Month: October 2018

Bvlgari Papillons Watch: Patented Technology, Unique High-level Clock Mechanical Structure

Bvlgari has released two new watches, Tourbillon Central Papillon and PapillonHeureSautante, presenting a unique and novel time display method, which is unique in the field of ultra-complex watchmaking.

BVLGARI Tourbillon Central Papillon watch (102074-102347)

BVLGARI Bvlgari new PapillonHeureSautante watch (102069-102338)
The butterfly effect of watchmaking
 One butterfly occasionally flaps its wings, which will cause a tornado; two butterflies slightly flap their wings, which will cause a stir in the watchmaking world. Bvlgari Papillon watches are cleverly designed with butterfly wings as their unique inspiration, shocking the heart of those who are deeply aware of watch culture and love complex watches. Papillon Tourbillon Central and PapillonHeureSautante are two new masterpieces that will delight watch lovers.
 In pleasing high-end timepieces, the opposite elements are more likely to evoke the passion of watch lovers: extremely complex time scales, making the reading of hours and minutes more convenient.

BVLGARI Bvlgari new PapillonHeureSautante watch (102069)
 Following the launch of several watches specifically designed for traveller or stopwatch chronograph functions, Bvlgari once again presents the exquisite and clever, patented Papillon system, which presents precise timepiece information in a unique and novel way.

BVLGARI Bvlgari new PapillonHeureSautante watch dial (102069)
Unique new mechanical construction
 The watch’s unique and innovative mechanical structure draws inspiration from butterfly flapping wings and is unique in the field of fine watchmaking. The support plate is equipped with two independent, flexible telescopic diamond hands. The two hands alternate on the semi-circle minute dial at 180 degrees and display the minutes one after the other. When the first pointer is on the arc indicating plate, the minute changes are displayed; at this time, the second pointer remains stationary and in a retracted state, that is, when the support plate carrying the pointer rotates, the second pointer is hidden status.
When the first hand points to the 55th minute mark on the display, the other hand is turned 90 degrees forward, parallel to the first hand. At this point, the first pointer points to the 00 minute scale. For the next 55 minutes, the first pointer was retracted.
 Compared with the traditional minute indicator, the Bulgari Papillon system saves power and optimizes the power reserve function. The mechanical structure has patented technology, its structure is complex and unique, and it can naturally combine many information and functions. The Bvlgari PapillonHeureSautante watch displays the time in the simplest way, with a time-jump window, the minutes are displayed by the Papillon device, and the seconds are displayed by the central hand.
 The entire mechanical structure is equipped with a Bulgari-made BVL 252 self-winding mechanical movement. Bulgari’s outstanding watchmakers follow the finest watchmaking traditions, from design to production. The movement vibrates 28,800 times per hour and has a 42-hour power reserve. Its elegant decoration requires the highest attention and care of the craftsmen. The pattern is alternating rotating circular patterns and Geneva wave patterns.
 Stainless steel and screw heads are satin, polished and chamfered. 18K white gold or rose gold two cases, 45 mm in diameter, only 11.30 mm thick, rigid and soft complement each other in exquisite elegance. The rear case of the watch is made of sapphire crystal. Watch enthusiasts can see the precise movement of the movement through the transparent back case and appreciate the wonderful luster of precious materials.
Central Tourbillon: Masterpiece of High Precision
 Bvlgari’s watchmaking technology has always been improving and never satisfied with the status quo. Master watchmakers have combined the Papillon system with the most prestigious and complex watchmaking process to further explore the sophisticated mechanical structure. Bvlgari’s new Papillon Tourbillon Central watch is both elegant and deep, with a high-precision movement embedded in the center of the watch. At twelve o’clock on the watch, there is a time jump window. When one of the ‘butterfly’ hands shows 60 minutes, the digital dial in the time jump window displays the new hour.
 The watch’s sophisticated structure and complex processes will undoubtedly bring great fun to technology lovers. But it is often difficult for non-professionals to see through the mysteries. The tourbillon breaks away from the restraint of gravity and quickly rotates freely in the suspension platform, overflowing with fascinating beauty.
 The Bulgari Papillon Tourbillon Central watch is unique and precious. The watchmaker borrowed the method of setting the diamond in the center of the jewellery to place the tourbillon movement in the center of the rose gold or white gold case. The entire watch has clear lines, symmetrical axes, and a dial design that is as precise as architectural art. Mastery of the core core watchmaking skills, which is reflected in a series of contemporary Bulgari works.
Technical Parameters

BVLGARI Tourbillon Central Papillon watch (102074-102347)
Bvlgari Papillon Tourbillon Central
Manually wound movement, BVL 266 central floating tourbillon; patented Papillon device minute display, disc on ceramic ball support showing jumping time; vibration frequency 21,600 vph (3 Hz), 30 gems; 60-hour power reserve; manual Decorative swirling circular pattern, gold engraving, sunburst cloisonne pattern and straight grain drawing.
45mm in diameter, 11.9mm thick, 18K rose gold or 950 white gold case; box-type sapphire crystal, transparent sapphire back case, 18K rose gold crown, set with black sapphire, carved individually numbered; 50 meters waterproof.
The black lacquered dial features a tourbillon carrier and Papillon system; 18K white or rose gold ‘butterfly’ hands.
Brown alligator leather strap (rose gold) or black alligator leather strap (white gold) with 18K rose gold double folding buckle.
Limited editions are available in platinum and 30 in rose gold.

BVLGARI new Papillon Heure Sautante watch (102069-102338)
Bvlgari PapillonHeure Sautante
Bulgari’s own BVL 252 self-winding two-way mechanical movement; Papillon device displays minutes; the disc on the ceramic ball support shows jumping hours; vibration frequency of 28,800 vph (4 Hz), 42-hour power reserve.
45mm diameter, 18K rose or white gold case; box-type sapphire crystal, transparent sapphire case; water-resistant to 50 meters.
Black dial with 18K rose gold ‘butterfly’ hands; rose gold with brown alligator strap with 18K rose gold pin buckle; white gold with black alligator strap with 18K white gold pin buckle.