Month: February 2018

New Vacheron Constantin Patrimony Contemporaine Small Model White Gold Watch

Vacheron Constantin’s classic watch design has always made women fascinated. This time, the brand gloriously launched a compact small model of platinum watch. This watch is presented in a dazzling new shape, demonstrating the superb skills of Vacheron Constantin jewelry setting experts.

At the International Haute Horlogerie Salon in Geneva, Vacheron Constantin showcased a series of timepieces designed and elaborated to celebrate the elegance and nobility of women.

Round, timeless round: This understated and elegant shape makes the collection a recognized model in the field of fine watchmaking. This series has appeared at the Geneva International Haute Horlogerie with soft and pleasing pink gold watches, but this time with the radiant and flawless white gold watch once again became the focus of attention.

The brilliance of white gold complements the exquisite design of small models, vividly embodies the extraordinary jewelry setting technology, and will surely make loyal watch lovers endless. The bezel is set with 68 round-cut diamonds, set against a simple case with a diameter of 36 mm, and the original full-minute diamond-set minute ring makes the watch reveal a very modern and fashionable charm.

The simple hour-marked gold hour markers and the slim hour and minute hands are slightly curved to perfectly match the curve of the dial’s outer ring. The central arc of the second hand, which is also slightly curved, rhythmically passes through the distinctive dial. The date display at the point position makes the entire appearance appear balanced and harmonious. The smooth platinum link bracelet ensures comfortable wearing, adding urban elegance to this watch. The transparent bottom case reveals the mechanical self-winding movement developed and manufactured by Vacheron Constantin.

Small models in white gold meet the latest standards of the Geneva Seal. This one-of-a-kind quality certification has undergone major changes in the year, and the scope of the certification extends from the movement to the entire watch, thus reflecting the outstanding quality of the certification and further enhancing its appeal.
Technical specifications
Small watch
Certified by the Geneva Seal
Automatic self-winding mechanical movement developed and manufactured by Vacheron Constantin
Equipped with gold hand-carved oscillating weight
Diameter mm
Thickness mm
Power reserve about hours
Vibration frequency Hertz (per hour, times)
Show hours
Central seconds
Date display at 6 o’clock

Chenruo Chenxing Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Off-shore Diamond Chronograph

The 2014 “Watches and Miracles” Asian High-end Watch Show has opened. This year, how will Audemars Piguet, with its 139-year-old family legend, surprise the audience? The glory prelude has begun, and the new masterpiece has finally surfaced. Now, let us follow the steps of the frontline staff of the Watch House to unveil the mystery of the new masterpiece of Audemars Piguet.

Whether it is the dial, bezel or strap of this watch, sparkling round cut diamonds are set on it. The brilliant fire is like a morning star on the sky, which is fascinating.

In the dazzling sea of ​​diamonds, the dial scale and several inner dials are still clearly visible. Although the color and the overall style of the watch are harmonious and unified, they still show excellent legibility.

The blade of each hex screw is perfectly tangent to the mirror, which is one of the signature features of the Audemars Piguet Royal Oak watch.

The polishing of the case is very delicate, and the hexagonal lugs and timing buttons exude a bit of toughness.

Each diamond in the watch band is evenly proportioned, and every link exudes a delicate luster when polished by tin.

The above content is the cutting-edge information of the Jaeger-LeCoultre Pavilion of the 2014 ‘Clocks and Miracles’ Asia Watch and Clock Exhibition prepared by the staff in front of the Watch House. In the future, we will continue to provide more and more intuitive exhibition reports for everyone, so stay tuned. (Picture / text watch home Xie Xin)

Exciting And Fun Design: Swatch 2019 Spring And Summer Series Shocking Debut

Swatch launches the Spring / Summer 2019 watch series. It combines advanced technology and excellent materials to brighten the living colors, express street and pop art, and welcome the new year with a futuristic and fun design. Passionate season. This season, Swatch created three major themes and set off a fashion revolution.

Endless change is at the core of the Transformation series, combining the color spectrum and presenting it in various shapes and patterns on the watch. Dynamic lines, visual illusions and pure minimalist transparent designs start a journey of exploration on the wrist. The new polarizing glass uses a semi-transparent mirror coating to form a soft hue under light. The key word is obvious-unlimited imagination!

Listen to Me series is like a trekking adventure through the urban jungle. Amazing. It is like a canvas on the wrist, allowing all kinds of talents to indulge in creativity and exude strength and confidence. Their self-expression is the driving force for real change. Tribute to street culture and pop art!

Assorted fruit ice cream has never been so moving! Energy Boost’s electro-optic colors and bold contrasts create a strong, hot atmosphere that inspires the thirst for adventure. Freshly squeezed fruit juices and smoothies are not just a trend, they are even more delicious. The delicious and seductive lines burst into infinite vitality. Come and inject much-needed energy for the coming summer.

The Buzzwatch Spring / Summer 2019 watch is designed for you who are bold and outspoken. The three themes of Transformation, Listento Me and Energy Boost lead to the door of transformation and dare to reject mediocrity. After all, who knows what extraordinary changes will happen in the future?

Fashion Pioneer Lightweight Dynamic Oris Williams Carbon Fiber Chronograph Tasting

Every hot-blooded man will have a dream about racing in his heart. Recalling that when I watched each season of F1 games, I imagined that the body was feeling the competitive competition, and the pride was born. Oris and F1 Williams have been linked for several years, working closely with F1 Williams to create the Oris Williams collection of watches that combines Swiss watchmaking craftsmanship and the spirit of motorsport initiative . In 2016, Oris Williams series added a new work, stylish and dynamic, the new watch uses the brand’s patented carbon fiber molding process, full of creativity. Here is a watch house editor to take you to watch its style. (Watch model: 674 7725 8764)

Brand design inspiration from F1 racing

Oris watch closely linked to F1 Williams

   Oris has worked with Williams for a long time since 2003. As one of the longest sponsors with Williams, Oris has witnessed the speed and glory of its hard work. Oris announced last year that Oris Williams, a brand new motorsport watch, was born in honor of the world’s most iconic name, F1. This is the first time such a partnership has been named as a complete series.
Brand first patent for carbon fiber case

Watch display

   Oris was inspired by its long-term partner, the Formula 1 Williams team, to create a racing car, and it pioneered a patent for a carbon fiber case. The newly developed models are designed to reflect the innovation and professionalism of the Williams F1 team, as well as the speed, energy and aerodynamic principles of Williams racing. The appearance of this series of watch cases are designed in the shape of Williams racing. The tapered case looks like the outline of a racing car. The complete lugs are reminiscent of the nose cone of a racing car. The dynamic watch design gives a speed a feeling of.
Excellent brand watchmaking

Watch overall display
   Oris has deeply explored the potential of carbon fiber in watch manufacturing, which has significantly improved product performance and production efficiency. The first is independent rigidity and water resistance. Most carbon fiber watches must be equipped with additional components such as metal frames. Oris does not need other parts to ensure the solidity and tightness of the case material. Then it is cost-effective. The post-processing of the traditional carbon fiber case is extremely time-consuming and labor-intensive, and the cost is high. Oris new technology solves this problem and manufactures high-performance products at a more controllable cost.
Lightweight and tough carbon fiber case

 Watch case display
   Oris carbon fiber technology is derived from its partner F1 Williams. F1 racing car manufacturing materials need to have the ultimate strength-to-weight ratio. The core components of the racing car’s outer frame and steering wheel are made of 2 times the strength of steel, but they weigh only 1/5 of carbon fiber. The case of Oris Williams Carbon Fiber Chronograph is also the same, weighing only 7.2 grams.

Watch dial display

   The avant-garde design of the dial has the look of the dashboard inside the car, and operating the watch is like operating a high-speed racing car. On the exquisite and stylish black dial, the hours and minutes and 1/4 seconds are displayed in the center. The three small dials display the seconds, 30 minutes and 12 hours. The watch also has a date window, date adjuster and precise time adjustment. Device and stop-second device and many other practical functions. The chronograph hands and chronograph dial on the pure black dial use Williams’ classic blue to make the watch more dynamic. Plus the central hour and minute hands of BG W9 fluorescent material, very beautiful.

Watch crown display
   The watch’s crown, chronograph buttons, bezel and back cover are made of light and sturdy titanium alloy. The metal surface is polished and coated with black DLC (Diamond-Like Carbon). The crown has a non-slip texture design to ensure that it does not slip during operation. Above the crown is Williams English WILLAMS, showing the unique charm of the brand series.

Watch lug display

    The lug material is also carbon fiber titanium alloy, black DLC coating, and the case is perfectly integrated. After grinding, it has smooth lines and a more comfortable texture.

Watch movement display

   The watch is designed with a see-through design. Through the transparent mineral glass spiral back cover on the back, you can clearly see the movement of the movement. This watch is driven by the Oris674 self-winding chronograph movement modified from ETA7750, with a power savings of approximately 48 hours.

Watch strap display

   The watch is equipped with a black rubber strap, a classic and stylish style, and the Oris avant-garde brand logo on the strap, which highlights the dynamic temperament. A black-plated stainless steel buckle is attached to ensure that the watch does not slip easily between the wrists.

Watch overall display

Summary: Extremely delicate surface, atmospheric workmanship. The light and hard carbon fiber on the car is used as the main material of the watch, highlighting the fusion of the fine materials of the car and the rigorous watchmaking craftsmanship, with black as the main color and stylish. Cousins ​​who like it, hurry up!