Month: November 2019

Diamond Watches 亮晶晶

Among the high-end watches, the status of diamond watches is quite significant. Diamonds are not for women. There are many friends in the diamond watch for men. This series of diamond watches, ‘table’ feeling reveals a million flavors.
Asian ladies like more ‘mini’ watch sizes. This one is exquisitely designed and is absolutely satisfactory to Iraq.
The new Quadra Mini, only 20mmX15mm, has a brand new surface. On the mother-of-pearl, there are 24 diamonds that intersect with the ‘Omega’ trademark, and the square bezel is set with 28 beautiful diamonds, making it more elegant.
不锈钢 This stainless steel watch uses quartz core and is waterproof to 30 meters.
Chaumet Mc
This Class One chronograph with full diamond version is set with diamonds on the bezel and three fine dials. The 37mm body is used for chestnut or charcoal gray surfaces, making the diamonds shine more brightly. Comes with a brown or black rubber leather strap.
In addition, there is also a mini version of Class One, only 24mm body, stainless steel or gold body, diamond version is also available.
Founded in Biel in 1908, 闯 made a name for itself in a very short time, and in 1915 produced high-end watches for companies such as Tiffany & Cartier. These watches are made of platinum, studded with diamonds, emeralds, rubies, etc., making the emperor watch world famous.
This emperor La Scala watch, with a chronograph and diamond, can be said to have an unexpected fusion effect. Then use the broken diamond on the surface of mother-of-pearl, even more noble. The 32 diamond and 44 diamond versions will attract the attention of collectors.
De Grisogono
This is a super heavyweight jewellery watch, model Diamond Instrumento Dippio. The entire platinum case, lugs and crown are studded with diamonds. More than 1,000 diamonds cut in 18 different ways have a total diamond weight of up to 14.55 Cara. This does not include 279 diamonds on the front side of the surface, and 6 diamonds on the surface in the second time zone on the reverse side.
It took the craftsmen one and a half months to complete the process. The watch comes with a shiny shark leather strap.
PaBlancpain only makes round mechanical watches, never produces quartz watches, men’s and women’s watches are no exception.
VThis Villeret watch is named after Villeret, the production site of Blancpain. It is equipped with the finest automatic core, a 65-hour power reserve, and the seconds dial is displayed with Retrograde.
Villeret’s new series of ultra-thin watches, 40mm large diameter, simple design, showing the power of beauty.
Patek Philippe
The first Twenty-4 diamond watch was launched in 1999, and a new full-diamond model was added in 2001.
The latest model is Twenty-4 Small Haute Joaillerie. Although the watch is small, it is matched with a winding mechanical core. Like all Patek Philippe models, the core is engraved with the Cotes de Geneva.
It is available in white and rose gold. The table is set with 1468 pieces of broken diamonds and weighs 8.33 carats. Even the periphery of the bottom cover is set with 104 diamonds, which is definitely a ‘packaged diamond’!
Longines has always followed an elegant line. The new Evidenza series adds a strong sporty element.
This is the highlight of this year. It was also well received at the Basel 2003 watch fair in Switzerland.
Evidenza watches all use automatic mechanical core (including men and women Zhuang). This model Chrono is set with 208 diamonds and weighs 3.12 karats. It has 46 hours of energy storage, can dive 30 meters, and is scratch-resistant.