Month: August 2016

Amy Long: Engraved Classics, Shines At The 2016 Basel International Watch Fair

Baselworld 2016 (Baselworld), which has been hailed as the ‘Watch Oscar’ by the industry, kicked off today. This annual event in the horological industry is receiving global attention every year, and this exhibition will last for eight days (March 17-March 24). Rolex, OMEGA, TAGHeuer, PATEKPHILIPPE and other major world watch brands all debuted, the small Swiss city of Basel was illuminated in just two weeks.

   Swiss watch brand Aimi Long unveiled a number of new watches at the Pakistan exhibition. As a classic Swiss watchmaking brand, in this exhibition, Emilion continued its low-key gorgeous style and added many fashionable and creative elements. The exhibition hall showed the Emilon DNA design sense everywhere, highlighting the brand’s modernity. The interpretation and interpretation of the fusion of innovation and tradition.

   Amy Long used a low-key dark brown color to decorate the entire booth at the Basel International Watch Fair.

   This year, Emilion also added an IPad booth and a movement assembly experience stand in the exhibition area. Not only can you use a magnifying glass to see the display of the physical movement, but you can also use table decorations on the H5 in the display stand to enrich the user experience.

   There is also a lottery device winawatch added in the exhibition hall. If you want to know more about the Basel International Watch Fair and the new watches exhibited by Emilion, please pay close attention to the follow-up reports of this channel.

Exploration Of Blancpain Complex Watches Held In Beijing

Exploratory tour of Blancpain watch complex held in Beijing Yintai Center store

Blancpain Watches Intime Centre Beijing

Blancpain Watches Intime Centre Beijing

Pa Blancpain, the world’s oldest watch brand, held the ‘Exploration Tour of Complex Blancpain Watches’ at a boutique in the Intime Center in Beijing. Blancpain’s specialty store in Beijing Yintai Center was put into trial operation in March 2012. In this exhibition, Blancpain displayed the Perpetual Calendar Solar Time Watch, Concealed Adjustable Perpetual Calendar Tourbillon Watch, Power Reserve Display Tourbillon Watch, Weekly Calendar Tourbillon Watch, One-Minute Coaxial Card in the New Store. Russell watches, fully transparent one-minute Carrousel watches, moving puppet minute repeat Carrousel watches and other top classic mechanical watches.

Spring Palace questionnaire

One minute coaxial caroline watch

Spring Palace questionnaire _back

The many complex watches participating in this display can be called the perfection of Blancpain’s classics in recent years-whether it is a beautiful event puppet, ask Q. Russell, precise and complex hidden adjustment perpetual calendar tourbillon, It is also a mysterious and charming one-minute coaxial Caroline, which has all shown the Blancpain Blancpain since its establishment, respects the brand spirit of Swiss traditional watchmaking technology that has followed the century-old history, and created the perfect fusion of the tradition and innovation advocated by Blancpain. Brand Concept.

Caruso Three Questions

Weekly Tourbillon Watch

专 This boutique located in the Yintai Center of Beijing’s Central Business District follows Blancpain’s European-style neoclassical style. It uses elegant solid wood to create an elegant shop. Traditional wooden windows and classic displays highlight Blancpain’s luxury. In order to further highlight the ‘art of living’ concept advocated by Blancpain, the carefully designed details in the store not only provide the best place for watch lovers to party, but also provide warm and thoughtful services for friends who pursue high-end lifestyle.
This selection of new stores in this core landmark area highlights Blancpain’s decision and commitment to expand the Chinese market, which is of great significance. With its superior location and professional management model, Blancpain Blancpain Beijing Yintai Center store will become the ultimate choice for top watch enthusiasts.
Blancpain, which began in 1735, cherishes tradition and relentlessly innovates. As a classic watchmaking legend that lasts 277 years, it is committed to perfection. Blancpain watchmakers continue to create glittering timepieces with keen eyes and hands, so that connoisseurs will last forever.