Month: June 2016

Jacques Hidden Atmos Marqueterie Parquet Air Clock In The Mural

The fifth masterpiece of the Atmos air clock series paid tribute to Gustav Klimt was inspired by the Austrian artist who decorated Stoke in 1905 The mural ‘L’Attente’ by Palais Stoclet.

The private mansion of Palais Stoclet was built by a Brussels financier. The original work of the mural ‘Waiting’ is composed of marble and colored stones. Jaeger-LeCoultre put ‘Waiting’ on a crystal glass bell Faithful reproduction of ingenious mosaic technology. This outstanding work is limited to only 10 seats. They perfectly integrate the artistic craftsmanship created by Jaeger-LeCoultre with the magic of the Atmos air clock. The mysterious operation principle of its mechanical structure has become the most amazing mystery in nearly 80 years, and it is also human The latest step towards perpetual motion.

Parquet masterpiece

的 The master craftsman who has won the title of ‘Meilleur Ouvrier de France’ uses more than 1400 pieces of elaborate wood chips to reproduce the layered sense of murals and transform the wonderful parquet masterpieces. These wood chips are from 35 precious tree species from all over the world: Kamasarari Boxwood, Brazilian Cherry, Andean Boxwood, Ceylon Lemon Wood, Montana Tree Knob, Liriodendron Alder, Walnut, Ambon Tree knobs, etc … Each piece of precious wood is like a miniature of the world, integrated into the overall vision loyal to the original inspiration. This art treasure takes hundreds of hours to complete.

However, when it is placed on a table or a stand, it shows incredible gorgeousness and magnificence, and there is a surprise hidden under the pattern: just touch the button, the wooden bell door will slowly open Show the light running state of the mechanical parts under the crystal glass clock case. Another wonder presented to people is the slow and powerful rotation of the gears in the mechanical structure of this Atmos air clock. This standard pointer clock has a large face plate covered with mother-of-pearl. Every two adjacent time marks on the face plate are separated by 5 minutes. They are made of siliconized wood. The 60-minute time mark on the top is exceptionally Pillow-cut yellow sapphires. Smaller hour scales are also scales made of siliconized wood. The small circle below is a 24-hour scale, while the month display surrounds the week of the moon phase display. The sparkling diamonds are like the stars in the sky, and the night is painted as brilliant gold by the background of petrified wood. Therefore, through the materials used to decorate the front of the table clock, the charm of parquet art is perfectly displayed. This Atmos air clock not only perfectly reflects the rare craftsmanship created by Jaeger-LeCoultre, but its technical achievements in mechanical structure are not inferior.

试图 When trying to find out the mystery of the ATMOS air clock, it is futile, except to close the fine wood inlaid clock case and enjoy the charm of Waiting again. This action accumulates energy in a delicate way for the mainspring for the next turn on.

Mechanical structure of cross-domain space-time

At this time, it is undoubtedly necessary to reveal the mystery of the Jaeger-LeCoultre 582 movement in this energy-saving and environmentally friendly timepiece clock. The structure of the ATMOS air clock came out 80 years ago, and after continuous improvement, it is still a revolutionary creation today, because the change of temperature can provide energy for the movement of its movement. When the temperature is between 15 ° C and 30 ° C, only a small change in temperature difference can drive the Atmos air clock for 48 hours. As with all great inventions, although this phenomenon is incredible, the principle is very simple-the core of this device is a sealed enclosure filled with a mixture of gases, which is like the accordion bellows, which changes with temperature Swell or shrink. The energy generated by each movement of the sealed cover is transmitted to the extremely energy-saving clock structure through the clockwork. Its balance wheel vibrates only 2 times per minute and its frequency is 150 times lower than that of an ordinary watch.

As a result, ATMOS air clocks can still look good with time passing. Its mechanical principle shows extraordinary technical accomplishment and poetic pursuit of perpetual motion, and tastes the alternation of cold and warm day and night and the change of four seasons. However, or more precisely, it simply integrates into the noble craftsmanship, making it a mystery. The ATMOS air clock is uniquely attractive, and the Swiss Federal Government has always made it an official gift to politicians around the world. Driven by a near-perpetual movement, it quietly reminds people that history is the only way to judge their behavior. Just like Gustav Klimt’s work, the ATMOS air clock has become the cultural heritage of mankind.

Brand related information

2013 SIHH-JAEGER-LECOULTRE presents a progressive graduated calendar display around the dial
2013 SIHH-JAEGER-LECOULTRE makes travel time in minutes
ATMOS MARQUETERIE parquet air clock technical specifications

• Jaeger-LeCoultre 582 mechanical movement approaching Permanent Motion, completely handmade and assembled
• Consists of 386 parts
• Ring balance with 60-second swing period.
• Hour and minute display, presented as a standard clock
• 24-hour display
• Month display
• 10,000-year moon phase display (only one day of error accumulates every 3821 years)
Clock dial:
• Mother-of-pearl hour plate with silicone wood hour markers
• Mother-of-pearl minute plate, set with a pillow-cut yellow sapphire at the 60-minute position, and other time scales are made of siliconized wood
• Rhodium-plated brass month runner
• Moon phase dial made of siliconized wood, lined with diamonds; gold-plated moon pattern
• Blue lacquered hands
Bell case:
• Outer fine wood inlaid clock case is made of more than 1,400 pieces of precious wood
• Decorative motifs are taken from the masterpiece of the Austrian painter Gustav Klimt: L’ Attente
• The inner case is rhodium-plated and crystal glass
• Rhodium-plated clock base and clock leg

Swatch Valentine’s Day Special Watch Recommended

Swatch’s special Valentine’s Day ‘for love madness’ also gives special meaning to the packaging, once again interpreting the design intention of ‘true love, which needs to be frank’. The pink spherical package is decorated with a white love heart. Take a closer look. Through this white love window, you can see the ‘mad for love’ watch in the box.

  It turned out that true love is here, and the world learns from it.

  Are you drunk when your love is strong? Better say your love out loud! Swatch, a world-renowned fashion watch and jewellery brand, has launched the new ‘Zaniac for Love’ GZ281 Valentine’s Day special watch, which conveys your long-cherished love.

  ‘True love, need to confess’, Swatch perfectly confessed the love of the lovers with the classic original series of ‘crazy for love’. On the clean and simple dial, the ingenious design through the heart shape allows the internal movement structure to be displayed at a glance. Really confess the ‘secret’ at the bottom of the heart, the built-in movement components are romantic pink, and the sweet feeling makes people remember for a long time. Where does the burst of love come from? It turned out to be a vanilla-like watch strap for a unique and charming wearing experience.

GZ281 RMB: 510
Series: Classic Original Series
Dial: pink dial with heart-shaped opening, visible pink movement inside
Case: 34mm diameter white matte hard plastic case
Strap: white pink two-tone matte silicone strap with vanilla fragrance