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Freer And More ‘rebellious’ Dialogue With Mr. Carlo Giordanetti, Global Creative Director Of Swatch

Since the brand was founded, Swatch has infected countless people with its unique color, dynamic, bright and transparent brand concept, unlimited brand creativity, positive rebellion, and the pursuit of pure life fun. . 2018 is the 35th anniversary of the brand. On the evening of January 12, Swatch and Tmall hosted the grand event of Swatch Tmall Super Brand Day to celebrate this important moment. Taking advantage of this commemorative opportunity, the Watch House interviewed Mr. Carlo Giordanetti, the global creative design director of the brand, and gained a deep understanding of Swatch’s creative design. Let him take everyone together to enter a brand fun world with dynamic colors, unlimited creativity and positive rebellion:

Mr. Carlo Giordanetti, Global Creative Director, Swatch
Watch House: Compared with other brands, what are the differences in SWATCH’s art design?
Mr. Carlo Giordanetti: I think Swatch is unique in terms of cooperation with artists. We focus on two keywords. Of course, they are also two key features in design. The first is ‘freedom’ and the other is ‘positive.’ Rebellion. ‘ When we work with artists, we must let them know that the canvases and spaces we give them are very limited, but they can freely create according to their own ideas within this limited space. And we hope that their creations have not been tried by brands before.
Watch House: Swatch produces a large number of watches every year, so what is the source of design inspiration for these watches?
Mr. Carlo Giordanetti: The usual models such as spring, summer, autumn and winter all have some themes and stories. Inspiration generally tends to the fashion and fashion design of the season. And this is very important for us Swatch, because we have been a watch brand, but at the same time we are also a fashion, accessories brand. Therefore, we hope that watch enthusiasts can express their own personality by wearing our Swatch. Keeping up with fashion trends is our inexhaustible source of design.
Home of Watches: Compared with foreign watch enthusiasts, what do you think of the watch designs that domestic watch enthusiasts prefer?
Mr. Carlo Giordanetti: The Chinese know the charm of stories, because Chinese culture contains a lot of interesting and vivid legends and myths. We attach great importance to these classic stories and embed these profound allegorical meanings into our designs. Then this move has also achieved a very good effect in China, and has been appreciated by domestic watch lovers and brand fans And approval. In addition, for general customers, we find that Chinese consumers are relatively conservative, so most of their demands for watch design are more inclined to the traditional and classic elements of local culture. Although sometimes the color can be reconciled, but as far as design is concerned, domestic consumers still prefer this.
Watch House: Swatch’s cooperation with Tmall attracts worldwide attention. Will it launch cooperation funds with Tmall in the future?
Mr. Carlo Giordanetti: It may be too early to say this, because we only started working with Tmall a few weeks ago. However, from the perspective of cooperation, our activities with Tmall were very successful. I think this cooperation will also give us deeper thinking about the future within the brand. It is possible that we will launch related products in the future based on the cooperation with Tmall.
Watch House: Last year Swatch held the 2017 SWATCH X YOU event, which is the first time that the brand has opened the design right to global fans, which has attracted widespread attention from watch enthusiasts. Will future products continue this idea?
Mr. Carlo Giordanetti: Of course the answer is yes, this kind of similar event will be held in the future, because we saw that the 2017 SWATCH X YOU event was very successful, and I think there are reasons for its success. We know that many big brands will launch customized products, but when Swatch pushes customization, it is launched in our own customized way, and this speed is very fast. In addition, in the specialty stores, consumers can freely choose the styles, designs, and elements they like … Within minutes, you can create your own Swatch watch instead of proposing Pleasantly, wait for some time to get it (other brands may need to wait a week or more to get customized products). In addition, we are developing different ways in 3-4 to inform our users how to customize their own special models. For example, in the experience store, we can see some specialized machines and intelligent equipment to assist users to customize watches. This customized experience is also very happy and very fun. So we provide not only customized services, but more from customized experiences and fun. I think this is also an important factor for the success of the 2017 SWATCH X YOU event, and we will also research better ways in-house. To get closer to consumers.
Watch House: So what are the highlights of the new product released at the Swatch Tmall Super Brand Day event?
Mr. Carlo Giordanetti: In fact, we are very proud to launch the new spring and summer 2018 this time, and behind these watches are a very interesting story. They are also watches that the brand pays tribute to the Queen of England and to the traditional British custom. So the story contained in it is very interesting, and it reflects the charm and spirit of ‘positive rebellion’ that Swatch has always followed. I think Swatch is developing very well now, and at the same time we have to review Swatch’s past and look forward to the future. Both brands and individuals have their own dreams. Like this cooperation between Swatch and Wang Junkai, we will have more related activities and actions in the next time. Therefore, the Swatch Tmall Super Brand Day event can be said to be the time to let more friends who love Swatch watches to understand the brand yesterday, today and tomorrow.
Summary: The Swatch brand was born in 1983 and was founded by Nicolas G. Hayek. It is a world-renowned fashion watch brand. For 35 years, it has always been associated with creativity and art, constantly creating surprises for watch lovers one after another. As a creative artboard in the hands of contemporary artists, its watch world is always full of color, transparency, innovation and vitality. Every wearer who chooses Swatch watches has unlimited creativity and participates in exclusive custom watch Go along and get lots of unexpected clock fun.

The ‘top Watches By Hand’ Series Will Be Available Soon

Author’s words:

 This book can be successfully published. First of all, I want to thank the readers I made during my time at Fashion Time (2005-2008). They gave me the idea to write a watch tasting reference book. I remember a reader’s letter stating that your magazine articles are so professional to read, and make it difficult for those of us who are beginning to read. Since then, I have conceived a book dedicated to watch lovers. Brand information alone is definitely not enough (I will tell you later why brand information is sometimes unreliable), I consulted a large amount of literature, took notes, and then understood the key points of each question in the interview. In 2009, my debut book ‘Watch on Hand’ came out. My writing has never stopped, and my ideal is to write a handful of companion books that are of reference value to watch lovers. That’s why I have this book today.

 If you summarize the characteristics of this book in one sentence, it is that I try to provide readers with a systematic evaluation system, a relatively complete idea. The purpose is to allow readers to master this system, so as to independently judge the value of a watch and a brand. Although the book may conflict with the mainstream consciousness of watch collection and consumption, for example, the reserved views on the ‘Top Ten Watches’, my purpose is to sell between watch store salespeople and customers, at auction Create a consensus between collectors and collectors.

 Today, it is difficult to accomplish great tasks alone. The reason why my book can gradually realize the limited authority in the watch circle is inseparable from the support of public relations companies and media friends. I also want to thank my parents, my sister for their support, my wife’s forbearance and silent dedication. It is inconvenient for his father who is over eighty years old, and his mother of the same age has no choice but to carry his father through the congestion and go to the hospital for treatment. They don’t want to alarm my son, who has nothing to do with business but concentrates on writing books.

 Another thing that impresses me is that my writing is timeless, and I often email the younger sisters of the public relations company at seven or eight o’clock in the evening, asking them to provide pictures and information about a watch. I was also surprised that they often passed me what I wanted that night. This is not what they have to do, because the public relations company is mainly responsible for promoting the product communication of the brand promotion season, and what I want is often historical information. It is their extra effort that makes my book a comprehensive introduction to the milestones of each historical period in the history of watches. And this historical sense of depth is to judge the heritage of a brand or product-as a watch suitable for Leshan, it is a combination of tradition and technical culture.

 I would also like to thank the editors of the publishing house for their appreciation and decisive contributions in planning and design. Watch collection and consumption is a very small circle, and the publishers are able to gain insight into the market and decide to publish my works, which is really a recognition of me.

 After the last book was published, I received feedback and guidance from many friends, and their opinions are reflected in this book. I am glad to see that some of the term explanations and ideas first mentioned in the previous book have begun to be adopted by the media and brands. Even more gratifying is that some brands and distributors also use my books as training materials. It also makes me more cautious when writing this book. As a result, the ideas in the book are more systematic.

 Many errors in press releases, brand publications and even advertisements were mentioned in the previous book, and they have been gradually corrected in the process of communication. Some of the original translations and concepts in the ‘Watch Watch Book’, such as the translation of Guilloché into guilloché, have also begun to be adopted by brands and media. This book will continue to clarify some confusing concepts. For example, the concept of 洳 谷, I have evidence to show that on a page in a brand’s publication, the words Jura Valley and Jura Mountain appear at the same time. In fact, the article wants to express the 洳 谷. Confusion between mountains and valleys is almost a habit in watch circles. Because of this habitual error, the media can’t seem to be professional in their work. It also leads to consumers being confused and having to rely on some mentally retarded rankings to ensure that their consumption is slightly more reliable.

 The reason for the high error rate of press releases and publications is my analysis of the source of the author’s knowledge is questionable. A press release or publication is often translated. The more cost-effective approach is to find a translation company, and the translation company subcontracts to individuals. These personal translators are faced with watch terms and use the Internet instead of a dictionary. First, the dictionary of watches and clocks is relatively old; The network seems to provide unlimited space. But the accuracy and norms of knowledge provided by the network can be said to be the worst in the media (if the network is also considered a media). I have seen the popularity of multiple ridiculous online legends. The reason is very simple. The Internet is no longer professional, and it is not professional in communication, because there is no editing on the Internet. The watch industry just needs editors to choose to process to regulate the watch industry’s dissemination. The industry’s dissemination without editing is full of misperceptions. In a certain brand’s advertisement, it was impressively written: blue crystal. This is one of the many mistranslations of sapphire crystal I mentioned in my last book. There are also more common translations of sapphire crystal glass. Some media know that this translation is easy to be scolded, so they translate to sapphire crystal. In fact, this is still unavoidable. Because crystal can be translated here as crystal, but in a broader sense, it is basically a collective name for colorless and transparent substances. The meaning of sapphire crystal, in the watch industry, is the material covering the upper part of the case (ie, colorless and transparent), that is, artificial sapphire. As a high-end watch, it is always unwilling to touch cheap words, and artificial synthesis should be avoided. Therefore, the synthetic sapphire is simplified to sapphire, which makes sense, because the crystal structure of the two is exactly the same. Ok, what does crystal translate into? Is it glass? In the principle of becoming more expensive and less expensive, lenses have become the first choice. The term lens is widely used on two occasions, one is the camera lens (precision optics industry) and the other is the eyewear industry (very close to jewelry). They are all products that need to be carefully selected and then carefully ground, which is in line with the noble concept advocated by high-end watches. And glass is a very industrialized thing. In the past, it was translated as sapphire glass. Here, glass also refers to function (colorless and transparent surface mongolia) rather than material. In terms of crystal phase, sapphire is second only to diamond in hardness, while crystal has a hardness that is far worse than glass used in architecture.

 The most intolerable sapphire crystal. Gem expert Mr. Zhang Youxu once said that sapphire crystal glass, there are three kinds of substances here: sapphire, crystal, glass. One is cheaper than the other, or ‘a weasel under a weasel is worse than a nest’! Even a layman’s translation has been added to it: sapphire crystal glass! China’s watch industry has a history of half a century. Where does the word watch come from? What is even more incredible is that another homonym, the diameter of the surface (the diameter of the case), often appears in a manuscript at the same time. All these show that the watch media urgently need to improve their language expression level.

 The form of this book has evolved compared to ‘Books on Hand’, divided into two volumes, namely the technical chapter and the purchase chapter (grade). The hot topics in the first volume include: the original manufacturing concept, the identification of noble DNA of the column wheel stopwatch, 7 major complication functions, the future of watch escapement, etc .; the second volume proposes the concept of watch production area, which is used in the 21st century for watches and clocks. Discussion on the material of the watch, the watch decoration means watch design success secrets have also been systematically arranged. Some views on watch collections that have been discussed have also been refined and supplemented with more useful information.

 Our thoughts change with observation and thinking, but these thoughts are indeed proposed after repeated deliberation and verification. We will have new ideas in the future, but that will be the result of deeper thinking and will not contradict the previous ideas. It’s been a century since the watch industry was born, and it’s only been seven years since I started to watch. There are immature places in the book. I also ask experts and readers to forgive me. With the listing of this book, my WeChat public account was also opened. We can communicate through various channels and strive to make each book more mature and practical in the future. I would like to thank everyone who has helped me to understand me.

Tiger Tag Heuer Launches Limited Edition Tribute To Car God Elton Senna

Thirty years ago, Ayrton Senna won the legendary Monaco Grand Prix for the first time. To celebrate this important day, TAG Heuer is proud to invite Bianca Senna to the brand’s new flagship store in Monaco to witness the exclusive preview of the new Senna limited edition watch.

   Ayrton Senna’s talents and demeanor have made him famous in the Formula 1 world, and his status is unmatched so far. ‘Car God Senna’ has been hailed as one of the greatest drivers in history: three world championships (1988, 1990 and 1991), 65 pole positions, 41 grand prix championships. These include winning the Monaco Grand Prix for the first time in 1987.
   To celebrate the 30th anniversary of the victory, TAG Heuer pays tribute to the driver with three new limited edition watches. The three watches were unveiled in an exclusive preview during the opening ceremony of the new flagship store in Monaco, and the brand invited VIP, Bianca Senna, the niece of the champion driver, to attend.

   TAG Heuer’s famous Heuer-01 exclusive movement incorporates Senna design elements for the first time. TAG Heuer Carrera Heuer-01 chronograph is made of black frosted stainless steel, with a striking 45mm case, red embellishment, hollow dial, sapphire crystal case back, and a precision-designed homemade movement .
   Other products in the collection include two TAG Heuer Formula 1 (F1 series) watches, one is a chronograph, and the other is a prototype ‘racing’ version of TAG Heuer. Both watches have a diameter of 43 mm and a black dial with red embellishment, a tribute to the spirit of high-speed racing. The dial is equipped with three red lines, which means the track left by the car after passing. The chronograph version is equipped with a quartz movement accurate to one tenth of a second (a must-have feature for racing watches), which drives the small dial at 6 o’clock, the minute chronograph at 9 o’clock, and 3 Seconds counter at the o’clock position.

   All three limited edition watches feature the famous red lacquered ‘S’ on the dial and bezel (exclusive Senna logo). The bezel is also equipped with a minute ring, which highlights the racing style, reminiscent of Senna’s excellent car skills. Of course, they all come with the iconic S-shaped link bracelet, which was used by Elton at its peak. This is an iconic design and is a standard example in terms of ergonomics and wearing comfort. On the TAG Heuer Carrera Heuer-01 watch, the upper and lower sides and the sides of each link are rounded, which is particularly comfortable and smooth on the wrist.
   Three classic and dynamic watches reflect the brand spirit of the legendary rider in the original ‘# 无忧 test, achievement self #’ (#DontCrackUnderpressure) advertising campaign in 1991.

Zenith Zenith Presents El Primero 50th Anniversary Gift Box, Reinvents The Hand-made Work, Composes Watchmaking Future

Zenith’s legendary ElPrimero high-frequency chronograph adheres to avant-garde style and precise performance, and has gone through half a century. To pay tribute to this legendary history, Zenith has specially launched a 50th anniversary gift box for watch lovers to collect. The gift box is limited to 50 pieces worldwide, including three chronographs with the iconic three-color chronograph: one of them is a classic reproduction of the first ElPrimero model in 1969; and the ElPrimero flagship series with an improved movement Watch; DefyElPrimero21 watch with timing accurate to 1/100 second. These three watches are not sold separately. They represent the ElPrimero movement’s traditional timekeeping display with an accuracy of 1 second to 1/10 seconds, and then evolved into a legendary process of 1/100 seconds accuracy. It represents the splendid ‘trilogy’ of Zenith in the field of high-frequency timekeeping in various eras. Nowadays, Zenith has once again challenged the limit of precise timing, and the accuracy of 1/1000 second will come out in the near future!

  ElPrimero has been passed down for 50 years and symbolizes the past, present and future of Zenith. This high-frequency chronograph star, introduced in 1969, continues to this day and leads the future with the iconic ElPrimero flagship series and the futuristic Defy series. To celebrate the extraordinary journey of ElPrimero, Zenith invites you on a journey of time. The 50th Anniversary Gift Box contains three ElPrimero watches, reviewing the evolution of technical performance and aesthetic concepts. Together with its iconic timer, it caters to all the pursuits of watch lovers: vintage, classic or modern. At the same time, there is a fourth table in the gift box waiting for you, ready to welcome Zenith’s next achievement in the UHF field: towards 1/1000 second!

Innovation benchmark
  Beginning on January 10, 1969, the day when the famous ElPrimero (meaning ‘first’ in Spanish) chronograph was launched, Zenith began to shine in the vast field of high-frequency chronographs. With constant innovation in technology and design, ElPrimero has become a symbol of precision timekeeping in Zenith watches for half a century. Back in the late 1960s, the birth of the first automatic chronograph ElPrimero marked a revolution in the watch industry. Its revolutionary features include: a frequency of 36,000 vibrations per hour, an integrated column wheel structure, a central rotor mounted on ball bearings, and a power reserve of more than 50 hours (a movement of such a high frequency) A real feat), these innovations made it the world’s most accurate chronograph at the time, and the only watch capable of accurate short-time chronographs to 1 / 10th of a second. In addition to these revolutionary performances, ElPrimero’s appearance is also unique, using a series of contrasting colors to enhance the legibility of the chronograph: the second hand is light gray, the minute hand is blue, and the hour hand is charcoal black. This combination quickly became a hallmark of Zenith.

Classic reproduction

  Although ElPrimero has been evolving and being unconventional since its inception, it has become the ideal model favored by watch connoisseurs. Zenith never reproduced the original model. Today, the work is complete: the first watch in the 50th anniversary gift box with a limited edition of 50 pieces is a perfect reproduction of the 1969 ElPrimero chronograph. As a retro watch for the first time, this model has a special symbolic significance. The 38 mm stainless steel case, the magnifying curved mirror, the three-color chronograph, the shape of the tachymeter scale, the font, the hands and the hour markers, and the leather strap all retain their original features. The original lugs and mushroom-shaped buttons have also been engraved. In order to bring this outstanding old model back to life and continue its classic features, Zenith engineers and designers started a counter-clockwise process: laser scanning a genuine watch treasured in the brand museum To restore each component. The only change is that the original solid case back has been adjusted to an open design to fully display the movement dynamics, and the logo on the crown has also been updated. The ‘power engine’ of this model is the current version of the ElPrimero column wheel chronograph movement, which can vibrate up to 36,000 times per hour, accurate to 1 / 10th of a second, and provides a 50-hour power reserve. Like the original models, the hour, minute and small seconds hands, chronograph, speedometer are displayed, and the date display function is between 4 and 5 o’clock.

Flagship Series 2.0

  The Zenith flagship series inherited from ElPrimero is the most representative model in the contemporary era. The flagship series is highly recognizable. Its strong shape, iconic design and high-frequency mechanical structure all follow Zenith’s tradition. Therefore, to pay tribute to the original legendary watch, the second watch in this gift box, the flagship series, is equipped with a new generation ElPrimero movement and a new black ceramic bezel. The improved version of the movement was renamed ElPrimero 3600, and it was improved on the basis of the construction and efficient performance of the legendary ElPrimero model. This high-frequency movement vibrates at a high frequency of 36,000 vibrations per hour. The accuracy of the time measurement is accurate to 1/10 seconds. The data can be read directly on the dial and bezel. That is, the chronograph hands circle the dial every ten seconds, the scale is from 1 to 100, and it jumps into one division every 1/10 second. The original construction of the ElPrimero chronograph consists of a column wheel and a lever-operated lateral clutch. In this improved version 2.0, it is visually highlighted and redesigned to improve its stability and accuracy. . The most remarkable result is the integration of the second hand stop device into the time setting, and the power reserve is increased to 60 hours. In addition to taking advantage to the extreme, the new flagship series also has a more dynamic and modern design than contemporary models. It is also equipped with a 42 mm stainless steel case, with a black ceramic bezel with graduations, stars Pendulum and rubber strap with contrast stitching.

Futuristic element

  The last watch in the fiftieth anniversary gift box is the DefyElPrimero21 chronograph, which symbolizes the future of watchmaking technology, and at the same time heralds Zenith’s next masterpiece in the field of UHF watchmaking. The legendary ElPrimero watch has launched the ultra-modern DefyElPrimero model. The thick 44mm titanium case is equipped with an original mechanical movement. The frequency is 360,000 times per hour (50 Hz), which is the original 10 times the model, measurement and display have been accurate to 1/100 second. Its unique dynamic feature-the lightning-fast-moving hands, can make a full circle around the dial in just one second, reflecting the superior precision and performance of this movement derived from modern engineering technology. The watch is also equipped with two separate ‘gearboxes’: one for the time and the other for the chronograph. Its skeleton dial features three solid chronographs that retain their original color-this is what the three ‘tribute’ watches have in common, and its modern shape is made up of a large grooved crown, flat buttons and short convex The lugs are composed of black crocodile leather on the black rubber strap, which perfectly fits the curvature of the wrist.

Engraving time legend continues

  The gift box consists of the three ElPrimero 50th Anniversary models mentioned above, as well as blank epitopes for future 1 / 1000-second chronographs. Each model is limited to 50 pieces, and reflects Zenith’s high-precision watchmaking field. Development and infinite possibilities. Its delicate gray tones, leather details, and modern craftsmanship blend successfully with the traditional performance and precision of watchmaking. A satin-matte gray lid inlaid with the fiftieth anniversary logo, built-in touch screen and a miniature reproduction of the watchmaker’s workbench. The base of the workbench is equipped with a watch unit, adjustable lighting system, magnifying glass and screwdriver. The lower part of the box is locked by screws and contains a drawer and three ElPrimero chronographs. While paying tribute to the past, a simulation model of the coupling wheel bridge plate of the chronograph is also placed in the gift box. This iconic component is one of the key elements that make up the ElPrimero movement, including the stamping tools rescued by Zenith watchmaker Charles Vermot during the quartz crisis. He kept the tools secretly in the attic of the watch factory, and in 1984 he revived the legendary movement. The significance of the model in the gift box is that when inviting its future owner to visit the watch factory in Le Locle, two coupling wheel bridge plates can be manually molded. The owner of the gift box can take away the first bridge slab, and the second will be named after him or her and will be engraved on the wall at the entrance of the famous Mr. Charles Vermot’s attic as a testimony of history.