,400
  Watch details:
  Comment: This watch continues the simple and exquisite production style and the fine work of accurate time, and this watch is certified by the Observatory. It is a very cost-effective product in entry-level watches, with a white round dial, sword-shaped hands, and Arabic numerals.

Omega Co-AxialChronometer 431. Co-Axial Chronometer

  Watch Series: Die Fei
  Movement Type: Automatic
  Gender: Men
  Case material: Stainless steel
  Strap material: crocodile leather
  Table diameter: 41 mm
  Domestic public price: ¥ 46,100
  Watch details:
  Comment: This watch uses the 8500 coaxial escapement movement, and the time difference of a watch friend is only 0.5 seconds. The back reveals the beauty of the meticulously crafted movement, with a power reserve of 60 hours and a water-resistant depth of 100 meters. Sapphire crystal with black alligator strap.

  To sum up: if you want your watch to be accurate, you must make the mainspring as full as possible. This is more important for automatic watches. The second is to understand the position difference of the watch. Using the different accuracy errors of the watch when walking in different positions can correct the trend of the watch.

Tip: Position difference test

The test method is very simple. You need to wind the watch fully, and then use a standard time to align the hour, minute, and second of the watch under test, and synchronize them. Time comparison errors are recorded. Repeat the above process one by one, and test the actual running error of the watch face down, down, left, and up position, and record.

For example, the static test results are: +20 seconds / day on the face, +20 seconds / day below, +5 seconds / day on the bottom, +25 seconds / day on the left, +10 seconds / day on the top The actual walking time error of the watch is +15 seconds / day.

Taking the situation in the above example, it is clear that the watch should be placed downwards at night to help reduce the cumulative error of the watch. Only by having an accurate understanding of the cause of the error of the watch and the error characteristics of the watch can it serve you better.

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Classic Aesthetic Features Tasting Rolex Sky-dweller White Gold Steel Watch

In 2012, Rolex’s most complicated series Sky-Dweller was released. It is equipped with the brand’s most complex movement and comes with the brand’s powerful influence. With many outstanding patented technologies and heritage of the brand’s tradition, Triangle pit bezel decoration and other characteristics, once launched, it has attracted widespread attention from watch enthusiasts from all walks of life, and became one of the hotly debated models at that time. In 2017, Rolex added a new work to this collection with classic aesthetic characteristics at the Basel Jewellery and Watch Fair. It is the Rolex Sky-Dwelle platinum and steel watch, which brings together 11 patents of the brand, all related to reliability and precision, ergonomics and Basic categories such as waterproof performance fully demonstrate Rolex’s superior technology. Let’s take a look together. (Watch model: 326934)

‘Zhi Fangui to Zhijian’

Rolex Sky-Dwelle white gold steel watch

   Nowadays, with the continuous improvement of watch functions and styles by watch enthusiasts, the importance of simple and delicate mechanical timepieces has been emphasized. This is the spirit of the new Rolex Sky-Dweller series. It is designed for global travellers. It has a unique charm whether it is display function, movement operation or daily use. Not only has a unique appearance, but also the perfect combination of superb technology and simple operation, reflecting the simplicity of Sky-Dweller.
High cold and reliable

18ct white gold triangular bezel
   The new model adopts a 42mm white gold / steel case, combining 904L stainless steel and 18ct white gold. It perfectly combines the reliability of stainless steel with the luxury and high-temperature characteristics of platinum. After being treated with brushing and polishing, it shows perfection. Sensual enjoyment, very beautiful. The heritage of the brand’s Ring Command triangular pit pattern bi-directional rotating outer ring, adding classic connotation and charm to the inch above the wrist. The crown has a screw-in, double-lock, double waterproof system that guarantees the watch’s excellent water resistance and demonstrates the rock-solid reliability of the Rolex brand.

Dual time zone display with blue dial
   The sunray pattern dial is covered with long-lasting blue light material, showing an excellent gradient blue visual enjoyment. The hollow hands and the hour markers of the watch are covered with an easy-to-read Chromalight display, which can clearly show the time at the moment even in a dark environment, which is very convenient. The date display window is located at the 3 o’clock position of the watch, and with the brand’s anti-reflective convex mirror, the date display is more clear and intuitive, showing the unique connotation of the watch. The almanac function, through the Rolex patented Saros’s almanac system, automatically distinguishes between 30-day small months and 31-day large moons, which can be linked and operated simply through the bezel, which is simple and fast.
Unique rotating off-axis disk

   Local time is indicated by a central hand, while hometown is indicated by a rotating off-axis dial, indicated by a fixed red inverted triangle mark. The unique 24-hour display panel design is convenient to distinguish between day and night in the hometown, and will not be confused by the same morning and evening time. In addition, the design of singular time scales and double digits of Arabic numerals not only intuitively separates the space between time scales, but also makes the disk layout more beautiful and very user-friendly.

White gold / steel gold bracelet
   Equipped with an oyster 18ct white gold / steel inter-gold bracelet, just like the inter-gold case, it gives the watch an overall sense of substitution. In addition, the classic Oyster bracelet inherits the outstanding performance of the brand’s classic models, as always, it is stable and reliable, which can well protect the wrist watch from the wrist. Rolex patented buckle with 5mm easy-to-adjust chain extension system makes the watch fit the wrist more ergonomically and is very convenient.

Rolex Sky-Dwelle white gold steel watch
Summary: The combination of stainless steel and white gold contrasts with the blue gradient dial, which makes the classic Sky-Dweller series shine again. Incorporating the excellent dual time zone and annual calendar functions, it also adds connotation to the watch, inheriting the brand’s classic triangular bezel and oyster waterproof case, showing the reliability as always. If you like this watch, consider it.

Instant Posture Montblanc Time Writer Ii

How long is it in an instant? 1 second, 0.1 second, 0.01 second, or even 0.001 second … It may be difficult for the naked eye to capture the picture at this moment, while Montblanc Time Writer II double balance wheel 1,000 chronograph records these moments for us and seals time. Montblanc Time Writer II double balance 1,000 chronograph challenges the laws of physics and pays tribute to the 1936 Minerva chronograph. It has a 1 / 1,000-second timing function, but its oscillating balance has a frequency of only 50 Hz. The timing button is set between the two lugs above the 12 o’clock position. The hollow dial seems complicated, and actually separates different functions into different functions. Different levels, clear and practical. Montblanc
(From left to right): Montblanc cufflinks; Montblanc Etoile de Montblanc premium ink pen; Montblanc Time Writer II double balance 1,000 chronograph; Montblanc Timewalker Double Flying Grey Titanium chronograph (limited to 888 pieces)
(From left to right) Montblanc Time Writer II Double Balance 1,000 Chronograph; Montblanc Nicholas Kies Openwork Double Time Zone Display Chronograph; Montblanc Cufflinks; Montblanc Bohemian Pirouette Grise Ink Pen
(From left to right) Montblanc tribute to Mont Blanc series ink pen; Montblanc Time Writer II double balance 1,000 chronograph; Montblanc cufflinks; Montblanc men’s bracelet

Avant-garde Design Concept Brief Comment On Tag Heuer Lincoln Series All-steel Watch

As the leader of many high-end watches in the ‘Kingdom of Watches’ in Switzerland, TAGHeuer, with a history of 144 years, adheres to the original concept and manufactures watches that are accurate, reliable and beautiful. Representative of Swiss avant-garde style since 1860 ‘. Today, Watch House brings you a TAG Heuer Lincoln series all-steel watch, the official model of the watch is: WAT2011.BA0951.

 As one of TAG Heuer’s most classic models, Link Lincoln has swept the world for more than two decades. The moral of Link is to connect, connect the city, connect art, and connect you and me. It represents the spirit of courage to try, confident and decisive, and the courage to achieve self, and this spirit is exactly the driving force for the continuous development of the city.

The watch is made of full stainless steel and has a silver-white dial design.


The case is made of stainless steel, and the crown shoulders are provided on the upper and lower sides of the crown. The lugs are perfectly designed to fit the wrist effectively, which is comfortable and beautiful.

The stainless steel bracelet on the watch is polished and beautiful.


TAG Heuer fully demonstrates its outstanding precision timing function. The founder Edward TAG Heuer believes in this watch design philosophy. He believes that a watch should not have unnecessary details. He should give TAG Heuer a distinguishable Style, which perfectly integrates aesthetics, technology and function into the design of the watch.


The silver-white disk design with rod-shaped luminous hands is simple and convenient to read. The luminous design makes it possible to read normally in the dark night. At 6 o’clock, the watch has a date display window and a day display window. This unique design has a unique aesthetic.

The watch is equipped with a stainless steel folding buckle, which is simple and safe to wear.


The watch is equipped with a cal.5 automatic winding movement with a diameter of 26 mm and a vibration frequency of 28,800 vibrations per hour. The full movement of the movement can provide a power reserve of 38 hours.

Summary: Since the establishment of TAG Heuer, TAG Heuer has been a pioneer in the watchmaking industry. Regardless of watch technology, material selection and style design, TAG Heuer has created a series of models of distinguished watches. At present, the domestic price of this watch is 27,100 yuan, which is quite cost-effective. Don’t miss it if you like it.

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