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Modern Interpretation Of Art Deco Style Movado Esperanza Aisha Watch

Movado Esperanza® watches have been available since 1980, with a distinctive ‘Art Deco’ style, which became very popular when it was launched. The Esperanza watch uses an architecturally long, cutout vertical link bracelet design to win with a unique personality. At this year’s Basel Watch & Jewellery Show, Movado made four new Esperanza ladies’ watches made of pure stainless steel. It is a new interpretation of the Aisha series. The soft and smooth round case is matched with the simple museum dial and the iconic The bracelet is integrated into one piece, which is very modern.

   This new Aisha series gold watch is made of pure stainless steel and PVD gold-plated stainless steel. A polished gold bezel with a matte black museum dial is accented with a high-gloss bezel, gold dots and hands.

   28 mm round case with a thickness of only 5.70 mm. The new design reinterprets the original design of the hollowed-out vertical chain bracelet inspired by the Art Deco style. It adopts a more stylish hinged case with natural lines and comfortable fit. The new button-folding clasp makes the bracelet elegantly fit the wrist, making it easier to wear.

   Esperanza’s new museum dial is also decorated with Movado’s classic concave golden dots and tonal Crown Prince hands, and a raised, different textured outer ring, creating a visual effect of a double-layered dial with contrasting tones.

   Swiss quartz movement, ETA 901.001. Water-resistant to 3ATM / 30 meters.
   For more details, please pay attention to the live feature of the Basel Watch Fair:

Glasutti’s Original New Calibre 37 Chronograph Series Debuted In New York

The world-famous exhibition of original and new timepieces by the famous German watch brand Glashütte has recently landed in New York. As an important stop of this tour exhibition, Glashütte Original hosted a unique evening at the New York Museum’s Sky Room Observation Deck. VIP guests from New York were especially invited to appreciate the complex craftsmanship and elegance of the brand. The opening of the party was fortunate to invite Mr. Dieter Pachner, the original vice president of sales of Glashütte and Steve Cohen, the American brand manager, to welcome the guests and guide everyone to appreciate this section in terms of technical details New chronograph. The event featured a series of fascinating antique chronograph watches in the form of an interactive exhibition. All exhibits have been produced by the town of Glashütte over the past 170 years, and they will lead guests through the time corridor to explore the tradition and evolution of Glashütte’s original chronographs.

 However, the star of the night was undoubtedly still Glashütte’s original 37 movement. This movement is an original and independently developed and developed by Glashütte Original. The entire movement is made in Glashütte’s original watchmaking factory. This new self-winding movement stands in two exquisite chronographs: the elegant Senator Chronograph Panorama Date and the dynamic Seventies Chronograph Seventies Chronograph Panorama Date. Both watches feature integrated column wheel chronograph mechanics, combining many complex functions in one.

 In order to let the guests in-depth look into the mystery of this new movement, a young watchmaker from the town of Glashütte was specially arranged to demonstrate the assembly steps of the movement. In addition, there are special racing racing tracks tailored for the party at the venue. Guests can experience the accuracy and reliability of this new chronograph by measuring the racing time.
 The music of the party was performed by the famous violin soloist Bryson Andres. His music arrangement cleverly blended classical and modern elements, which made the audience fascinated.

 The next stop of this 37-calibre chronograph tour is Chicago. At that time, Glashütte Original will hold an interactive exhibition at the tourbillon boutique (545 North Michigan Avenue), and it will be held from November 18 to 23. Open to the public.

Appreciation Of The Simplicity Of Bulgari’s New Octo Series Watch

Personality, elegance and power, this is the unique connotation of the BVLGARI OCTO series watch since its introduction. The OCTO watch series was born in 2012. It has a unique octagonal case with a round bezel. It is simple and exquisite, and it can be called one of the most representative BVLGARI watch series.

 In addition to the previous three black lacquered dial OCTO watches, BVLGARI has now launched a new model combining stainless steel and rose gold with a white lacquered dial. The combination of different tones of metal creates a clear and interlaced visual effect, making the timeless bold design of the OCTO series watches more strongly recognizable.

 The OCTO watch is a symbol of ‘perfect geometry’: it breaks the traditional sense of aesthetics and displays a unique and subtle personality style through a harmonious and balanced design. The OCTO series has long transcended the meaning of pure watches. It has been endowed with extraordinary temperament, eclectic personality and mature and restrained style connotation, which perfectly shows the unique charm of BVLGARI men’s watches.

 The case of the new OCTO watch continues its design features. The case is composed of 110 facets, each of which is carefully polished and polished by hand, showing the overall refined style of the watch in the details, perfectly showing the BVLGARI Beautiful original Roman architecture inspired design. The case design of the OCTO watch is extremely contemporary in aesthetics, and with a low-key and classic dial layout, it will become a new model of luxury men’s watches in the future.
   The above watch home brings the cutting-edge information of Bulgari watches at the 2014 Basel watch exhibition. For more details about the 2014 Basel watch exhibition, please pay attention to our special report webpage.

2014 Basel Watch Show Special Website:

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Meidu Pilot Long Power More Practical

Many years ago, I bought a Swiss mechanical watch for the first time, and the brand I chose was Mido. So I feel very kind to Mido. It is also because of Mido that he was poisoned by mechanical watches and has since embarked on the ‘no return’ of love watches.

   Mido is mostly elegant and formal, but this does not mean that the diving watch is not good. The Pilot’s Series Long-Kinetic Waterproof Sports Watch is a cost-effective diving master.

   The Pilot’s Collection, inspired by the Europa Point Lighthouse, was first born in 1944. Cape Europa Lighthouse, you can tell from the name that it is not in China. So, where is it? The answer is the Strait of Gibraltar, which connects the Mediterranean and the Atlantic.

    The lighthouse illuminates the direction of voyagers, symbolizing the conquest of the ocean. In the vast sea, seeing a lighthouse is like finding an oasis in the arid desert; in the dark night, you see a little light; when you are depressed, you hear the words of comfort.

Pilot with rubber strap

   The Pilot’s Watch is also a weapon for conquering the ocean, with a water resistance of 200 meters. Depending on the material, strap and color, the watch has several styles. Among them, the most special is titanium. Titanium is not only light in weight, it does not cause skin irritation. This watch weighs only 123 grams, and the case and bracelet are polished by brushing combined with polishing.

Titanium Pilot

   The shoulder guards on both sides of the crown, like bodyguards, faithfully escort the crown to ensure excellent waterproof performance. The pilot’s strap features a unique dive extension. Specifically, because the strap is long, when you dive or surf, you can wear the watch on the outside of the diving suit, which makes reading time more convenient.

   The pilot not only has a long strap, but also a long drive. Thanks to the Caliber 80 automatic winding movement used in the watch, its power reserve has reached 80 hours, which is twice as long as the ETA movement’s usual power reserve of about 40 hours, which doubles its practicality.

Two-tone bracelet, don’t have a taste

   In addition to power, there is also a calendar. Compared with the ordinary single calendar, the pilot adopts a double calendar structure, and the week and calendar are displayed at the same time at 3 o’clock. What day and day of the week are you looking at at a glance?

   As a diving watch, strong luminous light is essential. The pilot’s luminous light is large and thick, and the hands and hour markers are covered with a non-radiation Super-LumiNova luminous material. When the light is insufficient, the time can be read clearly and the dark water bottom can be dealt with.

Mido Pilot Watch

   If we look back at the watch market in recent years, we will find that many brands are making long-powered watches, but most of these long-powered watches are high-end brands with prices of hundreds of thousands, which is a bit high for ordinary consumers. climb. Because of its own positioning, Mido determines that its watches are affordable for ordinary people, even if they have long power. In this way, the new Pilot series is very much looking forward to.

How About Blancpain Watches? How About Blancpain?

About Blancpain
  Blancpain overview
  Blancpain is currently the world’s most complex and versatile fully manual mechanical watch. Since its establishment in 1735, Blancpain has never produced a quartz watch, this purpose will be carried to the end and will never change! Blancpain, the oldest watch brand in existence, does not have a flow-through factory. The manufacturing process is all carried out in old farmhouses, and inlaid by individual watchmakers. To this day, every Blancpain timepiece is inspected by the watchmaker, engraved with a number and signed as a record. Its strict quality control is no different from that of many years ago.
  The Blancpain watch series, which contains the motor system, complicated and exquisite, are all the best in the art of watchmaking-including ultra-thin watches, moon phase profit and loss tables, perpetual calendar tables, double size watches and minute repeaters. Minute repeater is a masterpiece of art with outstanding achievements on the altar. Its birth is the result of more than 10,000 hours of careful research. It can be used to make hour, minute, and minute alarms as required. Its ingenious mobile system ~ there are three More than a dozen rubies and about 300 pieces are hand-mounted. Although the structure is complicated, the thickness and diameter of the epicenter are only 3.2 microns and 21 microns, and some parts are even slimmer than a hair. Minute repeater is a perfect combination of watch art knowledge and acoustics: every beep, hour and minute beep is due to two miniature hammers that emit different vibrations and tones; each minute repeater requires tabulation. The master spent three months inlaying and adjusting. After completion, the watchmaker will individually number and sign them for the record. Therefore, only a small number of appearances occur every year, and it usually takes more than three years to reach customers.
  Blancpain History
  1953 The Fifty-Five Diver’s Watch became the designated wristwatch made by Cousteau. 1956 Launched the world’s most delicate ‘Ladybird’ wrist watch. 1984 The world’s smallest structure, the first to create a mechanical watch with moon phase profit and loss, day, month and date. In 1988, the smallest and thinnest hour in the world was created. In 1989, he set two world records: creating the world’s thinnest chronograph watch, and the unique automatic two-finger segment hand chronograph in the history of watchmaking. 1990 First in history: Launch of the first and only TOURBILLON mechanical timepiece that can display the date and store eight days of power. In 1991, Blancpain merged the six classic masterpieces into the same model case. Finally, the unique features of the six classic timepieces were integrated in ‘1735’, which is another pioneering work in watchmaking. 1993 Blancpain commemorates founder Jehan-Jacques
The 300th anniversary of Blancpain’s birth, the Swiss company Blancpain in Le Brassua created the 7001 series. 1994 Launch of the 2100 sports watch collection. 1995 A historic year for Blancpain: The 2100 sports watch series was selected as the ‘best watch’ of 1995-96. In 1996, a new 100-hour mechanical timepiece was created, suitable for all models of the 2100 series (lunar phase profit and loss, ultra-thin and perpetual calendar). The first built-in Fly in the world
Women’s chronograph with back system, 2000 series: ultra-thin watch with a surface diameter of only 36 mm and a power reserve display to choose from. The first fully automatic Ladybird watch series with built-in small automatic design ~ the world’s smallest and thinnest watch mechanical design.
  Blancpain process characteristics
  Blancpain’s watchmakers are still setting watches on a window table in the old farmhouse today. There is no image of the factory here. There is not even a production line. ‘Tradition’ holds the supremacy here: the essence of hundreds of years of culture and craftsmanship has also been carried forward to the extreme. Every BlancPain watchmaker is considered an artist. They blend extraordinary creations and excellent skills into every watch, giving them soul and life.
  Each watch order will only be handled by one watchmaker. Because the watchmaking work is undertaken independently, the watchmaker can freely choose the working time without any slight interference. From inlaying, sanding, retouching to cleaning, the watchmaker will do it meticulously.
  The value of a Blancpain watch lies not only in the time it takes to set it by hand, but also in every detail it takes. Its beautiful classic appearance makes it transcendentally unaffected by changes in the tide and becomes a self-contained watch art treasure.
How about Blancpain watches
  Blancpain officially entered China in 2007. The oldest Swiss watch crocodile is long overdue. Blancpain has only been in China for just 7 years, coupled with his expensive price, it is destined that most people do not know it well, so people will ask how about Blancpain watches? Actually, Blancpain watches look like this:
  The oldest hand-made mechanical watch
  Blancpain was born in 1735 and is the oldest Swiss watch factory in the world. It is currently the world’s most complex and versatile fully manual mechanical watch, and has never produced a quartz watch. Blancpain has retained the most traditional watchmaking technology to date. There is no production line. Every watch is completed and finished by only one watchmaker. ‘Tradition’ holds the supremacy here: the essence of hundreds of years of culture and craftsmanship has also been carried forward to the extreme.
  Yield is very low, waiting for appointment
  Blancpain watches always have the most original watchmaking technology, which destined that the output of Blancpain watches is extremely low. The most famous is Blancpain’s minute repeater. Only a small number of minute repeaters appear every year. It usually takes more than three years to reach customers. Those who can successfully make an appointment with Blancpain are even richer and more expensive.
  Keep exploring and innovating
Blancpain has the longest history as the world’s top watch, but he has never been intoxicated. It can be seen from Blancpain’s history that Blancpain has never stopped exploring. Waiting for slim watches, sports watches, women’s chronograph watches. Blancpain’s positioning has never been to lie on the exhibition stand for viewing, but to actually record the dots on the person’s wrist.
  Prices range from tens of thousands to millions.
  The price of Blancpain watches ranges from tens of thousands to millions, the most complex Blancpain 1735 watch in the world. It is currently limited to 30 pieces worldwide and is worth 7.35 million. It is reported that this is the second most expensive watch in the world. Perhaps, the current price of Blancpain is only lower than Patek Philippe.
  Celebrity Favorites
  As a manufacturer of top-level watches, Blancpain has long been favored by many celebrities in the country, movie stars, sports celebrities and other famous people. In politics, the most famous is Russian Prime Minister Putin. Putin likes watches, and especially loves BLANCPAIN watches made with deep knowledge of precision machinery. Not only do you wear Blancpain for important occasions, you are no exception in private time. According to reports, in 2011, he loved outdoor sports and spent a rare vacation in the Republic of Tuva when he returned from the inspection of Irkutsk. Locally, Putin was received by the hospitable shepherd. In return, he presented the Blancpain watch he was wearing to the herder.
Recommended Blancpain watches
Blancpain Moon Phase Display Series 6654-1127-55B

Number: 6654-1127-55B
Series: Villeret
Style: Automatic, 40 mm, men
Material: Stainless steel
RMB: ¥ 115,500
Movement model: Cal.6654
Number of gems: 28
Number of parts: 321
Power reserve: 72 hours
Table mirror material: Sapphire crystal glass
Back penetration: back penetration
Water resistance: 30 meters
Date display: week display, annual calendar display, moon phase

Blancpain ultra-thin movement series 6651-1127-55B watch

Number: 6651-1127-55B
Series: Villeret
Style: Automatic, 40 mm, men
Material: Stainless steel
RMB: ¥ 78,500
Movement model: Cal.1151
Number of gems: 28
Number of parts: 210
Power reserve: 100 hours
Table mirror material: Sapphire crystal glass
Back penetration: back penetration
Water resistance: 30 meters
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It Pays Tribute To The Great Creation In Swiss History With A Watch

Speaking of Switzerland, what do you think of? Slow-cooked cheese fondue, sweet chocolate, Alps snow mountain and cable car, star Fans Einstein (please popularize it here by yourself) … . Of course, there is [Made in Switzerland] which is most proud of! In addition to its reputation as the ‘Kingdom of Watches’ world-renowned, Switzerland has many unexpected innovations and inventions …

  Swatch pays tribute to the great creations in Swiss history with creative watch designs!


‘Swiss Praise’-Swatch 2016 GRÜEZI ALL!

    From the Swatch 2016 Fall / Winter Grüezi All! (Swiss German: Hi All!) Series, this collectible ‘Swiss Praise’ watch is designed with zipper, potato peeler, sleigh, font and other great Swiss-related creation And the Swiss watch brand Swatch, which is popular all over the world, pays tribute to each other, not only the iconic pattern on the strap, but also the year.

 1291: the birth of a country


    An apple and an arrow, this is the story of the birth of a country. In the thirteenth century, the Austrian governor of Switzerland arbitrarily oppressed the people. Archer William Tiel resisted the arrest. The governor ordered an apple on Tiel’s young son, and if he was shot, he was pardoned. Tuyere shot the apple, and the governor captured it again in anger. During the escrow, Tuier escaped from the tiger’s mouth after shooting the Governor, and the people embraced it as a leader. Together, they rebelled against Austrian rule and Switzerland was finally free.

1883: Tobogganing

    On February 12, 1883, the world’s first sled race was born in Davos, Switzerland. The rider slid across a 4 km track in 9 minutes and 15 seconds. Subsequently, the movement began to rise rapidly around the world.

1957: World-famous fonts

    It is the default font for common computer systems, and the Arial font commonly used by Microsoft also comes from it. Created by Swiss font designers Edward Huffman and Max Miedinger in 1957, its style is concise and simple, and its quantitative design method is widely used in commercial design. It is considered as ‘ ‘Designed in Switzerland’.

 1983: Swatch saves the Swiss watch industry!

Swatch 2016 autumn and winter GRÜEZI ALL! Series

    In the quartz crisis of the mid-1970s, Swatch was the hero who saved the Swiss watch industry! In 1983, Swatch created a price-friendly, Swiss-made plastic watch that brought a sea change to the industry. The ‘S’ in its name not only represents the place of origin of Switzerland, but also contains ‘Second-watch’, which means the second watch, meaning that people can own two or more watches just like fashion.

Easter eggs

The ‘Cuckoo Sound’ watch becomes a cuckoo clock:
Early bird gets the worm!

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Pequignet Will Attend Salon Les Montres Clock Salon

French watchmaker Pequignet Manufacture will attend the famous Salon Les Montres watch salon, this will be their second participation, the salon exhibition will be in the Saint Germain des Prés is held this year for the 8th time.
This influential salon is held in Paris every November, and has been regarded as a watch and clock salon by amateurs and connoisseurs. , Collectors and the public display the new products and collections of well-known brands.

According to the founder of the watch salon, the owner of ‘Boutique Les Montres’,
The famous French jeweller Jean Lassaussois described that Pequignet Manufacture had a historic success at last year’s salon show. Jean Lassaussois sees his Calibre Royal collection as ‘the undisputed star of the show.’
Salon des Montres, November 3rd-5th, 2011, 4 Place Saint Germain des Prés, 6th arrondissement, Paris, France