Month: July 2019

Superpower, Seahorse And Ironmaster Trinity Omega Tool Table (Part 1)

Throughout history, war has brought a deep disaster to humanity. Because of the need to create tools adapted to specific military purposes, war objectively promoted technological and economic development. For the most part, these tools have subsequently evolved into non-military equipment and have spread new technologies through various other areas.

Omega Speedmaster CK2915

   Watchmaking is such an area, especially after the end of World War II. The timepieces supplied to the army during the war, such as the German Air Force chronographs (Hanhart, Urofa) and the early Panerai diving watches, subsided after the war broke down, and was transferred to civilian production. At the same time, the war has directly led to a fundamental change in collective consciousness. With the help of emerging technologies, a better understanding of the world’s pursuit has reached new heights. Human beings try hard to break through the trance and understand the new meaning. During these years, the domination of machine tool watches is as rocky as the importance of accurate timekeeping in tasks and experiments cannot be doubted. As a result, the need for watches that can withstand the effects of harsh weather conditions has arisen, and watches have quickly become a symbol of human adventure.
   In the 1950s, the Swiss watchmaking industry seized the opportunity of a historical turn and began to produce professional watches based on its unparalleled industry status. These watchmaking brands have cutting-edge technology and discard all previous lessons. Initially, each company produced special timepieces that met specific needs, such as Blancpain’s original Fifty Fathoms diving watch. Later, the Swiss watch company realized in time that technology must be used to expand the product catalog to meet specific customer needs and fill market gaps.
   Rolex was a pioneer, with the Oyster case and various patents, the brand created the Explorer and Turn-O-Graph (turned into the iconic submariner). Since then, Rolex has continued to add bricks and tiles, adding a special feature each time, gradually covering all levels. GMT, Milgauss, and Explorer II are all tool watches with uniform characteristics; each has its own advantages, but they are so similar. In 1957, another watchmaker, Omega, from Switzerland, launched a trinity tool watch: Speedmaster CK2915, Seahorse CK2913 and Ironmaster CK2914.

Omega Seamaster CK2913

Shared technology
   In the competition of technical watches and tool watches, Omega is not an outsider. The brand has launched a variety of professional chronographs (equipped with Caliber 33.3 movement), anti-magnetic military watches (RAF 53-CK.2777), waterproof wrists Watches (Naiad), and other watches that can be used safely under water (Marine). What was different in 1957 was Omega’s decision to produce a series of watches that would share design principles and craftsmanship to meet all the requirements of active individuals and professional groups.
   It is worth mentioning that these three tool watches help a lot in consolidating the Omega brand identity (characteristics) and brand image. The meaning of brand identity and brand image are completely different. The former refers to the characteristics claimed by the brand itself, and the latter refers to the public’s impression of the brand. The Trinity gathers all the technology and design elements scattered in the earlier models and integrates them to form a series of products with uniform characteristics. Based on the market environment, Omega analyzed competitive products, determined the appearance quality, and finally created three iconic watches. Technology, design, appearance and characteristics were perfectly integrated in 1957.
   Let us look more closely at these watches. The first element they shared was technology, and Omega decided to learn from successful experiences and integrate protection elements. The first is the ‘Naiad’ crown. All three watches are equipped with a non-screw-down crown that guarantees water resistance through accumulated pressure. The Speedmaster CK2915 and Iron CK2914 are water-resistant to 200 feet (about 60 meters), and the Seamaster CK2913 watch is waterproof to 660 feet (about 200 meters). At that time, the patent for the screw-down crown belonged to Rolex, and Omega could only find another way. This route began in 1948. This idea cleverly uses the power of nature. The crown has a built-in rubber ring that seals the movement and expands with increasing pressure. This is a secure system, which was unfortunately abandoned by Omega, it was very efficient and only needed to provide proper maintenance.

Omega Ironmaster CK2914 watch

Triple safety symbol
   The second element they share is the safety provided by the O-ring and the specially designed case. O-rings and ‘Naiad’ crowns provide tightness, protecting the case from pressure, temperature differences and corrosion. In addition, the case designed by Huguenin Frères also has a special groove, which is provided with a rubber gasket to provide the best sealing effect. At the same time, it also solves the problem of twist and misalignment when the case back is screwed in. Furthermore, it is reinforced with acrylic glass, welded to a thin steel ring, and pressed firmly into the case. The steel ring clasps the case and the mirror is firmly fixed to seal the movement and provide further protection.
   Here, I want to clarify a common misunderstanding about the crown symbol (especially the earlier models). The ‘Mercedes-style’ star is not only designed to decorate the ‘Naiad’ crown, it should have more meaning. The author believes that it represents the fusion of all the above protection elements and is a symbol of superior quality. Over the years, Omega has worked tirelessly to resolve problems caused by magnetism or humidity, and has produced various timepieces that solve individual problems. The sum of these experiences makes a trinity tool watch. Simply put, every watch decorated with this symbol is triple protected to withstand the challenges of harsh environments.
   The third element they share is the design language. The three blockbusters are designed to meet the timing needs of science, industry and sports, with all the elements of protection in one. They are not improved variants of existing styles, but are built step by step from scratch. The Speedmaster CK2915 watch has a complete timing and speed measurement function, equipped with an elegant and sturdy case, a matte black dial and white hands with a sharp contrast between the time markers, enhancing the legibility of the information. The hippocampus CK2913 is a sophisticated diving watch specially made for professional and sports divers. It is equipped with fluorescent hands and hour markers. The bezel is decorated with fluorescent spots at 12 o’clock, which forms a perfect reading effect by contrast. Design style. The Ironmaster CK2914 watch, which is designed for scientists and engineers, is almost the same as the Haima CK2913 watch except that it does not have a bezel and additional anti-magnetic.